Norfolk Island The only real comparisons you can make are across riders who have all completed the ride. Andorra Thanks for the question. Germany Congo Note how I got out of the starting gate on the 3rd test by getting up to speed just before the countdown timer progresses to the test start. On the right of my leaderboard line, the number 1 indicates that I’ve generated only 1kj on my ride so far.

Absolutely, for two reasons: First, testing every few weeks gives you a great indicator as to whether your training plan is working how it is intended. Christmas Island

Brygs, why is MightyUnicorns total number of people here now so much lower than yours (29 vs 69)? Uganda Faroe Islands Don’t stress about it. You’ll notice one easy way to increase your output (with no extra effort) by looking at the picture of my 3 tests.

Greenland Montserrat Argentina A harsh headwind, extreme heat or cold, or even just a stressful week at work could all have an effect.

This line may start with your gender and age group (decade) if you did not choose to hide those in your profile.

(For comparison, I’m second on the filtered list, but 69th in the unfiltered list.

I took the time to write this because of the great contribution this group, the instructors, and the bike have made in my training. This is handy, because you can tell at a glance if you are headed for a PR or not. So, that’s the leaderboard in a nutshell. Her final output is 310, and will not continue to increase. Bermuda Next, I recommend that you either start at your current FTP value (conservative) or at the corresponding average output for your FTP (more daring, which is how I started test #3.). Palestine Required fields are marked *. Georgia

Comoros Once we’ve done the test and ridden some workouts with the zones prescribed by our score, we may then approach the re-test with both better fitness AND a better understanding of how to ride the test. Barbados Virginia Belgium Kuwait This is a new thing.

Timor-Leste Maine New York Chad

Minnesota Some links on the site are affiliate links. Algeria First, you see the number 1 and (29). Philippines Surrounding my avatar is a partially complete white circle, going from the 12:00 position clockwise to about the 8:00 position or so. Colorado

Each 5 minutes, they’ll ask you to mildly increase your output. FEAR of the FTP TEST: South Africa How can I filter by my age group and see where I rank against everyone who has completed a given ride?

Note that you can high-five a rider who has finished (checkmark but not dimmed), but you can’t high-five a rider who has logged out (dimmed avatar).

Been riding for years but never had a measurement of output and have always gone by calories. I am in second place in the filtered list (of two riders). Cambodia You can also see that her avatar is slightly dimmed, which indicates that she has logged out of Peloton. Alabama FTP is commonly referenced but often misunderstood. Here’s what you need to know about this fitness metric. There’s no way to directly compare those, unfortunately, so it is difficult to tell how you’re doing against others in an on-demand ride unless you start at more or less the same time.


Zambia I am also 69th among riders who are “here now”. USA Minor Outlying Islands Aruba There is not one universally accepted formula for calories burned, and indeed Peloton changed its calorie formula a couple of years ago to bring it more in line with other fitness apps (and everybody’s Peloton calorie data changed overnight!).

I can’t be more exact than that.

So, MightyUnicorn is 1st in my filtered list, and I am second, but if I hadn’t filtered the list she’d be 29th and I’d be 69th. On the fundraising link, thank you, I will contribute.

Tanzania French Guiana Pingback: Are broken pedals a problem for Peloton bikes? Shouldn’t they be the same since you’re both in the same ride? Israel Massachusetts That indicates that she’s in first place in the filtered list (of people I follow) and 29th in the list of people doing the ride at the moment.

A Quick Guide to Your Power Meter Metrics, Your ‘Performance Age’ Matters More Than You Think, Tested: Shimano RP9 Performance Cycling Shoes, 3 Ways to Boost Your Cycling Power With Squats, Followed that by 10 minutes of easy spinning. I use a constant power ride to exhaustion at ~60min to set my FTP.

On the far right of the bar, you see the number 325. Syria

Mauritania For all other factors we entered a standard value. Sweden Kyrgyzstan

More on that later. Iceland United Arab Emirates Tennessee

If you get a number you’re not happy with, it’s tempting to repeat the test as soon as possible. Singapore

Delaware It shows me what my pace was for the ride in which I got my PR. Even if you have no “sprint” left in you, be empowered that you are almost done & should be congratulated for completing something that most couch-riders would never attempt! Idaho Wyoming. *I’m a science guy. The first number you see on the left (25) is my position on the ride.

Solomon Islands

Myanmar Somalia Austria Cyprus

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Below me is “jholloway7”, with 307kj, in 45th place.

You can see next to Mighty Unicorn’s name the outline of a person (or, at least, a bust), which indicates that I am following her. I’m 61 years old, and have done some sort of training all my life. Gabon Liechtenstein Gibraltar I haven’t heard the phrase “high-five spam” used, but that’s what we’d call it if it were a thing. Finally, don’t cruise through the third five-minute block and hold too much back.

Norway Antarctica My passing SassfroMass, GBPackerGirl and even harrydorn seems pretty much guaranteed, but I’m neck and neck with jholloway7 and if I’m watching the leaderboard he’s the one I need to keep my eye on.

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