Packages superior to Dstv family are Confam, Compact, Compact-plus and Premium. The DSTV premium package is the complete package that gives you access to all DSTV channels, including SD/HD video channels, along with all audio channels. Users in South Africa should visit DStv access channels SA. Thank you for letting us know this. DStv Compact price. If you paid at a local DStv store, contact them using the numbers on the receipt (if you are in a lockdown) or go back to the store and ask them to upgrade your account.

There are obviously other channels but all those are bonus or extra channels that come along with the bouquet. Do you have channel 198 on your list? i didnt see local channels like AIT,CHANNELS TV AND REST….WHY, I can't find some channels like Telemundo hiptv Zeeworld MZone Disney. I honestly appreciate people like you!Take care!! I just need to be sure about some things here. Since then, the satellite cable TV service network has grown to be one of the most post popular and patronized satellite cable TV services in the whole of Nigeria and has further spread its reaches to almost all parts of the African continent. I made over $300 during the total lockdown in April and I want to share how I did that with you. I am super positive that at the end of this post, you as a reader would be more enlightened on the choice to make regarding the subscription packages. Hunan TV 10. We have updated our dstv access channels list 2019. But please make sure this is the DStv family page for the country you are living in. Read the full article: How I made N100,000 during the total lockdown. POP Central Yes, but you won’t be able to view all the matches because DStv Yanga does not have as many sports channels. This subscription package costs only N2,000 every month. FOX Life 7.

Related: What to do if Your Dstv Remote is Not Responding, Related: Full List Of Dstv Family Channels, Related: Full List of Dstv Compact Channels. Super Sport 7 and Super Sport 10 or SS7 and SS10 respectively, are just a few of the quality sports channels available for viewing with this subscription package. Check the local channels category and you will find them. But no worries. And if I want DSTV Family how much is going to cost me… In Rands please? Why is Bbnaija not showing on dstv confam package I subscribed yesterday up until now it is still not is displaying no signal maybe due to bad weather or faulty installation. I have updated the channels list.

Eva + 12. In this post today, we are going to take a better look at these subscription packages and what they have to offer. You are also given three month subscription access after the initial installation. If you are confused about anything please let me know in the comments section below.

If you are looking for a subscription package, we hope that this article has given you a thorough insight. Televista 21. COPYRIGHT © 2020 ELECTRONICS DIARY. Faith, hi! Enter your comment… which channel is for big brother ???? Please, always login before posting comments so you can get notified when replies are posted. CGTN You have entered an incorrect email address! DStv Access is no longer available for DStv subscribers in Nigeria. Those are all the channels available on the Dstv access package. Is there anyone else with the same problem? Phoenix News and Entertainment 8. You need a superior package to be able to view C161. Trybe 22. It has been replaced by DStv confam. FOX (SD/HD) 6. See Dstv Yanga Channels list and pricing. (There is no package with a subscription fee of 100.). Are you strapped for cash?

The subscription fee for the DStv family package is currently 249 rand per month. As of April, 2020, the DSTV family subscription package costs only NGN 4,000 monthly. With this current DSTV South Africa packages new price list for 2019, The DSTV Compact Plus package goes for a monthly price of R489 only. Will i b able to view epl and UEFA plus bbnaija on yanga bouquet. Deutsche Welle 6. I haven't seen big brother naija in this package. Not finding any of those channels is just impossible. I can’t find cartoon network, TNT Africa and M CITY why. B4U Movies 24. There are a lot of factors involved. TV5 Monde Afrique 3. If this doesn't fix it, then try to clear the error code using USSD; or clear it online; or simply contact dstv customer care to help you get your dstv access channels back. Currently, DStv Family channels list has 91 options to choose from. This DSTV package is one of the relatively cheaper packages, costing no more than NGN 4,500 to have access to channels every month. Good site you have got here.. I'm glad you found us. Music: Channel O, B4U music, Afro Music pop and Afro Music, Kids and teens: Nickelodeon, Disney channel, cartoon network, jim jam, News and commerce: BBC News, CNN, Bloomberg TV, CNC world, Arise News. This may cause some local channels to be filed under a different category or even omitted. Join our new Facebook group created for DStv customers only. However if you still have an active subscription, you can try to re-scan your decoder. Includes radio and audio channels. Suggestions? This page is for DStv Nigeria subscribers. E16 errors show up when your subscription expires. For those that cannot afford DSTV, there’s a cheaper alternative which is the GOTV. Chanel 161 is not included in family package?if not how much must I add to add it on family package? In other words, there are no locked channels on this package. CBS Reality 8.

Find TV shows on your DStv package, see what's hot or get a full list of DStv channels. These channels can be grouped into several categories, as follows; Audio (23 channels): 100 FM, DMX classic rnb, DMX- Blues,  BBC world service, CORO, 94.7, DMX soft hits, DMX reggae, DMX Chamber, BBC Afrique, Chinese Radio, Capricon FM, DMX cityscapes, DMX smooth jazz, DMX contemporary, BBC world radio, 1485 AM Radio, Cape Talk, DMX classic, DMX classic jazz, 5FM, BBC Africa and Citizen Radio. The sport lovers reading this post would be interested to know that this package offers a larger variety of sports channels than all the other packages mentioned earlier. Grab yourself a copy of our handy print-out-and-keep list of the channel numbers for all channels on the DStv Premium bouquet.

Thank you. I'm sorry the reply is coming late. Rather I add money and get Dstv family.

This is the package with the second highest monthly subscription rate of NGN 10,650 for every month. You can post your questions, images, and photos on the group. I've been thinking of doing business. Pls help me im paying 100 very month so I want to add 157 ,how much will i pay evry month if I add 157, I'm sorry Anonymous. See the latest list below.

AfricaMagic Epic Movies 13. M-Net City 2.

And for the cost of NGN 15,800, all of these channels along with bonus channels will be included in your package from time to time. All these channels and categories are neatly kept in various DSTV subscription packages that are designed to suit your pocket. Join our Facebook group at the bottom for more updates, tips, and interactions.

Look for it under Movie channels. Universal Channel (SD/HD) 3. where do you live? Weekends can be difficult. Read the full article: How I made N100,000 during the total lockdown. The Dstv family package comes with110+ channels in 10 categories. DStv Premium subscribers have access to 63 channels. I have an idea. Are you strapped for cash? All of these packages have subscription price rates of about NGN 1,800 to around NGN 6,360 Naira. Worst case, after a day or two. Hi! Why aren't Channel 101 not part of the DSTV Family Package? The DSTV compact subscription package is one of the most commonly used packages. AfricaMagic Yoruba 16. The following is a full list of all the Dstv family channels in their respective categories, all in one dstv family package. Give it a try. Good day, please advise. You can also use the Name/URL option. can someone call me please. Currently I'm on Dstv family. I'll advise you to choose a package that: 1) meets your needs and; 2) is affordable. It has all of the essentials and more; including audio channels. Jiantsu Television 11.

Maisha Magic East 17. For animal and nature lovers, you can watch the National Geographic and Animal Planet Channels which provide DStv Compact subscribers with informative programming about the world around us. comments like this keep us going. Local: BISCON TV, Channels, BCOS, Channel Ten, EBS TV. You can watch Big Brother (channel 198) with DStv Family. What are the DSTV Subscription packages and how much do they cost? What kind of error code are you getting? 1. There are however, no HD channels in this subscription package. With access to more than 110 channels, and extra channels like Cartoon Network and other kids related channels, along with sports, news and a few movie and audio channels. Maisha Magic Bongo 19. But no worries. Yes, Blango. This page is for DStv Nigeria subscribers.


My name is Ekemini Robert, Creator of Electronics Diary. 1. It only costs NGN 6,800 to pay for a month’s worth of view time. E! Thank you. I need to downgrade my package. Best case, your upgrade should start rolling in after a few minutes.

Shanghai Dragon TV 9. It was an excellent experience to find a reliable personal who could do affordable TV repairs in Blouberg, and help watching my favourite channels flawlessly. It's there. Scroll down to see the detailed list of all the channels on Dstv Family. Whatever the situation may be, the fact remains that you would need to know some things about these packages, what they entail and how much they cost. You can view channels in pdf or download dstv access channels pdf and view them offline. You can also watch the Big Brother eviction shows on AfricaMagic Family – channel 154. Good day, I am on Dstv Access and would like to upgrade to Dstv family, however I would like to cancel my Dstv insurance because since I’ve had it it has never helped me with anything. Why can i view only channels that i paid for o that are active for my amount, Confused by the channel 157 playing but from Saturday it just kept giving me the error message of E16, So now I am confused ConfusedAnd confused. The monthly subscription fee is 2,000 Naira per month. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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