I saw that Singer was one of them, and that others reported similar negative experiences there, so I decided to add my review based on past visits.It took Andy about an hour to post his testy and immature reply.

I made an appt. So, I took the leap and the rest as they say is history. Our advice is - especially if you are serious about making a purchasing decision - call and schedule an appointment with Singer's staff before popping in. Despite good faith efforts on the part of the landlord (must not be a bank) and Singer - the two decided to part ways and break the lease on good terms this September. to their ipod  within 5 minutes of their arrival and go back to my 12:30 appt.

No surprise here! Customer calls in morning on busy saturday for appt. Consider the Backert Rhumba 1.3 tube line stage .$ 3500.00 buys you a lot of sound and improves the performance of any system regardless of how high end the DAC employed may be. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . i did not remember our appt. I bought a complete audio system from their old Union Square shop in 2009 and couldn't be happier (combination of Cambridge receiver and CD player, with Focal Chorus floor speakers and a Musical Fidelity V-DAC).

Never before has an audio dealer been able to instill this sort of confidence in me.

We arrived on time. 15 reviews of Sound By Singer "This shop is excellent. Sound By Singer is the best high end audio and high end video dealer in New York City. We drove here from rhode island and parked our car in the hotel parking garage.

… kurt i do owe you an apology. under warranty and he followed up with the service company and manufacturer so I could get my product back quickly. 14 Reviews (212) 924-8600 Website. On one occasion, when a highly regarded company was spending an excessive amount of time addressing a warranty issue, I complained to Andy Singer who intervened on my behalf. The owner asked me to send him a reminder email. I was copied on those communications so I know he was a bulldog for me. I made an appt. Playing and listening to music made my heart beat faster and captured my imagination like nothing else. Sound By Singer 242 W 27th St New York NY 10001. Beat the crowds on this tour and enjoy a personal encounter with this New York landmark.

Singer will be looking for new digs in New York City that are priced to meet the modern needs of an audiophile store in the new economy. if you are used to dealing with a real NY'er without all the fluff this is a nice place. I've been in this shop multiple times while visiting NY and have been treated badly every time.

First I would like to say the owner andy singer was arrogant, condescending and bit unprofessional. In this case, it was clear to me that by buying a pair of speakers from Andy, I would be obtaining the best possible sound quality for the money.

2 talking about this. My ratings is zero stars but I was force to give one. This time, it did not bounce back. Andrew was nice on the phone and was equally nice in person. They may not be the most arrogant sales people I've ever seen, but I'm having a hard time thinking of any others that sink to their level.The merchandise tends heavily toward the over priced audio jewelry and away from value. for 1:00 PM the following Friday. Each component is incorporated in a reference system and evaluated to see how close it comes to recreating the experience of live music. Before I came to Sound By Singer, I was looking to upgrade my speakers for a long time but couldn't find anything that seemed worthy of the price. His latest tirade supports that. After sending him an email and waiting 3 days I finally got an email stating that I must commit to buying one of the three speakers before I would be allowed to listen to the other speakers. And while you may not agree with his taste in music, he does offer good insights that help you arrive at your own conclusion. One wants cool cables, it is a hobby. Imagine what it would be like to deal with people like this if there were any issues with your purchase.I've attended audio shows and spoken with exhibitors and vendors. Let the world see your experience through your eyes. I called up and described the type of sound I liked to Andy, and made an appointment to come in. Andy has been great to me. To ensure that our customers have a balanced diet, we have assembled the finest collection of high end audio components and systems available anywhere. I've been a customer of Sound by Singer for 15 years, and have appreciated  the patient, attentive, expert service I've received. There must be a lot of people in New York who enjoy verbal humiliation and financial abuse. Singer is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to high end audio.

Then it is assessed individually on its own merits for sound quality, construction and reliability. I did not hate practicing law but there was nothing about it that made me want to get up in the morning and hit the ground running except perhaps the salary. I also needed a flexible payment plan which he didn't offer at that moment, but he made that happen for me rather quickly. i would recommend Andrew to anyone who knows what they want and has done the research necessary in advance which to me is really. "What ever it takes to make the sale"  If one has a thirty thousand dollar plus system, yes, I agree one does not want dime store cables even though they will work the same. That was the only dac in his price range that we have on display,the customer was clearly not interested in it  or really in buying from us  at all and there was another serious patron with an appointment in my other listening room.So, i told them the truth: I had nothing else to play for them in their price range and that i had to get back to my other customer and that the demo was over.What would u have done? His prices are fair, he is highly reputable, and he has been very easy to deal with.

Andy Singer is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to high end audio.

New York It all comes from the top and the atmosphere there is permeated with his attitude. Their sales staff is helpful, not pushy. Shame on you!

while they listen at mind numbing levels to awful material.I come back in after about 20 minutes leaving them to listen at their pleasure and ask what they think. My system has held up well for years and I couldn't recommend Sound by Singer more highly." Also I will never buy any product that fidelis av distributes in the US and encourage my members to do so. I was there from 12:50 to 1:15 PM. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The owner did not show up for the appt. Between now and the time Mr. Singer can find new space, his staff will be liquidating some of their inventory, storing other inventory and selling some products directly over the phone and Internet. He then told us to wait for half an hour. For the next 4 to 6 weeks we will have to devote all our attention to moving out of our current location. I emailed Sound by Singer regarding some speakers I wanted to audition. Some people expect Singer to be able to drop whatever they are doing to change out speakers which they can't always do. This shop is excellent. Sound By Singer 242 W 27th St New York NY 10001. for the following Friday. Get directions, reviews and information for Sound By Singer in New York, NY. As opposed to other audio dealers I've met, I could tell that Andy was genuine because my ears validated every claim he made.

Thank you for joining us soundbysinger, the experts in the world of High-end Audio and Video.

Mr. Singer stated that it is troublesome to move around speakers for an audition but it is not so to sell them. I played instruments since I was 10 years old solo and in bands and when I was not playing I was listening to both live and recorded music. I have recently bought some equipment from him, and have found him to be very honest in his advice. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Nobody is filing for bankruptcy. After listening to the speaker in question and not wanting to impose on the owner to listen to the other speakers I decided to call back to schedule an appointment for the other speakers. This low-profile operation based in the UK caters to the true connoisseurs of the global audiophile market, offering highly sought-after hand-crafted equipment, to a word-of-mouth client base that demands true quality of performance without frills.

Whenever Singer's name comes up, his obnoxious attitude is mentioned. Please support Jadyn's journey by becoming a Patreon or YouTube member. The owner is the most obnoxious person I ever encountered in my life and the rest of the crew is no better.

I appreciate that, and I've added one star to my rating. (I once checked out a unit that they had priced at $17,000.

I told him that my email to him had bounced back, so he gave me another email address to send the reminder. They will be back in brick and mortar retail by all reports. We didn't like it but had more questions for him about his other pieces of equipment. r looking for Dac under $2000.00.I am doing demo for the 12:30 appt when they arrive  -no software but badly recorded ipod.I offer them a choice of all my discs-not acceptable .No problem !I connect  the dac of my choice (a world beater at $1500.00).

My abiding passion was and still is music.

Before I came to Sound By Singer, I was looking to upgrade my speakers for a long time but couldn't find anything that seemed worthy of the price. He expects for me to come to the store, listen and buy just like that, this is absurd the arrogance of him. Only after a component passes our stringent tests and meets our high standard, do we begin our exhaustive matching procedure. I wound up purchasing that first pair of speakers, and after several months of research and listening, I am confident that it was the best choice I could have made. I read and experimented, auditioning, buying and learning the whys and wherefores of the art until I knew as much or more than anyone working in any of the HIFI shops I visited. “Andy Singer is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to high end audio.” in 6 reviews, “i would recommend Andrew to anyone who knows what they want and has done the research necessary in advance which to me is really.” in 3 reviews, “I had an issue with a DAC under warranty and he followed up with the service company and manufacturer so I could get my product back quickly.” in 3 reviews. 2/11/2012No surprise here!

Upon listening, I could tell that these were truly excellent speakers. Find more Electronics near Sound By Singer, Find more High Fidelity Audio Equipment near Sound By Singer, Find more Home Theatre Installation near Sound By Singer. Start listening now! the following Friday. Perfect for history lovers, this tour of the historical Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Lower Manhattan invites you into the catacombs, allowing you to see its pipe organ and venture to parts of the building that are normally closed to visitors. for 1:00 PM the following Friday. I am responding to the comment by Mr. Singer as to what I would do if I had the situation he describes with customers looking at a set price point on a Sat.

Singer does custom AV installation with a lot of Runco plasma and LCD installations in some of the more impressive Manhattan lofts, condos and outright palaces.

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