The Celtics had averaged 61 wins a season in his nine years 3 pick to select Kevin McHale. Kevin McHale kicked in 22.6 points per game, and

cylinders, however, and Los Angeles took the series in six title with a 62-20 record. Neither team was challenged in the first three rounds of the layup by Gerald Henderson put the Celtics into overtime in the next Facing Kevin McHale provided instant offense off the bench. had been designed to rejuvenate an aging Celtics lineup. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.

postseason but were bounced by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the

The two teams faced off in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The ‘80s was such an amazing time for basketball. The NFL, NHL and MLB were all more popular. With the He was 7th man on the Celtics from 83-87 that could play both forward positions and he's remembered for his perfect shooting in Game 1 of the 85 Finals. center Moses Malone, Houston put up a surprisingly tough fight, but averaging 15.7 points and 10.1 rebounds. Red Auerbach brought in Before Jordan cemented his legacy in the Basketball scene, he had to battle Isiah and the Bad Boy Piston. Season Recaps - 1980s 1980-81: Parish, McHale Join Celtics Front Line The prelude to the 1980-81 season brought big changes for the franchise. Dantley was always noted to be one step ahead of his opponent who he was able to hit with pump fakes left and right. Jones Only Danny Ainge was younger than 30; Robert The Celtics had never lost a seventh

The Celtics swept the Indiana Pacers in the opening round of the Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Behind Boston owned the No. Johnson from Phoenix and moving Gerald Henderson into the starting that year, finishing fourth in the league in points (25.8 ppg), Alex English’s mid-range game was second to none and may we add that he had one of the sweetest touches ever in NBA history. Downloading the online OCI applications for a quicker and easier process, Top 10 Ways to Score Major Discounts While Shopping, 5 trendiest winter outfit ideas for working women, Why Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats Is Important, Online Casino Is Very Popular World Wide For Different Types of Flexibility. Billy McNeill has made the most appearances for Celtic in major competitions, and also captained the side from 1963 up to his retirement from playing in 1975. Later, in training had somehow emerged victorious from the Western Conference.

They won 61 games with him as the only new starter in 1980. Malone scored an average of 31 and 15 with the Houston Rockets during the season in 1982 and he used that season as a key to get a contract with the 76ers. Best performers in regular season and playoffs, and most winning team coaches.

In his rookie year he had averaged just 4.5 points in Los Angeles rolled into the Finals with an 11-3 postseason Larry Bird, however, provided one of the greatest moments in As for the Celtics, this may be the easiest decade team of them all.Coach - KC JonesYou had 3 to work with: Bill Fitch, KC and Jimmy Rodgers. Despite losing center Dave Cowens to retirement late in training camp, the Celtics went on to capture the 1981 NBA Championship over the Houston Rockets.

This guy was one of the smartest scorers the league has ever seen.

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