Now it’s time for the pea gravel!

Things to Consider Before Buying River Rocks. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; So it dissolves pretty well into the pea gravel?? Next, put down a one-inch layer of rock for improved drainage. They're available in a variety of colors, costs and sizes, and are used to create dry creek beds or to direct drainage through a property. Pea gravel is such a popular choice in landscaping largely due to the fact that the stone is quite uniform in size, smooth in texture and features a variety of beautiful colors. All Rights Reserved | 400-402 Central Avenue | Haledon, New Jersey 07508 | 973-321-3699, alternative landscaping methods such as pea gravel or crushed stone, Pea Gravel Patios: A Guide With Everything You Need to Know. 3/8″ pea gravel may be used in sub-surface gas tank installations.

This product, and other round rock, is not recommended for pathways as it does not pack down and will shift when walked on. Any ideas. In this case, the pup should be trained to go to a designated area. Packs very hard. While you may love your pup, you may not love the havoc that he can wreak on your yard. A dog potty area! Many homeowners have experienced the disasters that occur when their dogs wear down patches of grass, dig holes, create soil acidity problems after frequently doing their business in the same spots and other similar issues.

Neither of the dogs who've lived here with me has ever even come close to eating any of the rocks or gravel. Hey there! You might also notice that your dog likes to pace the perimeters of your property along the fence line. Contact Us. At this point, you may be done! To start, mark out your area for the dog potty. Another major issue that dog owners experience is related to the acidity of their pet’s urine. My dog will... May 10, 2013 - I am going to be putting a kennel up and want to know which is better for flooring. Even if he does do a little digging, it’s easy to rake over pea gravel and correct the appearance. The DIY Project Planner We Wish We Had 20 Years Ago! You might also choose to use pea gravel as a surfacing material for a stunning and unique loose stone driveway or patio. It is also used in flat roof applications.

Because they tend to be heavier than other stones like pea gravel, it’s often more difficult to displace the river rocks, even when they are subject to high levels of traffic. See how we can help on your next project. We started out by doing a lot of research online to find out what the best material would be to use, and pea gravel kept coming up as a great choice. Used for under slab of residential, commercial and industrial floors. He manages both the inside and outside sales staff and oversees all day-to-day operations. Depending on the type of edging you choose, you may have to dig a trench to partially bury your edging for stability. Usually, I can just walk outside, point to his potty area, and he’ll go over there to do his business. We hose it down about once every week or two. We introduced him to the area by taking him out on leash multiple times per day and telling him to “go potty.” Often times we had to wait a while until he went, and then we praised him with a treat.

We purchased pea gravel bags from Lowe’s. Additionally, pea gravel is a pain to remove should you ever want to change your garden layout. It is also used in flat roof applications.

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