[67] It is listed as a species of least concern by the IUCN Red List.

Turkey vulture and its American cousins have nothing in relation to vultures of the Old World, although all species have something in common regarding their appearance and habits. Turkey Vulture (, "Absence of Syrinx in the Turkey Vulture (, "Birds Protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act", Distribution and Taxonomy of the Birds of the World, Phylogeny and Classification of Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution, "Diversification of Neoaves: integration of molecular sequence data and fossils", "A phylogenomic study of birds reveals their evolutionary history", "Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds", "Phylogeny of eagles, Old World vultures, and other Accipitridae based on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA", "Turkey Vulture, Life History, All About Birds — Cornell Lab of Ornithology", "Turkey Vultures Found to Feed on Coconut", "Dos frutos da palmeira Elaeis guineensis na dieta de, "The role of greater yellow-headed vultures Cathartes melambrotus as scavengers in neotropical forest", Uncommon light morph turkey vulture photo, Live Streaming of a Vulture Feeding Station, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Turkey_vulture&oldid=986586634, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kirk, D. A. and M. J. Mossman. They worshipped everything that was created by Mother Nature and feared the natural elements more than we do today. These people also express a high degree of tolerance and are never easily upset or pushed out of their track. Not the most attractive of birds and yet one of the more vital ones that help to keep our ecosystems functioning smoothly as well as teaching us all how we can Navigate through our own lives using all that is readily at hand, and how to attract even more if needed.

As totem animals, they help us find our inner strength and channel it in our own advantage. Vultures are also well-known for being scavengers, which means they feed off the flesh of dead animals. The nostrils are not divided by a septum, but rather are perforate; from the side one can see through the beak. Turkey vulture is one of the biggest birds on the planet.

The stance is believed to serve multiple functions: drying the wings, warming the body, and baking off bacteria. It is a gradual molt, which lasts until early autumn. In some cases, the vulture must rid its crop of a heavy, undigested meal to take flight to flee from a potential predator. This incredible characteristic makes turkey vultures a great exception within bird genus and interesting creatures. They are good planners and thorough explorers. [4], Leucistic (sometimes mistakenly called "albino") turkey vultures are sometimes seen.[41][42]. People trust you and are not afraid to come forward if they have something important to tell you. [66] The turkey vulture can be held in captivity, though the Migratory Bird Treaty Act prevents this in the case of uninjured animals or animals capable of returning to the wild. It is a permanent resident in the southern United States, though northern birds may migrate as far south as South America. They plan carefully and act quickly.

Turkey vulture is also a symbol of seriousness and unconventional behavior. We can learn a lot by simply looking at animals and by studying their behavior. Some earlier authorities suggested that the New World vultures were more closely related to storks. Females generally lay two eggs, but sometimes one and rarely three.

Like all New World vultures, it is not closely related to the Old World vultures of Europe, Africa, and Asia. As a spirit animal, Turkey vulture is best described by these words: Turkey vultures as totems have a specific type of influence on people who are protected by this bird. This ability to eat dead things makes turkey vultures symbolically associated with concepts of Hell, Underworld and dark things in general. [6] The immature bird has a gray head with a black beak tip; the colors change to those of the adult as the bird matures. Cultures use air as their ruling ground and everything underneath is their kingdom. A Turkey vulture in our dream can be a representation of many things. [6] If the chicks are threatened in the nest, they defend themselves by hissing and regurgitating. One of three species in the genus Cathartes of the family Cathartidae, the turkey vulture ranges from southern Canada to the southernmost tip of South America. Turkey vultures are symbol of survival and endurance. Nevertheless, turkey vulture could be an amazing spiritual animal and guide. This warning sign doesn’t have to be a symbol of death or major sorrow it can simply represent something smaller and less harmful. Their lives are equally important to you as your own and nothing can make you see them in a bad way. [63], The turkey vulture is sometimes accused of carrying anthrax or hog cholera, both livestock diseases, on its feet or bill by cattle ranchers and is therefore occasionally perceived as a threat. They may rarely feed on plant matter, shoreline vegetation, pumpkin, coconut[57] and other crops, live insects and other invertebrates. Because of this unusual behavior, vultures were often seen as carriers of bad messages and even the as the death carriers. You could only imagine how incredible their organisms are, having in mind they eat something that is decaying. Intelligence and skillfulness – Turkey vultures are intelligent animals. [4] The turkey vulture is widespread over open country, subtropical forests, shrublands, deserts, and foothills. This combination sometimes makes them extremely calculated and obsessed with their own emotions and thoughts. They could become selfish individuals, who find it difficult to share things with other people. All of vultures are commonly seen as bad omen and heralds of death and desperation, with several, but important exceptional examples. Turkey vultures are classified under the name of Cathares aura, which is derived from Latin terms for purification and gold. No animal can pass unnoticed by this ruler of the sky, and each and every animal is in danger from it. However, Vulture people could become too introspective, considering their tendency to be extremely analytical. [6] Like other vultures, it plays an important role in the ecosystem by disposing of carrion, which would otherwise be a breeding ground for disease. [33] This species also may be perceived as a threat by farmers due to the similar black vulture's tendency to attack and kill newborn cattle.

Generally, turkey vulture symbolism does not vary much between different traditions.

Cautiousness and carefulness – Although turkey vultures do not have many enemies in their natural habitat, these birds are naturally cautious. In following paragraphs, we will analyze their traits and symbolical meaning.

According to Ancient Persian folklore, there were two great vultures guarding the entrance of Hell, while in Greek mythology vultures are seen as keepers of secret lore about death and life. [7] This heightened ability to detect odors allows it to search for carrion below the forest canopy. The symbolic meaning of this large bird depends on the culture and people and can differ in some ways. In the air, one bird closely follows another while flapping and diving.

You simply wait for the right moment to attack and to show your best self. Healtholino is a Healthy Lifestyle Magazine. The most numerous member of the New World’s vulture bird family, turkey vulture flies over vast spaces of America, living around subtropical woods, near great fields, hiding in thickets and other semi-open areas of the continent. There are many traits that these birds carry and many of them are easily applied to people.Watchful – These birds have an amazing ability to spot prey from far away.

They tend to calculate everything they feel or do, which might be frustrating for both themselves and other people.

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