He was prominent follower of Gautam Buddha and built many Buddhist monasteries. So also the Matsyas and the Sannyastapadas, overcome with fear, leaving their dominions in the north, have fled into the southern country. This was, probably the kingdom ruled by Lava with Sravasti as its capital. Bharata's descendants ruled this kingdom afterwards. Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. King married to Vasavkhattiya and gave birth to a boy who later became the Prince of Kosala. He defeated his maternal grandfather, Chetaka, at the battle of Vaisali, using two special devices granted by the Indras, following which he successfully conquered Vaisali. And king Rituparna, saw that there were no other kings or princes.

Bhima alone killed hundred Kaurava brothers in the Kurukshetra war.

King Rama extended his influence up to the island-kingdom of Lanka situated in the southern ocean. And the changed name of Brihadratha dynasty is Rawani dynasty. Ajatasatru, also known as Kunika, was born to King Bimbisara, the ruler of Magadha kingdom, and Queen Chelna or Kosala Devi, as mentioned in Jainism and Buddhist records, though both the traditions referred the queen as Vaidehi. The latter then, with riven heart, fell down.

Kalinga is a tribe described in the legendary Indian text Mahabharata. Lava ruled from the city called Ayodhya and Kusa from the city called Kushavati. Reaching then the hills of Goratha, they saw the city of Magadha. Bhima then vanquished king Srenimat of the country of Kumara, and then Vrihadvala, the king of Kosala. This was, probably the kingdom ruled by Kusa, with Kusavati as its capital.

It was located in southern Bengal, with the core region including present-day southern West Bengal (India) and southwestern Bangladesh. Ayodhya was its capital, presently in Ayodhya district, Uttar Pradesh. Vanga features prominently in the epics and tales of ancient India as well as in the history of Sri Lanka. In the Mahabharata, Nishadas mentioned as tribes that have the hills and the forests their abode. Gandhara lies close to Kekeya Kingdom, the native kingdom of Bharata's mother, Kaikeyi.

While he is said to be a follower of both Jainism and Buddhism faiths, records provide sufficient evidence of him being a Jain devotee due to his several meetings with Mahavira as opposed to a single meeting with Buddha. This is that mighty mountain called Vindhya; yon, the river Payasvini running seawards, and yonder are the asylums of the ascetics, furnished with various fruit and roots. Dasharatha married his eldest wife Kausalya from this kingdom. ......Maheth is also the site for the ancient Sobhanath Temple. The route was taken by Bhima, Arjuna and Krishna from Kuru Kingdom to Magadha Kingdom was through this Eastern Kosala. Malla Kingdom was situated in the Gangatic plain between the Kosala and Videha. It hath been heard by us that once on a time the sage Kalakavrikshiya came to Kshemadarsin who had ascended the throne of the kingdom of Kosala. Then they decided that they would give the daughter of Nagmunda who was slave of Mahanaam Shakya, Uncle of Gautam Buddha. According to Dasaratha-Jatak, the oldest book related to Ramkatha, Dasaratha, Ram was related to Kashi. Sighting his defeat, he offered prayers to different Indras for help, who granted him ‘Mahasilakantaka’, a device that ejected large stones, and ‘Ratha-musala’, a divine chariot with swinging blades on both sides. Udayan was the most famous ruler of this kingdom. ....Shakya was an ancient Janpada of India and it was an independent kingdom in the foothills of Himalayas. With an ambition of expanding his empire, he invaded Vaisali and after 16 years of extensive war with its ruler, Chetaka, he was successful in conquering the republic. The Kingdom of Kosala & the Shakhya (563 BC), Sakyas & the Caucasus Indicus Mountains (625 BC).

Takshasila was founded by Raghava Rama's brother Bharata. It is a very important place from an historical and mythological point of view. Being a devoted follower of Lord Mahavira, Chetaka vowed not to shoot more than one arrow a day in a war, due to which he killed one Kalkumara per day. Among the important personalities were Yayati, Yadu, King Puru, Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu. Brahmadatta killed Dîghati and emerged victorious. At last those heroes of unfaded glory arrived at Magadha in the heart of (the country of) Kushamva. ...Shravasti was the capital of Kosala between 6th century BCE and 6th century CE......A Buddhist text, the Majjhima Nikaya mentions Buddha as a Kosalan....", "Kshatriya, from (holder of) Kshatra (rule or authority), is one of the four varnas (social orders) in Hinduism. The Kuru king Pandu's (Pāṇḍu) second wife was from Madra kingdom and was called Madri. Vatsa Kingdom (Allahabad): The town of Kausumbi was the capital of this kingdom. And the king of the Salwayana tribe with their brethren and followers; and the southern Panchalas and the eastern Kosalas have all fled to the country of the Kuntis. It was the capital city of the kingdom of Kosala, and its king was called Pasenadi, who was a disciple of Buddha. As per the Buddhist tradition, he sent his minister, Vassakara, to Vaisali to arouse jealousy among the Lichchhavis and break their unity. This was ruled by Dirghayaghna, during this era. They were described as fleeing to the southern country of Kuntis due to Magadha king Jarasandha. Shravasti and Kushavati Here the famous ruler Prasenjit, who was contemporary of Buddha. Thereafter, he attacked the territory and conquered it after 16 years of war. In Indian epic Mahabharata, Bhima is the 2nd born of the Pandavas. Behold my plight! Vriahadvala was a Kosala king mentioned as a general under Duryodhana, in the Kurukshetra War. The Indian epic Ramayana is the window to this era. Endued with great impetus and prowess, king Vrihadvala, the ruler of the Kosalas, is, in my judgment, equal to one Ratha (a grade of battle-skill). It seems that this Kosala had its power extended to the neighbouring kingdom of Kasi to the south of it, because Vrihadvala sometimes commanded the troops from Kasi also in Kurukshetra War. Kasi was a really holy place where worship of Shiva was prominent. He also promised that the son born out of her would be the next king of Kosala.....Shakyas who were proud of the superiority of their blood took meeting in Santhagara at Kapilvastu. At present, the descendants of great king Jarasansha are Rawani Rajput's.

Rama's mother Kausalya was from this kingdom. Koshi’s income was given in one lakh gold coins. According to the Buddhist text Anguttara Nikaya and the Jaina text, the Bhagavati Sutra, ... Kosala was one of the Solasa (sixteen) Mahajanapadas (powerful realms) in 6th century BCE and its cultural and political strength earned it the status of great power. See the events in life of Ajatasatru in Chronological Order, Ajatasatru was a powerful and authoritative emperor of the Haryanka dynasty of the Magadha kingdom. (MBh 2.29). They are linked with a king called Vena who became a slave of wrath and malice, and became unrighteous. It was on that sacred region, the northern part of Kosala, that the sacrifice of high-souled Auddalaka was performed. Sikkim Dzogchen: Tertön Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé (1597... Reiki and Zhangzhung Bon Healing Practices, Adur Farnbag Fire Temple & Greater Khorasan (600 BC). He was considered to have the physical strength of 10,000 elephants approximately. [1]. He succeeded his father Sanjaya Mahākosala. Kashi fought several battles against the Kosala Kingdom. (see MBh 2.29 referred below).

It is located about 45 km from Farrukhabad, and 55 km from Budaun. This road leadeth to the country of the Vidarbhas—and that, to the country of the Kosalas. Sahadeva, vanquishing the invincible Bhishmaka, then defeated in battle the king of Kosala and the ruler of the territories lying on the banks of the Venwa, as also the Kantarakas and the kings of the eastern Kosalas. And Ambalika in particular, upon embracing her son of incomparable prowess, became very glad. It is the southernmost kingdom within the epic's geographical horizon, south of the Vindhya range, in the region still known as Vidarbha in what is now Central India. He succeeded his father Sanjaya Mahākosala.

It is a beautiful city with vast amounts of agriculture and diversity. "Saka clans settled along the middle course of what is the Durand line (border between Afghanistan and Pakistan)....around 625 BC-Immediately after the end of the Saka Interregnum in Persia that is said to have lasted from 653-625 BC. Soon, however, in that encounter, O king, the ruler of Kosala cut off the standard and overthrew the charioteer of Subhadra's son. Beholding this, ten thousand illustrious kings broke and fled. The place also bears the onslaught of Gupta rulers during the era of the resurgence of Hinduism. Rama's second brother Lakshmana founded the city of Lakshmanapura near river Ganges which is now known as Lucknow. "The mention of Kosala is not found in the early Vedic literature. It passes through the Eastern Kosala Kingdom. Shravasti was the capital of Kosala between 6th century BCE and 6th century CE...... "Historical Buddha....lived about 563 BC - 483 BC.....Born in Lumbini or Kapilavastu (today in Nepal), Died (aged 80) at Kushinagar (today in Uttar Pradesh, India)......Buddha was born in a royal Kshatriya family to King Śuddhodana, the leader of Shakya clan, whose capital was Kapilavastu, and who were later annexed by the growing Kingdom of Kosala during the Buddha's lifetime....". The Jain records state that he had 8 wives, the foremost among them being Padmavati, Dharini and Subhadra, while the Buddhist traditions indicate that he had 500 wives, the chief being Princess Vajira. However, it was later weakened by a series of wars with the neighbouring kingdom of Magadha and, in the 4th century BCE, was finally absorbed by it. This kingdom was defeated by the Pandava general Bhima, in his military campaign to the east. Sojourning next to the tirtha called Rishabha in Kosala and fasting there for three nights one earneth the merit of the Vajapeya sacrifice, and of the gift of a thousand kine, and also delivereth his race. This was the original Kosala ruled by king Raghava Rama. The name of prince was Virudhaka (Pali: Vidudabha).".....http://shakya.kshatriya.tripod.com/sainthwar/.

Apart from Kasi being added to the Magadha kingdom, he also married the king’s daughter, Vajira. As per the Purana viz. The most important ruler of this kingdom was Pradyota. According to Vayu Purana, the descendants of Brihadratha ruled Magadha for 2600 years followed by the Haryanka dynasty. (MBh. Having slain Vrihadvala thus, the son of Subhadra careered it battle.

… Kasi Kingdom Read More » A descendant of Rama, he belongs to the Ikshvaku dynasty. The capital of Shakya was Kapilvastu. Puskalavati, Takshasila (Taxila) and Purushapura (Peshawar) were cities in this Gandhara kingdom. In Pali-language Buddhist texts, it is listed as one of the sixteen mahajanapadas. However, he defeated him and conquered Vaisali through a trick. Finally, Kashi was merged with the Kosala Kingdom. He was a descendant of king Brihadratha, the creator of the Barhadratha dynasty of Magadha. These and many other kings and princes, mighty car-warriors conversant with policy, obedient to the commands of Duryodhana, all cased in mail, were seen stationed in their respective divisions. During Mahabharata this kingdom was part of Southern Central Kosala kingdom. Before Auddalaka began his sacrifice, he had thought of the Sarasvati River. Alas, I shall not behold thee return with the princess of Videha to Kosala and seated on thy ancestral throne as the ruler of the entire Earth! 5.277, 5.198). Then Satyavati and Bhishma and the Kosala princesses were all gratified with the presents Pandu made out of the acquisitions of his prowess. Upon Buddha’s death, he sought a share of his relics and constructed a large stupa on it, apart from renovating 18 Buddhist monasteries and supporting the erection of more stupas across his capital.

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