I’ve often written that performance and price are what matters most in choosing between wheelsets.

Look at the primary activities that go into creating value in the wheelset business. This article seems to suggest they’ve really upped their game.

To help sort through which wheelsets I want to review, I also consider product specs and try to learn what engineering and production expertise companies bring to the party. 1. But there is something missing in this article or I didn’t see it. It seems there might be a middle ground here: buying through a specialist firm rather than eBay. What is the best carbon wheelset for the money?

Those manufacturers just don’t make and sell individual products to cyclists like you and me. Buy and ride a Reynolds wheelset for 30 days and return it for a full refund if you don’t want it. They typically have larger staffs that are doing or overseeing more of the engineering and production activities themselves than the other groups of companies.

In a series of long and at times, hard to follow posts, he later fessed up to the reality that his wheelsets were indeed not proprietary, the rims being made in open molds and the wheels being assembled in a contractor’s factory.

– What You Need on Every Ride.

The key questions you’ll have if you are in this group of enthusiasts are how much faster, lighter, more comfortable, etc., will carbon wheels be from what you’ve experienced with your alloy wheels?

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I placed the order in the middle of Sept. We're using cookies in case to provide best-possible user experience. – Summer Jerseys and Bibs When I reviewed their first gen carbon wheels that came out in 2016, they made no claim to design, engineering or production and used open mold rims at the time. - Bicycle specific Ceramic bearings for decreased rolling resistance. I used a pair of Cero RC45 for a few years, no complaints. Bontrager replaces your wheels free within two years of purchase and with a 50% discount after two years no matter how you crash them. – Tubeless Tires I personally would only look at better wheels if the answer is yes and then only if old wheels are knackered. Personally used Malcolm at cycleclinic as have others on here an the other 2 have big supporters on here as well. “They come with a warranty and conform to the relevant EN standard for safety. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Join me on this ride. supports you by doing hours of independent and comparative evaluations to, You can support the site and save yourself time and money when you buy through the links.

What do you think of the new brand Scribe.

At even a 50% discount, you are essentially buying a wheelset for an amount near the company’s cost. In that case, you send photos.

The bulk of their carbon experience comes from their outsourcers. Branders – FLO, Hunt, Parcours, and Prime introduced their first carbon wheelsets in 2016. Nowadays, that external width combined with the 17mm internal width looks a bit dated to design spec connoisseurs as does their tube-only clincher and narrow spoke-edge rim profile. Cheers, Aron, as you can read in my review of the Hunt 50 Carbon Aero Disc in Part 2 of this post and in my responses to other commenters, I’m not a fan of the Hunt product, marketing or customer service. Reverse engineering is a skill many manufacturers of all sorts of cycling and other industry products often have and that some of these Manufacturers may also possess.

2. Their 40mm deep Grimpeur with modern 19.0mm internal, 25.5mm external/brake track, 27.0mm max width toroid profile rims stands out for its claimed 1320g and 1395g rim and disc brake weights. to stores I rank among the best for their low prices and high customer satisfaction, some which pay a commission that helps cover our review and site costs.

They employ engineering and production teams that follow processes to work toward those goals across a line and from one generation to the next.

You may want a more modern pair – wider, deeper, lighter, stiffer, more aero, tubeless, etc.

The CX-Ray spokes are the same are on par with those used in most of the other wheelsets in this review. Lún is a new brand, but Winspace has been making and racing carbon fiber bike parts for over 10 years now.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on parts in situations where there are no material defects.

If you make the wrong choice, you can wash ashore with a badly broken vessel and no good way to get it fixed or replaced.

I weigh 75 kg so not sure if a heavier person might give a different review.

On the flip side, the cynic might say this is all just marketing and I probably wouldn’t disagree. - Rear wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels. For dacades they are almost benchmark for they carbon whells & rims, despite the fact they manufacture one of the best Hubs on their wheels.

Winspace will not be responsible for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, product liability or any other theory. Tokyowheel introduced their 3rd generation EPIC line of carbon rim and disc brake wheelsets in 2016.

Please type the letters and numbers below.

Reynolds gives you a 50% discount on new wheels as part of their lifetime warranty also no matter how you crash them.

↳   Introduce Yourself / Gallery - Please use metric weights.

Winspace is the house brand for one of the big Chinese carbon frame manufacturers, either HungFu or Gotobike.com, I think. Warranty – What is the company’s warranty policy for wheels? Wheel weight, rim width, tubeless ready, brake track treatment, rim profile, straight pull and bladed spokes, brand name hubs, ceramic bearings, blacked-out logos, how the wheelset will look on my bike or go with my brand of bike, what the salesperson in the store told me, what I read in a forum, etc., etc., etc., are all things that some enthusiasts value and consider in choosing between wheels. - Tubeless-ready hooked rim bead-seat supports tubeless tires from 23-45mm.
My average ride speeds did seem to be a bit faster compared to my old alloy wheels, but it wasn't a huge difference.

- Rear wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels.

Most are explicitly detailed in lawyer-speak on the company websites and apply for the original purchaser who can show a copy of his or her receipt.

Unless I mention the company below, they offer a 2-year warranty. No cash replacement policies cover this.

This ultimately comes down to whether you can trust the company whose wheels you are considering spending $1000 or so on if there is a problem. So, for those of us with some carbon wheelset experience and perhaps looking for something more modern or for a different riding purpose, we’ll want to know what’s the best carbon wheelset for the money compared to what our earlier experience has been choosing, and using our carbon bike wheels.

>>> Winter bikes: do you really need one?

Some may choose to save money by having more limited warranties, crash replacement, and return policies than others.

Most every wheel seller I evaluated for this review commit to that in their return policy though a few – Vision, Parcours – has no stated return policy that I could determine.

Ultimately, prices are driven by market demand as much or more than costs. Some of these companies and others have significantly cut costs, moved production or sourced parts to lower cost facilities, and changed ownership in search of greater efficiencies and new investment. 1; 2; 3; Next; Set Descending Direction. The knock on some carbon wheels continues to be delamination. And what comeback do you have if something goes awry while you’re riding it? As part of these policies, companies farm out service and repair to unaffiliated bike shops while others have a more costly regionalized or centralized repair structure to deal with any major service needs you have.

Yet the specs of the Reynolds AR 41s are an exception among the value carbon wheelsets now sold by the Integrateds. To increase a business’s profitability, costs can be reduced or eliminated by doing less or shifting activities to less costly sources at places along this value chain. For those who said they would, I’m looking for other reasons – crash and return policies, engineering or production expertise, performance or price – to justify potentially recommending them to you. On the broader subject, Sogny continues: “A lot of big firms in the Far East, like Giant in Taiwan, for instance, have the correct quality controls. Whereas the Branders are more marketing and sales-oriented companies, these Regionals are more engineering oriented.

- Compatible with tubeless-ready tires from leading manufacturers.

Chances are it's probably made in the same factory as Ribble and many other bikes, you may pay a little more, but you can get exactly what you want with a good warranty if you're interested in one of their (Ribble) bikes. Most other wheels can be returned if unused within 30 days for a refund. These are approaches that weren’t easy, economical or, in some cases even possible before they began doing it.

When I reviewed their first gen carbon wheels that came out in 2016, they made no claim to design, engineering or production and used open mold rims at the time. Hunt gives you a 35% discount, Profile Design 30%, and Light Bicycle 10-25% but none state how long after you buy your wheels they are willing to do this.

Some do assert they have more design involvement and expertise that includes specifying rim shapes after doing field testing, computer modeling and/or wind tunnel testing. We stand by all our products and offer a 2 year warranty on our Hyper wheels.

From evaluating value carbon wheels and the companies that make them, I have learned that the information behind and marketing of some is often quite thin or misleading, perhaps worse than you might think already comes from companies in the cycling industry. What if you decide you don’t want the wheels you ordered?
For the road cyclist looking for a unique bike and who is not concerned with brand names and logos, building up one of these frames with the finishing kit and groupset of choice is a very tempting prospect.

You could easily argue that fresh thinking is what enabled carbon wheels to happen in the first place and what is now driving the market for value carbon wheels. Do you need to have wheels that have current generation specs and have known spoke and hub components? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Winspace Full Carbon UD Glossy Road Bike Bicycle Frame Superlight Bb86 52cm at the best online prices at … - Carbon fibre spokes with excellent strength to weight ratio weighing 2.6g per spoke. - 38mm or 50mm tall filament-wound rim with 26mm external and 19mm internal rim width. Integrateds – As a group, these companies bring the most engineering and production experience and what appears to be the greatest expertise of any of the four groups of companies selling value carbon wheelsets. If you’re riding and something goes wrong, your life could be endangered.”, The first version of this article originally appeared in the May 21, 2015 print issue of Cycling Weekly, Low-price carbon frames available online may seem like tantalising bargains, but can you trust their quality, asks Marc Abbott, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Subscribe to Cycling Weekly this Autumn and save 35%, Best tubeless sealant: what to buy, how much to use and how long to leave it.

If your wheels come in damaged, they should be replaced, right?

I won’t be any faster, I think that’s a guarantee!! - Front wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on disc brake wheels, 21 spokes.

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