Place the pry bar between the transmission and the back side of the CV Axle. Pull left if passenger side.) This bearing is also used on the 92-01 Lexus ES300, 95-04 Toyota Avalon, 92-01 Toyota Camry, and 99-03 Solara. The 3-minute video will provide you with visual step-by-step help for completing this repair. Torque down the wheel hub bolts to the steering knuckle.

This video shows the removal and replacement of the rear brake pads and rotors on the Toyota Highlander. These steps work for the Toyota '02–'04 Camry and '01–'07 Highlander, and the Lexus '03 ES300, '99-'03 RX300, and '04-'06 RX330. Install the brake caliper bracket with the two (2) bracket bolts. How to remove and replace the right (passenger side) CV axle on a Kia Sportage. Then take the nut off and the washer.

The bolts have splines and must be hammered out of the steering knuckle. Read Spindle ... Torque Specs For 05 Saturn Ion Axle Bing Pdfdirpp Com. In the video, you will learn what a damaged wheel bearing sounds like and how to determine which wheel bearing is causing the noise. Fastener Tightening Specifications
Torque down the CV axle shaft nut. Install the brake caliper with the two (2) caliper bolts. Remove the two (2) brake caliper bracket bolts and remove the brake caliper bracket. Once in place just go back to step 6 and work backwards. Your mechanic says you need a wheel bearing . of the front end of the Honda CRV: the front suspension strut, lower ball joint, control arm, and sway bar/stabilizer bar link. NOTE: Don't  depress the break pedal in the car or you'll have to bleed the brakes.

2016 Nissan Titan XD – Towing With The 5 8 Ton Truck. If you have a wheel puller then place the arms behind the spindle and the center pin in the hole of the CV Axle. This repair can also be performed on a Hyundai Tuscon (2005-2007). When putting everything back together you should be able to slide the brake right back on.

All numbers are Torque Ft/Lbs unless noted. Watch out you don't damage the seal on the transmission.

No special tools are required.

Question: What is the torque capability on an axle nut? Remove the brake rotor. 3/8 extension, 15mm wrench, rag & rubber gloves (optional). Axle Shaft Support Bracket to Engine Bolts 41 Camshaft Sprocket Bolt 75 Connecting Rod Cap Nut 33 Cradle to Body Bolts 151 Crankshaft Sprocket Bolt 158 Cylinder Head Bolt DOHC Tighten all bolts in sequence to 22ft/lbs.

Since the bolts are splined, the bolts must be hammered into the steering knuckle.

It should slide right off if not hit it with the rubber mallet. This method also applies to the '04-'08 Acura TSX. 3/8 extension, 15mm … Once you learn this trick of the trade, your mechanic can never sell you a wheel bearing you don't need. Use the 1/2 ratchet and the 30mm socket to loosen the axle nut.

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This process should take less than a hour to do. on Introduction.

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