Comments may be merged or altered slightly such as if an email address is given in the main body of the comment. The most reliable estimates provide us with a distance of over 2,600 light-years! The SS Deneb was an Italian merchant vessel that bore this name from 1951 until she was scrapped in 1966. The star's Galacto-Centric Distance is 7,370.00 Parsecs or 24,038.24 Light Years. They are stars that swell out of proportion, to have a large enough surface through which to radiate the massive amount of energy produced by nuclear fusion reactions that are activated after the end of the main sequence. The smaller the magnitude, the brighter the star. It is only slightly fainter than Pollux in the constellation Gemini and Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus, and it just outshines Mimosa in Crux and Regulus in Leo. is from Simbad, the Hipparcos data library based at the University at Strasbourg, France.

But the measurement was accompanied by an uncertainty margin of ±0.57 mas, which meant that Deneb could be at any distance between 633 and 2,273 parsecs, ie between 2,065 and 7,414 light-years.

And in fact, ten years later, in 2007, a new interpretation of the astrometric data acquired by the ESA satellite was published, which guaranteed, according to the author Floor van Leeuwen, values ​​on average over two times more precise than the catalog published in 1997. α Cygni (Latinised to Alpha Cygni) is the star's designation given by Johann Bayer in 1603. In Chinese, 天津 (Tiān Jīn), meaning Celestial Ford, refers to an asterism consisting of Deneb, Gamma Cygni, Delta Cygni, 30 Cygni, Nu Cygni, Tau Cygni, Upsilon Cygni, Zeta Cygni and Epsilon Cygni. Deneb is thought to be increasing its temperature after a period as a red supergiant, although current models do not exactly reproduce the surface elements showing in its spectrum. In the specific case, it is the Swan’s tail, the constellation of which Deneb is the brightest star.

3.83 – 3.90), and CS Camelopardalis (mag. In 2002, Aufdenberg and colleagues, using the NPOI interferometer, measured for Deneb an angular diameter of 2.40 ± 0.06 mas (thousandths of an arcsecond). Some of the best known fictional uses of the star include Dan Simmons’ 1989 novel Hyperion, Anne McCaffrey’s “The Tower and the Hive” series, The Silver Surfer comic book series, the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (“Encounter at Farpoint”) and the TV series Blake’s 7 and Babylon 5. In other versions of the story, Deneb is a fairy who acts as chaperone when the lovers meet. A name is preferred even if its a random made up one by yourself. Deneb is visible throughout the year for observers living north of latitude 45°N and it cannot be seen at all south of latitude 45°S. Its nothing to fear as the stars are so far apart, they won't collide in our life-time, if ever. Surely this supergiant will end its existence with a spectacular supernova explosion, but it does not have enough mass to eventually produce a black hole. The star forms one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle asterism, and marks out the “head” of the Northern Cross. Deneb is part of two large asterisms that dominate the evening sky during the northern hemisphere summer.

[2] The tiny bow drawn by a star on the celestial sphere over the course of six months is a reflection of the corresponding displacement of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun. Either way, its mass indicates that it will end its life in a supernova explosion within the next few million years. It is the 19th brightest star in the night sky, with an apparent magnitude of 1.25 But subsequent studies have not confirmed Lucy’s hypothesis. In 2007, Hipparcos data was revised with a new parallax of 2.31000 which put Deneb at a distance of 1411.96 light years or 432.90 parsecs. Deneb is also one of the three stars considered part of the "Summer Triangle," which also includes Altair and Vega. As the core runs out of hydrogen and then helium, the core contacts and the outer layers expand, cool, and become less bright. A note about the calculations, when I'm talking about years, I'm talking non-leap years only (365 days). [27], Deneb has been reported as a possible single line spectroscopic binary with a period of about 850 days, where the spectral lines from the star suggest cyclical radial velocity changes. Please refresh the page and try again. . The star is in the "tail" of the constellation Cygnus (the Swan), and from Earth's perspective is in the same area of sky as gas clouds that fill the constellation's area. It will keep getting bigger until it reaches the end of its life cycle. Neutron Star Stellar Nebula It started as a blue little dot from the bare eye. In the Middle Ages, its stars rather recalled the much more modest image of a hen and Deneb was known in Arabic as Dhanab al-dajaja, the hen’s tail. German poet and author Philippus Caesius termed it Os rosae, or Rosemund in German, or Uropygium – the parson's nose. Physical Properties of Deneb Deneb Colour and Temperature . That's 40 million times the rate of the sun's loss, according to astronomer Jim Kaler. In all likelihood, after the supernova explosion, the inert core will collapse to form a neutron star, not very different from the one in the center of the Crab Nebula. [citation needed] Based on its temperature and luminosity, and also on direct measurements of its tiny angular diameter (a mere 0.002 seconds of arc), Deneb appears to have a diameter of about over 200 times that of the Sun;[22] if placed at the center of the Solar System, Deneb would extend out to the orbit of the Earth.
Credit: A. Fujii. [2] One 2008 calculation using the Hipparcos data puts the most likely distance at 475 parsecs (1,550 ly), with an uncertainty of around 15%. 4.19 – 4.23). Even the Sun, like all stars, emits a wind of particles (called the solar wind), but its density and the mass loss that results are insignificant compared to the stellar wind of a supergiant like Deneb. I leave the conclusion to a short excerpt from a book by Guy Ottewell, The Astronomical Companion, in which the author beautifully describes the magnificence and rarity of this giant of the skies: In our 6.5 parsec sphere, Sirius was without rival. If Deneb were in the place of the Sun, his photosphere would reach less than 10 million km from Earth, far beyond the orbit of Venus! Similar variability has been observed in many luminous blue variables during their hot phases, but these stars are normally classified as LBVs.

The other bright stars that form the Northern Cross are Sadr (Gamma Cygni), Fawaris (Delta Cygni), Aljanah (Epsilon Cygni) and Albireo (Beta Cygni). Using ultra-precise observations made with the interferometer CHARA, Aufdenberg and colleagues discovered that the Deneb disk presents an asymmetry of about 2%. After the main sequence, in fact, the external appearance of a star changes due to what happens inside it, in particular in response to changes in energy production determined by the fuels used to feed nuclear fusion: first the hydrogen contained in a shell external to the core and, subsequently, the helium accumulated in the core, produced during the main sequence as a result of the hydrogen fusion. However, a more recent reanalysis gives the much larger parallax whose distance is barely half the current accepted value. And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at:
In truth, we do not know in which phase of the evolution following the main sequence Deneb is currently. The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson. Deneb will be the North Pole star (the nearest visible star to the north celestial pole) around the year 9800 AD, but as it will only come within 7° from the pole, it will not really mark true north.

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