The luxurious way to explore new cruising horizons Over many years, Yamaha's GP models forged an unbeatable reputation among serious racers the world over. At 769 pounds, the GP1800R weighs in a full 22 pounds less than the FZR it replaces, while upping horsepower. The Yamaha GP1800 has a top speed of 78 mph (125.5 kph), and can reach 0-30 in under 2 seconds. I found the attitude produced the hardest cornering response, at least while my strength lasted.

Four-Stroke SuperJet Highlights 2021 Yamaha Watercraft Lineup, 5 Reasons to Get a Quality Repair Manual for your Personal Watercraft, Best Jet Ski Towable Tubes for Fun On the Water, Five of the Best Wetsuits for Personal Watercraft Use, Best Floating Phone Case Options for PWC Riders, Supercharged/intercooled four-cylinder, 16-valve, Azure Blue Metallic or Torch Red Metallic. That power comes into play once you look more closely at the materials list.

With its 18.5-gallon tank nearly full and a not-so-svelte 235-pound rider, the GP1800 reached a peak Garmin GPS-confirmed speed of 68.4 miles per hour. The GP is no blunt butcher’s cleaver, but a highly-crafted Ginsu. As to those aforementioned features, the GP1800’s focus may be race-ready performance, but that doesn’t mean it falls short on creature comforts and low-speed maneuverability. As to the remaining details, the cut-and-sew construction seat is textured and features a pronounced bolster to anchor the rider in place.
It pushed the envelope within the racing community, and was even awarded Watercraft of the Year. Up to 3 people can comfortably fit on the seat. ... August day outside Atlanta, I noted yank-your-arms acceleration out of the hole, a beastly midrange and a GPS-verified top speed just shy of 69 mph. Visit Yamaha’s official website for any additional information on the Yamaha GP1800. It boasts impressive features such as a supercharged engine, an upgraded super lightweight hull, and an ergonomic racing seat.

But, I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not for everybody. By limiting the GP1800’s top speed and acceleration, it’s much safer for new riders, and it naturally consumes less fuel. One of the largest contributing factors to the renowned top speed and overall performance of the GP1800 is actually its ultra lightweight NanoXcel2 hull and deck. Boats.

Where the Yamaha GP1800’s claim to fame really lies is in its engine. As an extremely powerful performance watercraft, it can be very dangerous for inexperienced riders to operate. Find out more. So, too, did price. Like with all Yamaha Waverunners, the GP1800 uses an open loop cooling system.

Get News in Your Inbox! The GP1800 offers exceptional handling, but it’s capable of turning much harder than I’m capable of hanging on. Although it is an excellent watercraft for performance lovers, this may not be the best entry level Waverunner. The Yamaha GP1800 took the personal watercraft world by surprise with its release in 2017. Yamaha fabricated the GP hull and deck from the second generation of its proprietary NanoXcel hull material, meaning the combo has dropped significant weight. When it comes to the Recreation WaveRunner category, you can currently find 6 different models in this family.You can compare these models here: How fast is a Yamaha VX? This site uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience on our website. Boat of the Year Finalists for 2020. The top speed that Yamaha reported was at 7600 rpm and at near hurricane force, 68.5 mph. This results in a very responsive ride, with an excellent power to weight ratio.

Some people may find a full tank can even last an entire weekend.

A lot of great things can be said about it, this isn’t the best watercraft for everyone. The fuel tank has a capacity of 18.5 gallons (70 liters), which is much needed due to its supercharged engine. It contains things like a speedometer, fuel level, check engine light, and other information that’s useful when riding. In less-than-ideal conditions on a hot, humid August day outside Atlanta, I noted yank-your-arms acceleration out of the hole, a beastly midrange and a GPS-verified top speed just shy of 69 mph. Requires use of fresh premium pump fuel (91~93 octane).

The EX Series is the most fun and durable PWC experience, The VX Series offers high end style and technology for less, The FX Series offers unparalleled design, performance and technology, The GP Series is the #1 choice for championship riders and enthusiasts, The SuperJet is an iconic experience reborn. Despite not being the most fuel efficient Waverunner, the 18.5 gallon tank is usually enough to get through a solid day of riding. By Boating Tech Team. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

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