[81] Both positions have a high workrate, meaning the players need to be fit, fast and good at reading the opposition's attacking plays.[82]. John Smit of South Africa, captain of the World Cup-winning Springboks in 2007,[91] was inducted in 2011.

At the lineout he or she is responsible for throwing the ball in and must be able to accurately hit the lineout jumper who is expecting the ball. Numbers were added to the backs of players' jerseys in the 1920s, initially as a way for coaches and selectors to rate individual players. Since play is much more open in sevens, with rucks and mauls generally kept to a minimum, most sevens players are backs or loose forwards in fifteen-a-side teams. A fly-half is a pivotal player. It includes the backs, props, the hooker, scrum half, two flankers, and others. When that happens the team has a chance of scoring tries. He is the 8th-highest try scorer in international rugby union history, and the highest scoring centre of all time. The inside centre – who stands closest to the fly-half when the backs line up – and the outside centre tend to be strong, dynamic runners with a good eye for exposing gaps in the opposition defence. Number 15 in rugby is often the last line of defence. PRIVACY | That means you should be mobile and athletic around the park carrying the ball and making tackles.

[44] Three locks are members of the IRB Hall of Fame but not the International Hall—Fairy Heatlie, a South African great of the era around 1900 who was also one of the first Argentina internationals; French international Lucien Mias; and early 20th-century Scottish international David Bedell-Sivright. Flankers in the International Rugby Hall of Fame include: Dave Gallaher, Michael Jones, Ian Kirkpatrick, Graham Mourie (all New Zealand), Francois Pienaar (South Africa), Jean Prat (France), Jean-Pierre Rives (France), Fergus Slattery (Ireland and Lions), and Wavell Wakefield (England). [23] Hookers generally have a short back and long arms to aid in binding to the props. Hand-off: Often called a fend or stiff-arm, the hand-off is a way of evading defenders.

Originally, the ball could be kicked directly into touch from any spot on the field, with a line-out then following at the spot where the ball went into touch. [38] The winger on the blindside often "comes off the wing" to provide an extra man in the midfield, in the same vein as a full-back. What are the outside center rugby playing positions and their roles on the field? [83] The openside flanker is usually faster than the blindside, with good opensides excellent at turning over the ball at the tackle.

News, views and all the moves in the world of Rugby Union. There are eight forwards and seven backs. An indecisive or poorly protected scrum-half makes easy meat for a rampaging opposition flanker.

They are usually positioned at the front of the line-out with a jumper in between them.

South African captain and IRB Hall of Fame member John Smit has played test matches in every front row position. The players outside the scrum are called "the backs": scrum-half, fly-half, inside centre, outside centre, two wings, and a fullback. The flankers and number eight are expected to be the first players to arrive at a breakdown and play an important role in securing possession of the ball for their team. During general play, the scrum-half is generally the player who receives the ball from the forwards and passes it to the backs. The tighthead is to the right of the hooker with his head positioned between the opposition hooker and the opposition loosehead prop. He or she will coordinate the timing at the scrum, and is also responsible for winning possession in the scrummage by hooking the ball back through the props’ legs. [65] Jack Kyle is widely considered Ireland's greatest player. André Boniface is a French international that is a member of both the International Rugby Hall of Fame and the IRB Hall of Fame. There are no personal squad numbers and a versatile player's position and number may change from one game to the next. Playing at the scrum half number is a crucial link between the forward players and the backs. [80] They can also pick the ball from the back of the scrum and run with it or flick it to the scrum-half.
Players are not restricted to a single position, although they generally specialise in just one or two that suit their skills and body types. The scrum (a contest used to restart play) must consist of eight players from each team: the "front row" (two props, a loosehead and tighthead, and a hooker), the "second row" (two locks), and a "back row" (two flankers, and a number 8). The outside centre is a player with a similar role to the inside center.

[82] This allows them to arrive quickly at the next tackle. Players of differing body mass and speed are now filling different rugby positions and numbers in the sport. [46], Jonah Lomu entered the International Hall in 2007 and the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011,[44] debuted as the youngest ever All Black. [106], Rugby sevens teams have only seven players on the field and can nominate five substitutes.

[44] Ronnie Dawson of Ireland and the Lions was inducted in 2013.

In addition, there may be up to eight replacement players "on the bench", numbered 16–23. Out of all the rugby positions, they are more often than not at the centre of the action – winning balls at the ruck and maul, collecting short passes from tackled players and making their own big tackles in open play. In the game of rugby union, there are 15 players on each team, comprising eight forwards (wearing jerseys numbered 1–8) and seven backs (numbered 9–15). As the full-back will inevitably catch the ball deep in their own territory with little support from their own players, they should either kick the ball downfield or run forward to link up with their backs to start a counter-attack.

The New Zealand rugby team do a rendition of this before every game. The positions are divided into two main categories; forwards (numbered 1 to 8) and backs (numbered 9 to 15). Number 8 is the only position that does not have a specific name in English and is simply referred to as "number eight" or "eighthman". [71] They are good communicators,[23] especially at directing the forwards around, and their aim is to provide the backs with clean ball. The inside center position assists the fly-half in attacking moves. Scrums are formed with three players who bind together the same as the front row. Their primary function is to finish off moves and score tries. [23] They are almost always the tallest players in a team and are the primary targets when the ball is thrown in at line-outs.

Their main role is making last-ditch tackles and turning defence into attack. The centres take on their opposite number in an attempt to either break the defensive line, or draw in enough opposition defenders to create space and try-scoring opportunities for their team-mates. Binding on right at the back of the scrum, the No.8 is also the only player from the forwards who are allowed to pick the ball up from the base of the scrum. [31], The hooker is positioned between the two props in the scrum and generally throws the ball into the line-out. • Ensuring all players get equal opportunity to take part in all club/team activities.

Here’s how each rugby positions looks on the pitch: Along with the hooker, the loose-head and tight-head props make up what is known as the front row, which refers to their rugby positions in the scrum.To be successful, both props must be extremely strong in the neck, shoulders, upper body and legs, and they should relish head-to-head competition. [60] South African Naas Botha scored 312 points (including a record 17 drop goals) despite playing most of his career when the Springboks were boycotted. The left and right wing rugby union player positions are among the fastest runners on the team. Acting as the link between the forwards and the backs, the scrum-half is the key rugby positions when it comes to building attacks. Almost every attack will go through the fly-half, who also has the responsibility of deciding when to pass the ball out to the centres and when to kick for position. Pienaar and Prat are also members of the IRB Hall of Fame. You need a well-built rugby flanker playing in these rugby field positions. If, through sendings-off or injuries, a team does not have enough specialist front row players, the scrums become 'uncontested' (i.e. [90] On their own scrum, the loosehead's role is to provide the hooker with a clear view to strike the ball, while the tighthead tries to keep the scrum stable. As the game became more sophisticated, the backs positioned at different depths behind the forwards. [31] Danie Craven from South Africa was one of the greatest scrum halves in the 1930s and a respected administrator of the South African Rugby Board. Their role is collecting the ball from the hooker and delivering it out to the scrum-half.

At line-outs, they can be either another jumper or a lifter.

They scrummage by pushing against the front row thereby providing much of the power and are commonly known as the engine room. [23] The prop's main role is to provide stability at the scrum and support the hooker in quickly winning the ball. Players are not restricted to a single position, although they generally specialise in just one or two that suit their skills and body types. So, both props should have lots of upper body mass and strength. However, flankers can usually play number eight[98] and sometimes the blindside may be used as a lock.
[90], Hookers in the International Rugby Hall of Fame include: Sean Fitzpatrick (New Zealand) and Keith Wood (Ireland and Lions). [54] Gibson and Sella are also in the IRB Hall of Fame.

[41] In 1994, International Rugby Hall of Famer John Kirwan retired as the (then) most capped player and highest try scorer in All Black history,[42], Tony O'Reilly played wing for Ireland between 1955 and 1970 and scored a record 38 tries on two Lions tours. [79], Utility backs tend to cover a greater number of positions, with players commonly switching between scrum-half and fly-half, fly-half and centre or wing and full-back. Since the game has become professional, non-specialist props or hookers cannot play in the front row.

The inside centre is often the more creative in a centre pairing and should be able to pass and kick nearly as well as the fly-half.

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