By the way, how did u order from them?

All magic the gathering cards can pass the bend test, water test, and light test (under strong light). total are 20 cards. If you do not receive the MTG PROXIES cards you bought, we will refund in full. A: I have been playing magic the gathering for more than six year. PayPal is the safest way when buying goods online, so that alone should make you rest easy. The Black Light Test. Do you have buyer protection                                                                         A: You have nothing to worry about when placing an order with us. The backs are the same as regular MTG cards but the coloring is off. In regard to buyer protection: I hope the above FAQ answered any and all of your questions. Do you have buyer protection                                                                         A: You have nothing to worry about when placing an order with us. Ready to ship in 1 business day. Can I buy individual cards? Using high-end machinery has allows us to make better PROXIES MTG cards, and we are confident with the quality we produce. Q: Do the MTG PROXIES cards look real? We can ship to all over the world!! It could be a little smoother but in the end it turned out good. So I decided to give it a shot and offer the best PROXY MTG cards to players. We cannot guarantee that each card will pass the light test with 100% accuracy, as the original cards are made with blue core paper. All the MTG PROXIES are made with German Black core and can pass bend test, water test, and rip test (we don’t recommend this).
Some of the colors were off, either too dark or too light. This test is pretty useful, but does require that you already own a black light or go out and spend $20 on one for the purposes of testing fake magic cards. I understand how to control and balance MTG PROXY color and the centering of the image.

These are great fro casual play or FNM tournament play.

Enter Your Decklist. Again, the level of quality of each card can easily be seen in the pictures and video below. please check the videos for cards details. Q: How do I place an order? We focus on providing the highest quality MTG proxies for players looking for a cheaper way to play, whether it be at your LGS for FNM, big major tournaments, cubes, or kitchen table fun with friends. This is intended for use in a cube, but can also be used for casual games and other settings that allow proxies. Custom MTG or Magic the Gathering altered cards. please check thepictures and videos for cards details. the regular prices are $100 per set,  you can get it with $90 per set now,  the prices will recover to $100 in the near future. I purchased these on 12/18/2019, they were shipped with tracking on 12/21/2019 and arrived today on 12/23/2019. please check thepictures and videos for cards details. here are one of my buyers feedback on Octor 16th, 2019, THREE PRO PLAYERS’ STRATEGIES FOR MASTERING MAGIC: THE GATHERING’S MODERN FORMAT, how to make your own magic the gathering cards, How to start playing Magic: the gathering, any problem, please contact with us by email: card thickness is the same as authentics, can do rip test, bend test, water test, light test. However, prices for individual cards differ from the preset lists. I think they have Jund, affinity, burn, merfolk, tron, and something else. Enter maximum price Shipping Free shipping. Also, what are the backs like? All are high quality foil cards , including  11 pieces of M21  foil cards and 10 pieces of double masters foil cards  The regular prices are $100 per set,  you can get it with $90 per set now,  the prices will recover in the near future. The regular prices are $80 per set,  for new set promotion, you can get it with $60 per set now. Click the picture below to see them in HD.

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