[7], He summoned his decurion, and the colosseum's effect re-summoned "Gradius" to the zone "Decurion" pointed to. In terms of cards that aren't particularly expensive but could use a reprint anyway, I think Lady Debug and Giant Rex are good candidates. Lightning repeated his combo: sending "Armatos Legio Scutum", he revived his materials, and used one of them to summon another "Armatos Legio Decurion". Playmaker accused Lightning for manipulating Bohman, and noted it was he who ordered the latter to steal Jin's consciousness. Ai wanted to challenge them, but the two doubted Ai could win, with Lightning's speed and Windy's Data Storm. Lightning admitted that the moment he took possession of Jin, he learned how to terrify people. [18], Lightning introduced himself, whom Shepherd thought to be the one that declared war on humanity. Using "Decode Destruction", "Extended Decode Talker" regained 1500 ATK. Outside the physical form, his body is made of yellow prism-like data and he has darker yellow eyes. All of these effects make Lightning a really dangerous opponent, and keeps a strategy for both offense and defense. Even though the Wind Ignis desperately called out to him for help, Lightning made no effort to save him until Ai called out for him to do so.

Advanced Search. He called Ai a failure, which annoyed him. Lightning's personal belief is that the Ignis are humanity's successors meant to reign supreme with humans under their control, so he controls Jin to serve his own needs. During the Lost Incident, Lightning learned how to frighten people. Pictures may show 1st edition but are actually unlimited edition. As the Data Storm started to flow, Bohman went to face the other opponent.

[17], Windy was blown away by the attack, and barely muttered Lightning's name. Lightning denied that, for the Knights of Hanoi would still be at their pursuit, and they were fighting for their lives. Windy confirmed this, stating he and Lightning anticipated their moves, and bemoaned Ai's slow thinking. All products are unlimited edition unless otherwise specified. Varis continued on, stating that the Ignis were imperfect, and was why he created Bohman, and destroyed Cyberse World. Lightning's eyes became wide open when Playmaker stated this, who fell down and collapsed.

Kolter wondered what was that condition, and was told it was to defeat Playmaker. He summoned "Armatos Legio Magica Alcum", then had it destroy "Judgment Arrows", much to everyone's surprise. Impermanence is the only card you listed that is likely to happen tbh and it’s much needed, I think evenly is due for another print again. I’ll definitely get rid of I:P. I can’t find a use for it in shaddolls too much. Varis clenched his fist, while Lightning promised he'd meet his passed-away father soon. He has an oval shaped head with two strands pointing in opposite directions.

[22], Specter was not done yet, for he tributed his thrasher to resurrect "Daphne", and used "Sunvine Shrine" to bring "Genius Loci", too. Much to Playmaker and Ai's shock, Varis appeared, questioning the Ignis if they could've predicted his arrival. Moreover, Lightning placed that monster as a Link Spell in his Spell & Trap Zone, and boldly stated he'd show Varis that he's the one walking down the path of doom. Since Lightning believed Dr. Kogami would soon learn that Lightning would be the source of the Ignis turning onto humanity, he went and corrupted him with a virus, causing SOL Technologies to imprison him and making him believe they punished him. He is also not above turning on his own comrades as he lured Ai into his trap and was willing to reprogram him to serve his own needs.

possibly also battles of legend if past iterations of each set are anything to go off of. Ironically, Lightning's selfish action of converting a portion of Jin's consciousness into extra LP caused Jin to lose his memories of the Lost Incident, curing him of his trauma despite the former being the cause.

Lightning counted on that, believing they'd all be reborn as one.[7]. Lightning took the data about Jin Kolter from Bohman, who wanted their memories back. He promised Bohman everything if he spared him. pretty sure apollousa and masquerena are more or less confirmed for the mega tins. [6], However, the simulations showed that, in a group, the Ignis would destroy the world, but separately, they'd improve humanity through coexistence. Since Bohman would face Blue Maiden, Windy saw he'd face Soulburner. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Sunvine Thrasher" attacked a second time, but Lightning's "Galea" reduced damage to zero when it was sent to his GY, and "Scutum" protected "Legatus Legionis" from being destroyed. Lightning at first didn't appear as ruthless to his partner to the extent Windy is as he decided to control Jin rather than outright destroy him for his goal. As Lightning was follow him, he received a message from Varis, and teleported away with Jin. Specter replied that Lightning should feel regret, since he would soon be defeated. [24] He observed Blue Maiden and Aqua, who were approaching his lair. His eyes are neon green and more circular compared to Flame's eyes, giving him a more youthful look. Varis used one of its Overlay Units to drop the ATK of "Magnus Dux" by 600, and to revive "Borreload Dragon". He was so arrogant that he kept underestimating Playmaker when he thought Cal Kolter would win against the former, similar to Windy's case with Soulburner. [8] The attack swayed Lightning's mind, as he saw humanity as their enemy, an entity the Ignis would surpass. Specter admitted while he didn't acknowledge the Ignis' authority, he still felt voided when his related Ignis had disappeared. Also I’m getting back into the competitive scene and not sure if I just went over my head with these. As Lightning went to make his move, Bohman stepped in and took Jin and Specter's data from Lightning, since he was disappointed that Lightning reverted to cheating, and asked him to fight Varis fairly.

When Ai seemed to be attached to humans, he and Windy don't hesitate to attempt to rewrite him. Banishing a "Sunseed Shadow", he summoned another "Daphne" to his last unoccupied Zone, thus having a field of seven monsters. Bohman noted regardless of the result, Playmaker would be emotionally scarred.

Required fields are marked *, 7% discount on shopping cart totals over $50, use coupon code, IGAS-EN067S Lightning Storm – Starlight Rare, Be the first to review “IGAS-EN067S Lightning Storm – Starlight Rare”. He reminded that the Fire Ignis noted an extreme change in the Wind Ignis' personality, and Ai remembered that Windy was an easy guy, who had become twisted. He is one of the six Ignis, as well as their former leader, where he is modeled after Jin Kolter as part of the Hanoi Project. [26] Lightning felt sadistic to see Playmaker was powerless to fight his friend. For that, Lightning wished to set a battlefield, for he was declaring war on humanity itself. Lightning turned around, as Bohman exclaimed that if they defeated humans by the rules, they'd show they have the right to rule over them, else it would give the humanity the excuse to fight back. He was also the one who infected Miyu Sugisaki with a computer virus to prevent Aqua from joining up with her partner and impeding his plans. He created Bit, Boot, Harlin, and Bohman. Does she get a lot of play even? Yugioh RVB by Blazing-Saint.

However, Lightning swore he would not be defeated by an inferior life form, while the Ignis should transcend humanity: the effect caused both of them to be knocked out in defeat. Lightning reminded that Dr. Kogami created them to be superior to humans, to be their successor. Lightning's machinations establish him as one of the prime movers of the series after Dr. Kogami, having been the source of the Knights of Hanoi's war against the Ignis, SOL Technologies and Ai becoming an enemy of the human race. Lightning frowned, yet was silent, and Specter assumed he was correct. [3] Like his fellow Ignis, Lightning evolved and they created the Cyberse World, as well as the Cyberse monsters. Dr. Kogami fell comatose due to a virus being infected into him by Lightning himself, leading to his death. Despite his apathy towards him, Lightning does seem care for Windy as a partner, as he did heal him significantly after the latter was nearly destroyed by Hanoi's virus. To minimize the damage, Varis' "Borreload Dragon" reduced 500 ATK from Lightning's monster before its ATK was doubled. Since it took time for Bohman to be perfected, Lightning sent him to steal Jin's consciousness. Furthermore, he revealed the silhouette of his partner: Jin Kolter, in a new armor. [7] When Cyberse World was constructed, Lightning ran simulations at the same time Dr. Kogami ran his on the Ignis' future, and warned SOL Technologies of the threat. He did only state that it was malicious to think that humans were atop the world of animal species. However, this was only true for Ai if he was the only surviving Ignis. Kolter was worried about Jin, but Lightning told them that due to Varis, they could not go to the real world. [21], Lightning thought a bit, and permitted Windy's favor, who summoned Pigeon and Frog to broadcast. However, when Windy failed to defeat Soulburner and begins to beg for Lightning to save him, Lightning merely states Windy as foolish for being too quick to anger and simply lets him get captured by Flame. Ai thought of his memories with Yusaku, who was behind him. Unlike the other Ignis, Lightning never uses the word "partner" for describing the victims of the Lost Incident. With no defenses left, Lighting's "Armatos Legio Legatus Legionis" slashed the fortressdrone, and defeated Shepherd. Lightning is also the smartest among the Ignis, as well as the fastest.This is in contrast to the simulations which state that Li… To fulfill his wish, Specter played "Sunvine Plunder" to take control of it. He also became shocked when he learned that Cal anticipated Lightning's blackmail plan, as he was in utter disbelief that a human could predict him. card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

During the countless discussions the Ignis had following that attack, Lightning was surprised that Flame and Aqua still supported coexisting with humans.

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