A common question is that when an opponent has multiple elemental orbs, what order are they attacked in? Smash has a zero time limit and cannot be used for this.Doing a chain attack right after fusion combo may greatly amplify the chain attack. In particular, a thank you to: sdw4527 (about HP of orbs), Suasive2 (for many different tips throughout this article), and Lockdown106 (for correcting terminology). If you have 3 leftover orbs, then you get 625% added to the Full Burst bonus. This will increase the blade combo gauge instead (helpful in BoC mode where it's harder to do simple blade combos). Your party gauge is the bar on the top left hand corner of the screen that fills up gradually during battle. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Each member attacks in succession with one of their Blades. Maximum possible orbs for Full Burst is 6. The other two blades will break the orb regardless (1 HP each for total of 3 HP to break the orb). Because chain attacks are all blade specials, using a specials level plus aux core / mod will further amplify damage for that special only. Other examples: If Full Burst is achieved by breaking 5 of 8 orbs, then damage ratio reaches 5000%. If the orb is damaged by its weak element, then 2 HP of damage is done. Full Burst is also another way to end the chain attack; see below. However, the other previously used blades are now stuck in cooldown. If the above break patterns are not used, then Full Burst is possible with 5 orbs. Crystal earrings are an optional accessory that increase party gauge gain.Chain Attacks link together blade specials and are done in rounds. If there is no weak orb to target, then 1HP damage is done to the orbs. Again, breaking orbs will further increase the damage ratio and will get higher with every orb broken. Between rounds button challenge is successful. This repeats for subsequent rounds. Each broken orb raises the damage ratio by 200%.A new gauge appears in the upper left corner during a chain attack. Otherwise, people’s experiences have been different: some say that it attacks an orb at random, whereas others say it will attack orbs from left-to-right. The damage done to surrounding orbs is the same as the target orb. Break by itself does not increase damage. Rex has a node on his affinity chart that increases the ratio by 50%. There is also a small percentage added to the damage ratio; it is not clear how this is calculated but appears to increase based on number of arts / specials / damage done. If you have 3 leftover orbs, then you get 2500% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. If you choose a blade with an element that an orb is weak against, that orb will be automatically targeted. The fire and electric orbs are now burst in the first round. Fusion combo means having driver and blade combos active at the same time. It can be noted that the Chain Attack can only be extended once per round, even if multiple orbs are burst. This offers a similar damage buff to a simple Topple but lasts significantly longer (able to potentially last into and through the 2nd round of a chain attack). Found our content helpful? Launch is too short. Burst Symbol is one of the most powerful accessories in the entire game. Example #2: 8 orbs are up. Chain attacks may end early if all the driver's remaining blades are stuck in cooldown. Certain pouch items such as Lentil Milkshake will increase party gauge gain by 25%.

Fire element blade is chosen first and randomly targets an orb for 1 HP of damage. Here is a list of the opposing elemental types: Whilst Chain Attacks are in themselves powerful, there is one particular goal you’ll want to aim for (especially with later bosses) when it comes to succeeding in Chain Attacks, and that is the full burst. Bonus only increases the amount of rewards received, and does not affect the drop rate of rare items. Pneuma is not strong or weak to any particular element in a chain attack. In between chain attack rounds, there is a quick button challenge. One thing that’s not explained in depth – and is surprisingly difficult to find elsewhere on the internet apart from dedicated forums – is which element type is the opposite of which. The blade that was last used on the next driver will do their Lv3 special in the background. Before the attack starts, in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 an elemental orb can be inflicted upon an opponent by using a successful level 3 Blade Combo or any level in the combo. When the gauge is full, then Full Burst is activated. Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter.

Useful especially if the blade has 3 aux core slots. Once the gauge is full at 6HP, Full Burst starts. This is typically done in 2 rounds: Break 1 orb in one round and 3 in another (order doesn't matter). If you have 1 leftover orb, then you get 125% added to the Full Burst bonus. A written dedication to Nintendo Switch games. So, you cannot predict 100% which 3 (or sometimes 2) orbs Slamdown will go after. You chain attack when your party gauge is full with the + button. Each element has a paired weakness.

Topple causes increased damage and effects wear off after the topple gauge runs out. Some common blades have Ultimate Combo battle skill (Nim's version is called Synthesis Lore) that boosts fusion combo damage by 50% at Level 5. Stacking an entire blade combo on one driver art is possible and will increase damage the most, but is the most difficult to pull off (and not realistic to do repeatedly) as you may run out of driver gauge. Driver affinity chart bonuses and burst symbols do NOT count and are completely ignored. Any extra orbs destroyed in the same round give 100 points.

Element Orb Ender is an aux core / mod that allows the blade to instantly break its weak orb. Example: Easiest fusion combo example is Break → cancel into Lv4 special (at any blade combo stage) right after break is confirmed. News, reviews, opinions, more. Maximum possible damage ratio bonus is 7300% (73x) during Full Burst (4 of 8 orbs burst): 300% base + 50% Rex + 50% Morag + 600% 3 Legendary Burst Symbols + 800% 4 orbs burst + 500% Full Burst + 5000% 4 leftover orbs = 7300%. During Full Burst, you will attack the enemy with up to 3 specials (one blade from each driver) at the same time. Driver #1 uses a water blade and does 2 HP of damage to the fire orb. For any subsequent button challenges between rounds, the specials will stay at Lv3.
This is a consequence of breaking the orb too early and the 3-turn rule coming into play. Therefore, do NOT equip Burst Symbols in Bringer of Chaos mode. During a Chain Attack, these orbs can be destroyed if they are attacked 3 times. Starting chain attack right after Topple stage of a driver combo will amplify damage for at least the first round of a chain attack. © 2020-21 Switchaboo.com. If you have 2 leftover orbs, then you get 250% added to the Full Burst bonus. So in other words, if you have a Water Orb and you hit it with a Fire (2 damage) and an Electricity (1 damage), it will burst. Minimum possible orbs for Full Burst is 4. https://xenoblade.fandom.com/wiki/Chain_Attack_(XC2)?oldid=469022. Starting ratio is reduced to 100%. Break one orb each for 6 chain attack rounds. However, the tutorial is fast paced and it can be difficult to understand, especially since it skips ahead by giving you a “free elemental orb” – and you’re left wondering – what does that even mean? With Burst Symbols and driver chart bonuses, it is possible to start a chain attack with a 1000% damage multiplier (10x) [9x if Rex and Morag are both not active]. When all 3 levels are filled, Chain Attack is activated by pressing "+". The gauge fills after each broken orb. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Chain Attack (Nintendo Switch). Pneuma has the capability to damage ALL orbs for 1 HP of damage in a chain attack. Note: Idea level determines elemental damage for that pair and not the elements themselves. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Using Specials Lv 1 Plus V aux core now amplifies the Lv1 damage in the chain attack. The first destroyed in any round of the Chain Attack will give 50 points towards the Burst Meter. If a Special move used is of an element opposite that of an existing orb, it will attack that orb and count as 2 hits. The chosen blade will attack with the element its associated with. And that’s it. Knowing this, it is possible to manipulate the order of breaking orbs in advance. During a Chain Attack, these orbs can be destroyed if they are attacked 3 times. This fantastic tip from /u/Suasive2 over at Reddit explains it best: During a chain attack your characters are using their actual specials of those blades. If successful again at the next quick button challenge between rounds, then Lv3 specials are used. Bringer of Chaos (or harder custom settings) have major chain attack nerfs.

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