I often hear the term ’British accent’ banded around the media, particularly outside of the UK. Slang term for sucking semen out of an anus after an anal sex ejaculation. It is pRRobebLay moest faymus fer the buLLRRingg and spagettteee jungshun, but ittas aLo-mor to offa. This is the accent that is generally referred to as the ’British accent’. Most likely it was inspired by clean-living, well-manicured '70s pop pin-up Donnie Osmond, whose three not-quite-so famous brothers have been known to ‘grab’ a bite to eat at the Coseley branch of McDonald’s.

For example the phrase “ I quite like it” becomes “Oy kwoyt loik it”. Of all the accents and dialects spoken around the British Isles, none attract as much scorn as the Brummie accent, the accent spoken by people (including myself) native to the city of Birmingham. He also has a very strong Brummie accent. Contrary to what the rest of the country might think, Birmingham and the Black Country are two different places with very distinct accents, dialects and slang.

'Face as long as Livery Street'Livery Street in Birmingham runs from Colmore Row in the city centre to Constitution Hill in Hockley. 0121 – used to tell someone to get lost: “0121 do one”.

Like launching an online barber shop, for example.Verdict: Black Country. Unlike most regional accents, Brummie uses a downward intonation at the end of each sentence. Ackee 1-2-3 was immortalised in song in the early-1980s by classic revival ska band The Beat. It can be used in both urban and rural areas.

James Kenny (author) from Birmingham, England on August 13, 2018: I spent the night in a village called Flixton. (4) Adjective describing someone that has well-defined muscles (5) A song.

They were from Birmingham. I moved away from Brum many years ago but always caught the 'buzz' into town never the bus.

I actually spent the morning walking around Scarborough town before moving on to Filey and then rounding off the day at Flamborough Head. Fizzy pop is just pop.

'Donnies'Donnies is a local term for hands. Well, the modern city of Birmingham was originally founded as Brummagem in around 600 AD and despite the name altering slightly over the centuries, the original name has remained etched in our collective minds. Also, a nause is somebody who is annoying and has nothing to do with making a mess. It was given city status in 1888. Along its half-mile length there are numerous businesses, an entrance to Snow Hill station and even a fashionable hot yoga studio.Verdict: Brummie. James Kenny (author) from Birmingham, England on August 12, 2018: I am very proud Alan. This is coming from someone who has lived in Birmingham my whole life. I would just like to add that I always laugh to myself when I go to the off-licence, because all through my teenage years in Brum it was called the Outdoor! Whilst the North (anywhere north of the Midlands) pronounces these words the way they are spelt. I will now write a few suitable sentences of written English and then translate them phonetically into Brummie, so as to give you an idea of what it sounds like. Squash is just squash and sometimes water from the tap is council pop. We already have this email. To avoid further civil unrest, we've decided to step in and divvy up our regional dialect with this handy Brum/Black Country dictionary…. Try another?

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