Guided missiles utilise a guidance system (of various types, such as MCLOS, SACLOS, Radar, Heat-Seeking) to accomplish their intended role. APFSDS is quite ineffective against lightly-armoured vehicles and should be aimed at critical components to maximise their damage potential. HE-VT rounds are available to some later anti-air vehicles, such as the OTOMATIC, or some light tanks, like the Begleitpanzer 57, and are capable of destroying aircraft or helicopters if the round passes within close proximity of the target. Tandem charge ATGMs are available to specialised ATGM carriers such as the Shturm-S.

Minengeschoß was particularly effective against fuel tanks, tearing them open and often setting the highly flammable aviation fuel on fire. ———————————————————— APCR- Armour Piercing Composite (Rigid) #AP4. Subsequently, when MG 151/20 cannons started to replace MG FF, Minengeschoß was developed for these new weapons as well. APCNR and APDS are improved versions, but follow much the same rules, and shouldn’t be used at all times.

Their effectiveness is similar to that of an equivalent HEAT round, however due to their low muzzle velocity they can be inaccurate at long ranges.

HEAT-FS rounds become available to many nations from Rank V, although notably the British do not receive HEAT-FS at any stage due to its incompatibility with rifled cannons. Subsequent explosion of large HE filler then caused pieces of target’s construction to be literally torn away, making a large gaping holes and seriously affecting aerodynamics and controls of the target. If regular impact detonator would be used, force of explosion would be largely dissipated in surrounding air, thus reducing damage significantly. War Thunder Ground Forces Tank Shells Guide by LB95. Deutsche Waffen und Munitionfabrik (DWM) was issued with the task. Proximity Fuse ATGMs can prove extremely effective against low-flying aircraft or helicopters, and utilise a similar proximity fuse concept to SAM missiles - although often ATGMs pack significantly more HE filler than SAMs do. Regular high-explosive cannon shells achieved destructive effect by exploding upon impact, where casing of the shell disintegrated, sending fragments into target.

Usually a tungsten core with an aluminium outer shell. Now I’ll go into detail with specific shell bases: There’s many variations of simple AP shells, from the APHEBC-T shells on the IS-2, right down to the simple AP shot on the sherman. There’s three parts: AP- Armour Piercing HE- High Explosive BC- Ballistic Cap. This same effect can prove troublesome when a round collides on a sub-par angle or after penetration there's simply nothing within its cone of effect. When you know what means what, you won’t have to reference this guide, you can just wing it, and know what the shell is by the name. HE-DF rounds are available to a number of vehicles originally designed for anti-air purposes, such as the YaG-10 (29-K) and the 8,8 cm Flak 37 Sfl..

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