Roddenberry also wanted Spock to not eat or drink, but absorb energy through a plate in his stomach. During the confrontation between the two ships, the Vengeance's weaponry was deactivated by Scott, who was on a leave of absence and had boarded the ship after investigating the coordinates given by Khan. "The hair and make-up process is incredibly important for a character like Spock, who is so inextricably identified by his aesthetic," said Quinto. It was only when the pilot was reshot without Barrett's Number One and with a new captain that Spock took on his emotionless qualities. Spock tended to the wounded Pike, attempting to comfort him with a mind meld, and felt the life depart from his body.

Nimoy felt it was undignified for Spock to do that, and came up with the idea for the nerve pinch, instead. Spock had planned to resign from Starfleet and help rebuild Vulcan society, but the elder counterpart urged him to remain with Starfleet, put aside logic once in a while and do what felt right. How long will the footprints on the moon last?

"Our [Kirk and Spock] haven't known each other that long, so in our movie, that moment is a revelation for Spock that Kirk is his friend," said Roberto Orci.

A year later, Spock was on Nibiru trying to prevent a volcano from causing the extinction of all life on the planet. The older Spock had asked Kirk to sufficiently provoke the younger Spock, in order to show everyone that he was too emotionally compromised to be in command. When Kirk died in attempt to save the ship and his crew, Uhura encouraged Spock to beam down to go after and capture Khan, who had crashed the Vengeance into San Francisco. January 6, 2230 (stardate 2230.06),ShiKahr, Vulcan While talking with McCoy, an injured Spock regretfully confessed that before their ship got destroyed and they lost the crew, he had wanted to discuss things more with Uhura but was interrupted by news about Ambassador Spock dying that affected him unexpectedly, and further persuaded him to leave Starfleet in spite of his feelings for her. McCoy wondered about what Captain Kirk would have thought about it, to which Spock answered he had not told him about his decision yet. Kirk said he wanted Spock to know why he'd saved Spock from the volcano. Witnessing Krall obtain the alien artifact Abronath, Spock was pursued by the invaders, escaping into a turbolift with McCoy. A prototype clay sculpture of Quinto with Vulcan ears, though without hair, was also created by Proteus FX make-up effects supervisor Barney Burman, who was credited with designing and creating the film's aliens.

Spock and Kirk continued to clash with one another over vastly different viewpoints and philosophies they held. Mind melding with an unconscious Romulan crewmember, Spock was able to locate the Jellyfish and Captain Pike. Spock salutes his older self from the Prime timeline, Back on Earth, Spock finally met with his older counterpart, who explained to him that he had wanted to make sure that Spock and Kirk became friends and shared the kind of friendship he and the other Kirk from his timeline shared: something which would ultimately define them both and was a crucial aspect of their lives. By Uhura insisting he change her posting to the Enterprise, he was indeed persuaded to do so. [23] On the other hand, Quinto did value the make-up and hair required for the part, generally. He agreed to play the role again in 2009's Star Trek because he felt Spock's role was more critical to the story. Another idea that came from Nimoy is Spock's signature "Vulcan nerve pinch." (Star Trek - The Art of the Film, p. 63), When he first played Spock, Zachary Quinto was attempting to learn lots about the physicality of the character. Tell me." In his autobiography I Am Not Spock, Nimoy revealed that the so-called Vulcan salute is based on an ancient Jewish gesture. He looked to me to be believable, but probably more importantly, he showed great intelligence as an actor, and a great internal life, which I think is terribly important for the Spock character.

But unbeknownst to Nimoy, Lawrence Montaigne (who played Vulcan Stonn in "Amok Time") had an option in his contract to take over as Spock if Nimoy pulled it again.

(Star Trek Magazine issue 145, p. 16), Because Leonard Nimoy has earlobes whereas Zachary Quinto doesn't, lobes were intentionally sculpted into Quinto's prosthetic ears for his appearance as Spock, in order to match Nimoy's ears. (Star Trek Magazine Movie Special 2016, p. 74), Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin once noted that, before he arrived to direct Beyond, "Zack had already crafted an amazing Spock with Leonard [Nimoy]."

At the time, he only earned $1,500 per episode, and Shatner earned $5,000. Roddenberry even auditioned Nichelle Nichols for Spock, who went on to play Uhura on the show. Returning to the transporter room, Spock was comforted by the words of his father, who admitted he actually had married Amanda because he loved her. Federation Starfleet An anger I cannot control." "Showing them compassion, may be the only way to earn peace with Romulus. Stonn (Lawrence Montaigne) in "Amok Time". Starfleet Academy personnel (alternate reality), USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel (alternate reality), USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) personnel (alternate reality),, Reinstated to hunt John Harrison, who is revealed to be Khan Noonien Singh, Contemplates leaving Starfleet after the destruction of Vulcan and then the death of Ambassador Spock, Declines to leave Starfleet and decides to continue five-year mission aboard the.

Star Trek Beyond. ", "I'm coming with you." 134, p. 77) Quinto's first make-up screen test as Spock was in October 2007 and included his own hair but a pair of prosthetic ears. [25], To return as Spock, Zachary Quinto again had to don Vulcan ear prosthetics for Star Trek Into Darkness. Despite his protests, the two men are able to accomplish their mission and ultimately save Captain Kirk in time before he's sucked into space after defeating Krall.

18 & 19) Nimoy himself offered, "When Zachary and I met for the first time, he had already done a lot of research on his own.

McCoy performing emergency surgery on Spock. After Harrison revealed he was Khan Noonien Singh, Spock asked Uhura to contact his older parallel universe counterpart on New Vulcan for information. As you can see, Spock has many secrets, and these make him an even more interesting character with a unique history. Spock, angered over the destruction of his world, took the non-logical path for once, telling Kirk that, while it was logical to offer help, this time he didn't want to do it. "You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry?" Later, Nimoy revealed a part had been written for Spock in Generations, but he turned it down. "See? Spock was in charge of starship assignments for the cadets.

"That's a very tough part [for] anyone to play," Webster mused.

Not this time. Later, Spock, Uhura and their friends observed the new Enterprise under construction.

"And a breath of acetone was enough to blend the appliance to Zachary's ear," noted make-up department head David LeRoy Anderson. When Spock answered that he clearly was there to rescue her (noticing the irony of the situation), Uhura smiled pleased by his care for her and his efforts. Shortly after leaving Yorktown, the Enterprise was destroyed by Krall's attack leaving Spock stranded on planet Altamid with Leonard McCoy while Nyota Uhura, and the rest of the Enterprise crew minus the Captain, Pavel Chekov and Montgomery Scott, got captured by Krall and held prisoner at his base. In the novel Ishmael, Spock's full name is given as S'chn T'gai Spock. As the Enterprise was severely damaged in the battle, the turbolift containing Spock and McCoy was ejected into space and captured by a Swarm ship. Ultimately, arrival at Vulcan, which was under attack, proved that Kirk was correct, and contact was made with the Romulan mining vessel Narada, which was attacking the planet. After getting beamed to safety aboard the USS Franklin on time, McCoy finally tried to medicate Spock's injury using some of the old, albeit less effective, medical equipment they found on the ship.

After this conversation, he assigned her to the Enterprise. However, this would seem to contradict T'Pol enlisting in Star Trek: Enterprise, although he may be referring to the Federation Starfleet, as opposed to the United Earth Starfleet. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? It becomes more and more a part of me every time I do it [....] Now I understand it in a different way [than when first portraying the character], but it's still a process." From 2258, he was first officer under Christopher Pike and his successor, James T. Kirk, aboard the USS Enterprise. Spock then volunteered to beam to the Narada, noting that the similarities between Romulan and Vulcan language and culture would help him in locating Captain Pike and determining a way to destroy the vessel.

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