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It can also keep both rifles and handguns shooting. Required fields are marked *. The biggest driver in the rush on guns and bullets is first time gun owners. Very good question. How much ammunition should you keep on hand? Do you stay put or bug out? Nicknamed “Copland” because 2k NYPD officers reside.

One Scottsdale, Arizona, based ammunition manufacturer, Ammo Incorporated, is currently facing an $80.1 million backlog in orders despite working around the clock. (Video), WONDERFUL!

Ammunition sales have skyrocketed even more, up an astounding 139 percent over 2019. Once learned , the process is beyond

The Coronavirus has left many without jobs, or those more fortunate to work from home during quarantine.

The middle of a pandemic is the wrong time to buy guns and ammo.

However, with 9mm ammo hovering around $0.50 per round during the shortage, this options is becoming increasingly viable. Very well thought out and well written post! That works out to .24 cents a cartridge. This all scam, owners are hiding ammo and guns to sell at high price tag. I hoped it would not be in my lifetime but unfortunately it has. 23x40 - 26x48 - 33x60 - Custom People laughed at the idea of letting pre-trial and non-violent convicts out in March. Why?

Once the Marxist and anarchist “Democrats” figure out how to severely restrict or eliminate our ability to acquire guns and ammo at one end, and implement “lawful” confiscation at the other, we’re at the crossroads. 9mm Ammo Types and Uses. Most people will find the best flexibility with handgun, MILSPEC carbine or PCC, and shotgun depending on need. If you do, they might be willing to part with a small portion of their vast brass fortune for what they paid for it. Federal American Eagle 9MM 124 gr for $16.99 box of 50 shipped free over $100 is not a bad deal these days. So, my fellow Americans; it’s “game on” through 2021! In upstate SC any handgun ammo or popular rifle ammo is scarce to unavailable.

She calmed down and we chatted. She had never held one. P.O. The problem with a popular round like the 9mm, is that it’s popular. One of my friends owned a .45 Colt Commander and he was using hot CCI Blazer ammo in it. The toilet-paper shortage is a example to explain how ammunition shortages work. Don Jr. Ruger Mark IV in .22LR. We thank you for your support of our family owned and operated business and will do our best to serve our clients well in these strange times, so please stay subscribed for future SGAmmo newsletters. To Contact Hardscrabble Farmer before supplies run out: China Just Launched this Attack on the USD, Alan Greenspan Warns of this U.S. Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings, The Little-Known (But Legal) IRS Tax Law to Move Your IRA or 401(k) to Gold, Wall Art to Perfectly Compliment Your If sheltering in place, most of us would choose a semi-auto centerfire rifle or a shotgun, along with a centerfire pistol or revolver. China is getting billion Euro bills over the #CCPVirus and even Germany has turned on them. Those scenarios are sheltering in place and relocating to a safer location if staying home becomes untenable. Until 2008, there hadn’t been a major national ammo shortage since the end of WWII. GIVEAWAY: Win a Custom $12,500 Auto-Ordnance Trump Tommy Gun. If you are sitting on large quantities of ammo it might be wise to sit it out for a while but if you are short in supply it might be a good idea to get a few cases before availability gets worse. And you never point the gun at anyone unless you are intending to shoot that person or persons. So, how do you obtain ammo during the shortage? SWEEPSTAKES: Win the Chance to Shoot for $1 Million, Plus Guns & Gear!

Additionally, vendors who had literal tons of ammo were running only a handful of cases on opening day. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, and other sites. If a local gun store doesn’t have what you need, there are websites like,,, and many others to buy from.

Of course the current COVID-19 pandemic and resulting downturn in our economy played a big role in generating the current demand. Instead of starving the people (withholding food), they are stopping the creation of ammo which to me is the same as if they were starving the people. Let’s check in with each other in, say, a year, if leftists take the government, and see how much of that ammo is being issued and expended. She reports: Things changed dramatically in gun shops across the country in February, when the first concentrated COVID-19 cases in one town were reported out of New Rochelle, New York. To speak plainly ammo is in short supply because it is an election year, the COVID 19 pandemic has practically shut down the nations economy, and there is civil unrest throughout the United States. Although the process is time-consuming, you can save your spent brass from your range visits to press your own ammo at home. When the governor of Oklahoma declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic, one of the things included was an anti-price gouging section. “The start was the pandemic that was going on. Now they are out murdering and surely most of it is going un-reported; Today, you are going to pay around a $1 a bullet if you can find it. In what will go down in the books as the 2020 ammo shortage, this COVID and rioting-caused famine presents a learning experience for future prepping. “We’re not getting any products, so the quantities are getting limited and there is a massive shortage on you know ammo and certain firearms,” he continued. But we’ve had four ammo shortages in the last dozen years and that’s a bit much. Check my article on gun prices to understand the impact of political climate on all things gun related. Around the first of July, you could buy a box of 9mm cartridges for about $12 a box. At 70 when I’m all geared up my 100 yard dash is down to just a shuffle, but it’s a steady shuffle…and I practice it. For those unfamiliar with this term, I am talking about shooters who collect empty brass shell casings and put primers, gun powder and bullets into the casing and create their own bullets.

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