Thank you. Stone dust getting kicked out of the joints may be a bit of a concern……but I would fill with stone dust, hose down, and then top it off. I have also researched other ways of applying pea gravel. I am so glad I chanced upon this site because I am currently right in the middle of building the layers of my pea gravel pathway. Properly installed, rain washing the decomposed granite out from in between the flagstones should not be a problem. Will this work to fill the cracks of should I attempt to find a finer material? Get the cement to a dry-sish mashed potato-like consistency and fill the joint, pressing down firmly.

As long as we’re less than 1.5 inches or so, than it’s really not a problem. 2. The pebbles can also help to offset the size of a large decorative boulder.

On the surface, no pun intended, it seems like a bullet proof option but for my flag stone patio I’m going with the stone dust option! Are you trying to get a close match for the new mortar, color-wise? Tamp it like crazy. Well, if the foundation and pitch all seem decent, then I’d simply suggest removing the gator dust and replacing with stone dust. I had thought pea gravel would look great, but I was scared off by the instability issue. This also helps to pack it down.

I put landscape fabric under my deck to all the edges.

Alternatively, i am considering taking the sand out and planting thyme, seedum, etc. I’d love to see the picture of the pavers that were added as well. I have heard many hardscapers claim that “it’s impossible to remove the polymeric sand haze”. I was wondering how your pea gravel path is doing since it’s conception six years ago. First off, thank you for giving your location!

We have an existing flagstone patio which was built on a layer of crushed limestone with the same in between the flagstones. The water from the hose will cause the screenings to settle–but I’ll also use the hose to wash out any joints where the stone dust remains even with the top of the flagstone because ultimately, what you want is to have the joints filled to about a quarter inch or so from the top of the flagstone. I hope you are happy with the final product! Or am I better of using top soil? It looses it’s gravel texture, it just ceases to be gravel….looking like a cross between a rice crispy teat and black-top–but looking nothing like a gravel walkway. Just did a repair where the sand in-between and under the flagstones was undermined by and taken over by ants. It was about $50 for a cubic yard of pea gravel, which was enough to do all of the (12×15) patio, turn Jackson’s old sandbox into a rock box, and add a thin layer of gravel around the side and back of the shed. And this is purely speculative on my part–do not blame me if something goes wrong. I have mostly smaller spaces between the stones but there are some areas up to 3″ wide. Sand is generally a poor choice for underneath flagstone. Some people try and solve this problem with plastic edging. Encourage moss to grow there. Just curious OP how did adding the sand work out? Your answers to questions were helpful, thank you. I like the idea of the screenings but do we now have to remove all of the sand? It just doe not look right, does not at all have the look and feel of real gravel. Is it well compacted? You’re welcome! Fact is, no one really uses it, so I never encounter examples of good, or bad installations using the product. Therefore I very carefully applied the poly sand directly into the joints using a grout bag. Gator Stone Bond may slightly darken the crushed stone mix.

This allows space for your child to play in the pea gravel and not have a large drop off when they step into the box. I haven't used them myself, don't know how they're affected by climate (the website below is for a mfr in Phoenix), and don't know how well the product works as a "retrofit"- but it *could* work.

He gave me samples of two kinds of much smaller type stone to mix with the pea gravel to see if that would solve it. It’s perfectly okay to “mix and match” pea gravel with other decorative rocks in order to add visual interest to your property. Hi – We are going to try and repair some ancient stone walls on our Martha’s Vineyard property. Shady area you say? I’m a complete novice but I’ve done a bit of research and I think we could use slate chippings or paddlestones but your path looks fab and if it doesn’t move it would be perfect as the gravel looks so warm and welcoming.

Here you can buy grey gravel, red gravel and cream colored gravel….stone dust is available in those very same colors, because stone dust is gravel–just smaller. Dig, then tamp, then lay roadbase gravel (3/4″ minus). Although pea gravel is an excellent pick for the construction of a gravel driveway, it can also be used to create an enchanting garden path or an inviting front walkway. The location is climate type 9b, Northern California. Your email address will not be published. EDIT: I’ve also addressed this question in a previous blog post here: I was considering pea gravel, but after walking on it for years at work and seeing how it scatters and how you sink into I am re-thinking it! Thanks for saving me from the poly sand! Devin, thank you for the article and for your generosity in responding to questions/comments.

Everywhere where there’s a quarry, you’ll find this product….perhaps with different local names. Mixing only two gravel sixes together makes for a weaker mix. How many inches would you do the compacted aggregate base? The steps are currently on cinderblocks. }); Using pea gravel may end up with a mushy slab. I’d also heard that for years and years from fellow gardeners and landscape professionals, but I decided last year to test it out under a gravel mulch in the backyard, just for my own peace of mind. Solution–fit tighter and fill with larger sized material. Voles, moles, or mice were causing the damage. Hello, could you please post a few close up pictures of the stone screenings that you use so we can try to match our locally available products as closely as possible. Screenings are heavier than regular sand, thus they will not wash out quite so easily. (even non-shrinking exterior grout). You could spray Acetic acid (vinegar) into the stone joints, deterring weed growth. And with a 3/4″ gap between the flagstones, like you said. For urine & feces odor control I spray the kennels occasionally with yard odor killer, which works great.I don't use cement because it is damaging to the dogs pads.To address my problem:I have a long driveway made with reject ab. Guess this means I’m gonna be redoing those random squishy areas of pea gravel that are left in the front yard…maybe in the fall.

Well yes, if a flagstone patio is pitched properly then water will flow over the flagstones and into a drain. Hi – wondering how this has held up? Hope this helps... Hubby and I are in the process of building our first home, so I will probably be on this forum quite a bit in the coming months. i am a fan of screening, but at times, find it hard on bare feet.

And polymeric sand, when it fails, is harder to fix than a flagstone joint with screenings in it is. Stone would have to be of appropriate thickness, outdoor adhesives/exterior thinset used for the ornaments. There is no cement now. Anyways–since you just used local soil, and built it yourself rather than hiring a mason, we can pretty much just say “Well, it may not be perfect, but it’s got heart!”. If the project is large enough to catch my interest financially, or artistically interesting–fly me out! Because of its many practical and decorative uses pea gravel landscaping is becoming more and more popular especially for corporations, schools and most building facilities. Also, in your article about using gravel, can you use AB3 or Crusher Run?

This looks really great. We live in Washington, DC. if ((!$("#local-search-services-req").val()) || (!$("#local-search-location-req").val())) { I prefer smaller joints. Mix up some new polymeric sand, of matching type and color–mix it up in a 5 gallon bucket, like you might mix up a small batch of mortar.

Digging and tamping and raking–hard work!). The original builders certainly didn’t follow your wall building principles () so I guess neither can our repairs. It will crack. Great idea Lori. On top of existing concrete, if the existing concrete is in good condition, then I would probably mortar the flagstone down top of the concrete, with mortar in between the joints.

My search for this is not yielding good information. I think that where there is soil, the rain results in dirty water covering the stones, making them dirty more quickly than might be expected.

Polymeric sand is indeed pretty good on these fronts. After only 2 months the patio has developed a “cavity” probably 12″-18″ deep with an oblong hole in the sand about 6″ long.

Thoughts on what we could use? I’d love to find something natural in a deep blu to go with the bluestone. Hi, great post… I love the pea gravel and was hoping it would be good for a short driveway in my little getaway cottage upstate!

We do have what is called “shaker sand” which is a combination of sharp sand with some pea gravel mixed in (pea gravel that was smaller than normal and was “screened out” from the normal pea gravel. This is professional advice, written by dedicated a stone mason/passionate stone artist with over 2 decades experience. There are a number of cracks around a number of stones. testimonial, masonry repair in Albrightsville PA,,,, replacing the stone dust in-between your flagstone,, phone/email consultation with a professional stone hardscape instructor. Bagged stuff, like you’d add to mortar? I figured this was due to the change in temperature? The mallet can only do minor adjustments, as far as leveling flagstones is concerned. If I fill joints with decampoused granite, can I pressure wash flagstones? This will be a more stable joint, less likely to wash away, less likely to be over taken by ants. Check it again–repeat until it’s wobble-free. One of the beautiful things about dry laid patios is that the foundation can withstand freeze and thaw without cracking like concrete will. This year we had the finances to redo it (had our concrete co. remove it) with Connecticut Bluestone slate. Spread it liberally on top of the pea gravel then rake it in just under the surface. 3.

I found your article very interesting i was already going to use screenings but was still researching and i came accross this. Just make sure you tamp thin layers to really pack it down, and make sure to angle the surface of your patio slightly to make sure runoff drains away from your house foundation. Any garden center or landscape supply place should have what you are looking for. I’m an inside DIY-er, dying to do a cool fire pit area below my back porch! I have been looking all over- there is polymer sand, polymer binging agents, etc., but what would work best for a long path? Or is it permeable and water just drains through it? Simple, right? Thanks to your post, I feel a lot better about getting started. Helping You to Do It Yourself! Now practical not always my middle name, I was thinking creativity. As a professional contractor, I generally just purchase road base, gravel, and compact it for my foundation. In your opinion, should I use poly sand instead of DG or possibly just pour concrete? No freeze-thaw issues.

Should be fine. I selected Galleries and then Flagstone Walkways, the last two images once magnified to 500% show clear images of your stone screenings. I wonder if you could mix something like that in with your gravel? It is also nice to know you are willing to travel if I have a job in the future that meets your criteria!

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