As I said, Zeb is a bit redundant in my opinion (3/16/2019 update: Zeb is superior to Chopper in the squad line up since his zeta rework lets him put out 45K + damage), although it is essential mid-late game, between Chopper and Kaanan, the Phoenix squadron already has two tanks, adding a third won’t make for a better team. If you want details as to why I’m picking one toon over another, feel free to comment, and I’ll start a dialogue with you. I guess their galactic power is far more focused than mine. Rex is great for PvP and on defense, as shown by Clash HERE, at least until Shaak Ti zeta can be gotten. And not to forget FOTP inflicts buff immunity. This strategy is designed to get you Rebel Commander Luke as quickly as possible. You may be noticing fewer uses on this team, but let’s not mince words: this team does work. Honestly it makes the team better in every part of the game. It looks like you're new here. The Nightsisters have been a go-to team for a long time and they continue to find ways to remain relevant. The short answer: It depends. HK hits like a truck even without the 25%, so it’s not essential. Also FOO TM manipulation can be invaluable, for all purposes, it stays the same. Conqueror (DR) first, it's definitely the most useful. They'll have a solid potency stat even if you mod them with Health crosses or whatever. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. The rewards are little and the RNG awards nothing but easily farmable materials to begin with. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It reduces enemy TM when a special is used against an exposed enemy. Self-Reconstruction (HK) 3rd, HK is the main damage dealer and this helps. As a massive fan of the Star Wars Universe, it can’t come as a surprise that I am a total Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Junky! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Picking Windu over Ashoka early game is also a good choice because once Ships open up, you’ll already have the Endurance beefed up and ready to start climbing ship battles. Some people like to build them early, but until you have R2-D2 (who is also one of the best toons in this game), there isn’t any point in prioritizing them as he is the hardest to get and needed for the Luke event. When you need a win with an undersized squad, this should be exactly where you look. A First Order team is needed for the BB-8 event. If you get a new character you want to replace a member of your squad with, spend zero resources on the toon you are changing out, and then pump all your resources into the new character until it is on par with the rest of the team. You don't speack about mods, do you think they are useless or just usefull for the arena team ? Go for the other one first.Between these two I would also zeta Revan thrice and follow up with HKs loyalty, followed by BSF and then again HK. The only exception to this is the first day you play the game. You can change your lineup accordingly to which teams you are going against. If you are a free-to-play player, only spend your crystals on those first three daily refreshes. Its easier with Sabine than it is with Chopper. I mean, a LOT. From what I've seen going up against other FO teams, Executioner seems to do comparable or even better damage and is much tougher to kill. October 9, 2020 7:02PM. This guide is intended for players who have most, if not all, of these characters either unlocked or close. Padmé Amidala: 96. Value = Medium, This is a fun zeta that could see benefit in clutch situations…but, matches won’t normally be decided upon by an attack being dodged and there’s no reason why missing would happen often to this team. The first is completing the Galactic War. The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead. 2. If nothing else, avoid the packs like the plague. The only time this lead will be preferred is in specific situations where you need 100% CC on each of your clones to ensure Cody’s mass assists will all be crits. The second is for the Emperor Palpatine event. I haven't bothered to gear up FOSF. the best FO team isnt subjective. The R2-D2 event is also sporadic, and he is a requirement for getting Commander Luke, so building an empire team is essential. Uses: Grand Arena, Territory War, Territory Battle, Raids.

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