What a long post for a well known reported scam. Doordash is starting to crack down on extremely late deliveries. Bamm…. Notifications From DoorDash and Texts From Customers How do I opt into notifications from DoorDash? You will not receive any more messages from this number.”   Shortly afterwards, DoorDash sent Angell at least four more messages, despite Angell’s request to unsubscribe. they do make an exception and go into customer accounts. Monday 8:00am - App still not working. Uggg…embarrassingly my trust level moves to 6-7. They can add that to your contract violations. One piece of really good nes for anyone interested.I recorded the entire 12:38 conversation with Dave Cooper as I do ALL of my business calls. on my account to show how incredible I am!”. My almost always enabled Scam detector is floating around loosely in my sub conscious so my trust level is basically begins at 0. The order is only $1.65, but I just think people will go to crazy extremes for their fix…and I go to the counter.I let the clerk know I have arrived to pick up the order for a Milly.Clerk shows no order for Milly.Hmm… ok, well the DoorDash app says no need for payment(I figured it was prepaid or a contract account…so no suspicion yet)I tell the clerk I will just go ahead and place order at which point she asks me for the flavor I would like. But giving out your email means they now only have to crack your "12345" password. Again embarrassingly my trust meter stays very high…albeit a tad below the Max level. I guess it is good that you typed it all out in detail. If you ever ever ever give your account info to a Dash Support representative… Bamm, you’re an idiot! It would have saved her. The ruse from the perpetrators was very clever and I really feel like I would have never have fallen for a scam like this. So if anyone here is interested in actually hearing the audio of the scam let me know and I can probably put the audio up on one of my other company webpages for all to learn from. DoorDash Mobile App Users: Tap on the Account tab in the app. He actually appears to be able to clear their system! I make a shift for 5 PM but cancel it the day before, but 4:30 PM the next day I get the fuckin text "You have a dash in 30 minutes!" Bamm… trust level hits Max. They got her whole weeks earnings. This post was already huge...so I did not include all of the actions I took afterwards. Angell decided not to become employed by DoorDash and sent the following text message to DoorDash on October 20, 2016: “STOP.”  Two hours later, Doordash responded saying, “You have successfully been unsubscribed. You're late!" Beginning on October 11, 2016, Angell began receiving text messages from DoorDash on his cell phone. I was just scammed yesterday by a person posing as a customer service rep for DD. Now there is quite a bit of extraneous talk between us… and he is careful to be complimentary about my current rating, acceptance rate etc. Before ending the call, and thanking him for stealing my money… he tells me the standard procedure after they have had to enter an account while a Dasher is in the field is to have someone from their security team call me to reset everything. Again…hope this helps someone out there! I’m sure they look to new dashers to scam. But that rare instance will probably be somebody capturing your real cell #. But again in hopes of helping others I will say that the hardest task after this incident was reporting the crime to the FBI. Scroll down to the Notifications section (iOS) or tap on Notifications (Android). He said he needed to confirm my email so I unhesitatingly gave it to him. of Defense for over 30 years). If I go into my account and try to reset it now that he has entered my account from a remote address at the office… it will lock my account so that I will not be able to use it right away…. Beginning on October 11, 2016, Angell began receiving text messages from DoorDash on his cell phone. Bamm… Bank routing info changes to his account! Trust level instantly cut in half… back to a five! We contacted NBC Los Angeles news. So here is the chronology of events that walked me right into this sinister little web. Anything above 8 and I’ll actually loan money to someone…so he is close to being golden! Isn't the customer required to put in credit card information to place an order? Yeah it sends 3 messages of the same message at a time.

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