He is intelligent, kind, hard working, passionate, generous, responsible, humble, talented and filial.

I love you, handsome baby Eun-Woo! Who doesn’t know the member of ASTRO, Cha Eun-woo, who also made an appearance on the drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty? Wish we will meet someday. Lee Dong Min Fighting! Sarang haeyo oppa..... Lendsay Apr 26 2017 2:55 am Astro needs a comeback. (vLive). “Look at their visuals. Some fans had also come up with this particular pairing. The fact that he study here in Philippines in his elementary days. Privacy Policy Esta Aug 26 2019 9:54 pm Stephanie Gomaz Aug 17 2017 3:20 am Soe3301997 Aug 07 2019 11:01 am – Eunwoo was part of the staff of ‘Law of the Jungle in New Caledonia’.

Sitemap I just loved him so much muah..

– Rocky is friends with Monsta X’s Jooheon, Lee Suhyun of Akmu, Kim Sae-ron and Seungkwan of Seventeen. Prabha Jan 07 2019 11:27 pm Doubt anyone could disagree! Now In Rookie..your acting their is cute and great. MJ was also in ASTRO, hahahahaha... Cha Eunwoo your really good in acting, hope for another drama :) hwaiting!! love to see him in another drama after watching my id is gangnam beauty <3. Specialties: Swimming, Guitar, Violin, Piano, DJ-ing Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. jacky dz Nov 07 2017 2:41 pm Love him ??? Lee dong min youre so handsome and cute... love yahh! To jaes0l I totally agree with you I also really want they can remake Itazurana Kiss. SORRY FOR THE TYPO HUHUHU. – He likes to eat at night. Fans could not help but comment on the lovely expressions each of them had portrayed. Mj astro? arrgghhh I finally found you Lee dong Min. mecy Aug 27 2018 9:44 am They debuted on February 23, 2016. Oppah, rayhana Aug 14 2018 11:26 am ASTRO Official Fan Colors: Vivid Plum and Space Violet, Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer. You did well. Claudia Fuller Oct 28 2019 11:25 am – He has a flexible body, he can fit in a bag or in a cupboard. This is from Sophia,am a really huge fan of yours, cheer up fighting and don't give up or else I'll follow you there and cheer for you I do that everyday, so don't judge.FIGHTING!!!!!!!! May 19 2019 11:15 pm – His role model is actor & singer Seo Kang Jun (5urprise). Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? ??? Ocean Apr 26 2017 4:54 am Sarang Dec 05 2017 5:16 am Rookie historian goo haeryung fighting ?? Nice to meet you ??? ponio Sep 03 2018 2:20 am – GOT7‘s Bambam & Yugyeom, BTS‘s Jungkook, Seventeen‘s The8, Mingyu, DK,  NCT‘s Jaehyun and Astro‘s Cha Eunwoo (the ’97 liners) are in a group chat. You are both singer and dancer.

He is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in performing arts. – Moonbin is friends with BTS’ Jungkook and Seventeen’s Seungkwan.

Kpop Discographies

Cha Eunwoo Facts: Poll: Which Songs Released in September 2020 were your Favorites?
– If Eunwoo was a girl, he would date JinJin. RI beauty Feb 13 2020 10:54 am

Kpop Group of the Week (1st Week of November 2020).

Annie Sep 16 2018 9:30 am – He attended the same dance school along with SinB of GFRIEND and Eunseo of WJSN. CHA EUNWOO FACTS – Eunwoo has a little brother who is studying in China. kay Jun 22 2019 2:58 pm He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School in 2016. <3, Catherine Oct 22 2019 11:16 pm Oppa❤ Saranghaeyo~~ Oppa, hwaiting~. As for DaHyun, she appeared as a contestant of "Sixteen" prior to her debut and gained fame for her unique personality and adorable appearance.

Cha Eunwoo is not just a handsome face, he is the total package. Birth Name: Lee Dong Min (이동민)

But after I watching this drama I fall in love with him, looing forward to see further more his drama. You seriously fit the role, and at the same time you seem to be enjoying the role that was given to you like it seems so natural that makes you even more cute! He's really a good actor :> hoping to see him morr in dramas!

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