I have not found a better site and I have already made $900 + in the last few years just selling what we don’t use.

They are expensive clothes like H&M- OLD NAVY-GAP-CHILDRENS PLACE-ETC. It is pretty time consuming, so with a 2 year old son I struggle to find time to list my items. I will admit I was turned off by the price of the kit and the low selling prices. If you’re like me and find yourself with a surplus of clothes from Stitch Fix that no longer suit your style, I highly recommend selling those items yourself in the Stitch Fix B/S/T Facebook group that has 50,000 members and is completely devoted to the buying, selling, and trading of Stitch Fix clothes.

>> This is the issue I’ve run into: I have a Ton of high quality expensive clothes (mostly professional but some play clothes) but 90% are from Ann Taylor. Does anyone actually think they will get rich by selling used clothes? Grab a coffee and stay a while.

I have bought ThredUP but never sold anything and I’m trying to get my gf to sell with them.

I hope this is helpful!

/Kids [5 0 R 6 0 R 7 0 R] /F20 25 0 R

I just haven’t redeemed mine yet so it’s in the form of credit. I wish they had said it would take several months and several follow ups to get that money. They sent me an email stating all my items were accepted (16 items).

/S /JavaScript on Poshmark. But what would prevent them from also list other items you sent? Since then, I have accumulated more high end items to send in, but when I tried to order a clean out kit, it always indicated that they were unavailable, even though I kept checking over months. /Resources << The bag I’m about to send is the first where I’ll have to pay the fee and my fourth overall. I’m glad to hear that it was helpful to you! And so far I have made close to $300 in about 1-2 months time.
Oh gosh, I am so glad I found your blog! I do like the overall quality of clothes they sell, but I often wondered how they could sell really nice stuff so cheaply–who would sell their stuff for such low prices? They have cut what they give you by at least a third. ANY SUGGESTIONS that don’t include me doing the photos/postings=I am moving and that’s not an option.

I had a similar selling experience to you. I dread contacting them, I email in the most seek to understand type of way and the answers I get back are just plain rude and disrespectful.
ebay charges listing fees, the shipping amounts eBay suggested that I charge didn’t end up covering the expense at all and most of the items didn’t sell. They have made a total of $131 from my items and there are still 5 items that haven’t sold and are still listed. I got several things I need to sell.

I used to try and sell clothes on Instagram and had some luck a few years back. /F 4 /F6 15 0 R

/Border [0 0 0] Not cool ThreadUP! Nothing would prevent them from selling “donated” items in their retail locations either. So sorry you lost out so badly but thanks for warning me! However, I feel that a better model would be to waive the $10 if they accept more than 5 items from the bag (or whatever threshold makes sense). After a final trip to Platos closet and now much luck, I tried ThredUP, but I haven’t gotten paid yet. >> /S /URI

thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. >> I’m interested in your comments about successfully selling thrifted items. I decided to just use my credit and place an order. I really really hope your next bag is a success. If you do not reclaim an accepted item, the item becomes property of thredUP.

thredUP keeps track of all incoming clothing to sell through their $10 Clean Out Kits. /Count 3

I actually ordered a bag, which costs $5 now I think?- filled it up and it sat in my closet for 8 months until I finally opened it back up.

/F 4 I have a question. Honestly though, if you just plan to donate your clothes, isn’t it simpler to drop them off at your nearest Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other thrift store and collect the tax credit? If you wish do donate your clothes without a payout, the kit is free (but FYI, you don’t get a receipt for tax purposes).

Keep in mind that I had followed all of the instructions that came in my Clean Out Kit and sent summer clothes to thredUP in August. They will email ypu a shipping label. I’m sure once they realize that they can’t get money back on items they buy upfront, the upfront offers will drop more. /F4 13 0 R 2. Which means that the hypothetical $50 blouse in my closet will get an even lower payout than I initially anticipated. I think your spot on with this post. They do not state what they will do specifically with what you do not pay to have returned.

Success! And I only send completely full bags. 7 0 obj

Sellers can now opt in to receive a small upfront payout for each item but prices and upfront offers have decreased with every of my processed bag. In late 2016 I sent in a cleanout kit with lots of high end items and earned over $150, which I converted into one of their cash out cards. I’ll cross my fingers for you! I LOVE your idea about having the fee waived or refunded if a certain number of items from the Clean Out Kit are accepted and it would make for a lot more satisfied sellers! << Swap is currently overwhelmed and appear to be making HUGE mistakes in listing items. All about payouts. I won’t ever do it again. Cathy, I am hesitant about sending my daughter’s clothing & only receive a small amount of money.

FWIW for future googlers: yes, a reclaimed item can ship with a bundle for free! /ExtGState << /S /URI Hello…it’s still snowing in April in MN! SO was I. /G3 12 0 R I believe it’s clothing/shoes/bags only. I was so s sorry that I sent what I did. Haven’t heard of thredUp? It seems a few things have changed though. They state that they have donated $79,351 dollars in 2018 this way, which means nearly 16,000 people in 2018 just gave them their clothes. Send any items that fit the current season and set non-season items aside to ship at a later time.

10 0 obj Definitely deflated for me! It’s free and seriously easy to clean out your closet with thredUP.

I had a Coach bag in one, with a tiny scuff on one side, apparently they didn’t accept it, so I am so glad I paid Return Assurance for that! My Clean Out experience wasn’t quite what I expected, so I sat on these photos for a very long time while I considered how best to share this information with you.

I will say It is worth it though. I have loved buying a lot of clothes from thred up for my kids but haven’t ever sold anything back.

thredUP encourages everyone with a Clean Out Kit to send timely and seasonal clothes their way. Thred up barely gives anything compared to other consignment options. The first bag I sent in, I asked for expedited processing, and it was done quickly–for about $12. /A <<

/F 4 /Resources <<

Which means that they take unused clothes, and sell them for a profit. that’s only if you want your kit to be processed within a week. I have never used any of these sites but recently heard about the eBay service where you ship from FedEx for free and they have Sellers post and sell your items for you. Please see below.

endobj I just sent one in last week.

/StructParents 2 Which also means that they must have a structure in place to sell those items. Hmmm….that math doesn’t sound appealing.

I think they re-sold it after telling me they wouldn’t take it. /Type /Action /F4 13 0 R Learn how your comment data is processed. I sent out to thred up a kit .. did not get the 10 dollar kit.. i understand they can purchase your items and give you they say an immediate pay out.. .. i had sent atleast 6 to 7 baby items new like and have no info on what has happened to them or do not have the pay out… do you think they just kept them? A few random fact, see photos of what we donated in this blog post, http://referral.swap.com/339457702340075520, How We Paid Cash for a New Car (and How You Can Too), The Time We Forgot to Balance our Checkbook, Make Budgeting your New Year’s Resolution, Ringing in the Holidays with a Huge Home Expense. I will admit that I was able to find my teenage daughter a couple of dresses including a dress she wore to her mid winter dance.

We are so glad you stopped by.

On a positive note, I did like the metadata statistics they have available showing trends on their website… “2018 TREND REPORT: SECONDHAND FASHION TRENDS ACROSS THE 50 STATES OF AMERICA” endobj /Type /Annot And it seems confusing on what they will accept and what they won’t.

I’ve had items listed on Poshmark for about 1.5 years and then Mercari for a year, and now m Depop and I had some items that I was just tired of looking at and they were taking way to much space. I have to agree that a local consignment shop is your best bet if you are looking to sell. I hope you see my postings really soon! In 2019 I did try both sides of ThredUp – selling and buying. I think ThredUP is a rip off for anyone selling their clothing. I am like wait I never signed anything and you are offering me something totally ridiculous – moving on. So as you are sorting through your clothes, you’ll want to make sure they are seasonally appropriate. Even though it’s a lot more work, I think you and your sister will be far more pleased with the results if you sell on Poshmark. Why don’t you sell on Pinterst? A HUGE THANKS to You and ALL of the great and informative women who responded back and forth to your Blog, I just saved a BUNCH of hard-earned money, hours of useless preparation, endless searches for non-existent answers, and unsuccessful searching for my “unacceptable” items! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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