Turn to this section! My girlfriend is like my iPad… I don’t have an iPad.

A small selection of Great Opening Lines for Emcees and Speeches.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these and other examples of great opening lines – so please share your ideas in the comments below. If you are a fan of Twitter and you use Twitter a lot, you might want to add more sense of humor to your Twitter bio. Imagine a plane full of smoke. This is all you’re ever going to get.

You know the meaning of the word auditorium, don’t you? So the people at the back, the silence from the guys at the front should reassure you that you’re not missing out on anything.

So ladies and gentlemen, please raise a glass to the happy couple!

(By lines I mean  … Famous Last words, Quips, Bon Mot etc). I was told to be accurate, be brief, and then be seated.

Very skilful indeed.

My name is [NAME] and I’m the best man.

Sometimes, I’m sleeping.

Before I speak, I’ve got something important to say… I was told to be accurate. I’m real, and I hope some of my followers are too. A clever line or quip, just does not seem as good the second time through and some useful material can be lost. Speech E: Imagine a big explosion as you climb through 3,000 ft. The guideline I follow is, I always try and make the point or the topic of any jokes relevant to the surroundings, the theme of event or the subject matter of speech. If love is in the air why is the air so polluted? Follow Us on Instagram for Inspiration, Information and Fun!

Here are 5 tips to find some master of ceremonies humour and be the best master of ceremonies you can be.

So I always suggest,  even if you just skim through a book, you make notes immediately.

Or just use the Master Document and something like Dropbox to store it. These example Opening Lines are from her sessions. The key to presenting data…is not to present dataHow to make a powerful point with your speech. You can use it as an Ice Breaker, to get Attention, to wake people up or as a quick filler. Fun Bits of Business & Routines – Activities to add energy and laughter to any event. As MC’s  there are a few points where you often need an appropriate line or quote …. I love my six packs so much; I protect it with a layer of fat.

If you are specifically looking for introductions and intro lines you can use for your Instagram bio, here are some of the funny, witty, and unique intro lines for you! Look up warm and it means not so hot. Imagine an engine going clack, clack, clack, clack, clack, clack, clack.

I think you’re a Pokemon trainer because you just Weedle-d your way into my heart. You know, for when we live together?”, “Hey, I haven’t read the news since 2015 but I probably didn’t really miss anything, did I?”.

I don’t have bad handwriting, I have my own font.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. I think we had a class together once. I’ll let you have a minute to catch your breath.

It’s best to keep statistics simple and make them as relevant to the audience as possible, so it feels memorable rather than dry. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 Years Ago, the second best time .. is now.”.

I’m sugar (*name* actually), spice (a dash of social anxiety), and everything nice (but I will throw down if necessary.) Look for books of quotes, 101 sayings etc.

You’re so cute that I forgot my pickup line! Even if it isn’t done well, you’re amazed it can be done at all. Smile while you still have teeth. In those first few seconds you have the chance to gain your audience’s attention, earn their trust, and persuade them you are someone worth listening to. Whatever your purpose is, we have all sorts of ways you can use to introduce yourself. Of course, it’s all very well creating a captivating introduction, but you don’t want the rest of your talk to fall off a cliff edge after you’ve built it up so spectacularly. I’ve always heard the secret to a good speech was to start with something of specific interest to the audience. I’m the best man and I think I got this role by default as [GROOM’S NAME] doesn’t really have any other friends.

The best way to engage your audienceFive methods to master audience interaction, E: Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed. Hi, I’m interviewing pretty girls for a story I’m writing. “In your opinion, how many cats are too many cats? Are your espresso? No matter what the occasion is, whether you are trying to be very random into starting a conversation with someone, here are some of the good and funny introduction lines you can use to introduce yourself to someone.

I’ve been blown away by the whole thing. These examples pack a punch for very different reasons.


None of us know what I’m going to say!? Being witty and funny adds to your charm and desirability. It’s been 12 years and I’m still doing the same.

Bespoke & in-house Public Speaking Training. You can start by hitting that follow button. What are you going to do? Start with power, but make sure you back it up with a journey that will continue to keep us involved all the way through. I Was Born Cool, Global Warming Made Me Hot. It’s funny, as I was walking up here I was thinking that we all have a lot in common today. Fun introductions for guest speakers, linking material and touching Thank You’s. I’m moving down here . Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here tonight, so instead . And as a Speaker, it’s also often useful to Open with a provocative statement or strong quote to grab peoples attention right at the start of your presentation. By bringing a challenge straight to us, in our very seats, Pamela engages us and makes sure the talk is about ‘me’ the audience member.
An introduction serves to set up the speaker for success, allows them to star and provides a segue into their topic. When life gets overwhelming, you have to keep on swimming. I’d like to introduce a man with a lot of charm, talent, and wit.

How are you?

Why hide your Face like I got Mace? So, who gave these speeches, and why are the introductions so good?

Up until I was asked to give this speech I thought a toastmaster was a kind of kitchen appliance!

If you’re not adding value, you’re adding noise.

I've been a professional MC for over 25 years, working all over the world. It’s been great, hasn’t it? These include – Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, ClickBank and Google Adsense. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. For you to be invited to deliver a speech at a wedding must mean that you are either the maid of honor or the best man. You might want to keep a copy of the Professional MC’s Cheat Sheet! Also to make To Do lists, record interesting facts or websites to check out etc.

Thank you for the privilege of speaking to you in this magnificent auditorium. Wanna party? But how do you go about opening your speech with something different and memorable?

If I lived in a cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter, I’d still make room for you in my life. I must admit, I’m not accustomed to public speaking. 3 storytelling secrets for public speaking, FREE TED style speaking video Master Class, Get Started: Take the Public Speaking Self-Assessment, Three simple secrets to running a successful workshop, Book launch celebrations - How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking.

It’s not because she didn’t hear from you. If I was funny, I would have a good Twitter bio. Great Opening Lines for Emcee. I did ask for a microphone but they wouldn’t give me one.

Need ideas for a funny emcee script? said I was both original and good. We Post  a few times a week and follow back all interesting MC’s! My only advice for you is, don’t forget to follow me, We love all animals and donate a percentage of sales to marine life , Even if you had instructions, you still couldn’t handle me. One member replied, There’s a first time for everything, so try to be funny and brief.

I was chosen to speak today based on my senility.

These are common and perfectly understandable reasons why people opt to script their speech and read it word for word.

It involves everyone in the audience and gets a big laugh. 7 Rules Of Life: Elaborated And Explained, Catnips and Dogs: Find out if Catnip is Bad for Dogs, How To Pop Your Ears Safely: 9 Tips And Tricks.

. I didn’t really want to do it, but I thought it might be the only chance I’ll get to have a meal and some drinks paid for by [GROOM’S NAME] so I didn’t risk turning it down. The only thing I gained so far in 2014 is the weight. I’d like to say it’s a pleasure too, but that won’t be the case until I’ve finished this speech…. I speak my mind. I thought I’d begin by reading a poem by Shakespeare, but then I thought, Why should I? It might have taken X amount of years, but [GROOM’S NAME] has finally admitted I’m the best. Stories are one of the most effective ways to inspire others.

It’s packed with the material that I personally use out in the real world in my work. If Plan A didn’t work.
The trap with joke and quote books is that the impact is sometimes lost when you read something a second time. .

Join a 'Virtually Brilliant' FREE Webinar: power up your online meetings & presentations. (with a smile) All of your cars have been stolen.

You can find even more tips in our free guide, The 10 best ways to start your talk. What can we learn from this? We love talks that balance humour and connect us to the subject matter in hand – and Pamela Meyer does this perfectly in her TED talk opening line. Next to my resume, that’s the closest I’ll ever come to perfection. We’d love to welcome you along.

Lines – We need to Introduce people, Thank them, Close Sessions and deliver Housekeeping information. A lot of you want me to hurry through the introduction. That is why it is important that you make sure your introduction is something that will strike a strong impression. I usually bind 5 or 6 blank sheets of paper into the back and this can be very useful! Once you have your system in place, if you hear something clever on television, see a funny bill board or think of something in the middle of the night you can capture it.

When I was preparing for this speech I asked my family for advice. You know, coming here tonight my (husband)(wife) said…Whatever you do don’t try to be too charming, witty or intellectual…just be yourself. Setting up a problem at the start of your speech immediately creates a reason for listening and a direction for your talk. Time for the big reveal.... A: Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity. I know what’s expected of me.

We're all liars.

I know Pen and Paper seems so “Old School” but in many ways it’s a lot faster than digital. Now, don’t be pressure on how to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Deceptively simple, the opening lines for this speech set the tone for what has become the most viewed TED talk of all (currently nearly 57 million views). Timecards, Phone Chargers, Flight details etc. And lunch is not ready! But rather than delivering a foot-perfect performance, you’re more likely to lose the vital connection with the audience.

What if you need to fill in 15 minutes because the CEO is running late? Read on if you are ready! Using humour in your introduction can be a great way to get your speech off to a flying start – but only if you do it in a way that feels natural.

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