He's still Jimmy, just needs to act like Saul around his clients. Kim isn't seen or heard about in BrBa because the character didn't exist yet and from a story perspective it makes sense that shes never mentioned. I don't think the surprise of seeing Saul with another woman would keep her from learning the truth. She is helping to mold Jimmy into the "criminal lawyer" we love from BB. Technically not true. My theory: Kim went to the courthouse to draw up some documents or something that would allow her to give/share the Mesa Verde account to/with HHM (or maybe some other firm?). I think they created her to be the antithesis to skylar from breaking bad. Kim and Saul are of use to Lalo. (Alternate version: Instead of her going to jail, Jimmy helps her disappear...with the help of a certain vaccuum repairman!!!!!. But that's not why I'm here. At the end of Season 5, a weary and injured Lalo orders one of the assassins to make a call and tell whoever the employer was that the job is completed.
The ridiculous Sansa stuff alone is insulting as fuck. I mean, let’s face it: no matter how much we love the character, there’s no way she lives through this series. He is officially S'ALL GOOD,MAN! Theory 2: Kim Wexler goes away. But all of those things are relayed to us through actions either directly relating to Jimmy or her career, no real "independent" development. Kim grabs his hand and says "You have me, just not as a law partner." First, my thoughts about Kim Wexler as a character: I believe, whether intentional or not, that Kim Wexler represents the audience of the show. One of the best things Vince Gilligan does with his shows is make characters round. would be so heartbreaking. The scene with Kim and Jimmy in the bathroom where he brushes his teeth with her finger. Kim Wexler's swearing stat increased from 50% to 100%. I'm willing to bet she goes away and that there is some contact between each other just to make sure the other is alive. I keep reading theories about Kim Wexler that seem not only out of character for her, but out of character for Vince Gilligan and the show itself. Jimmy not wanting to corrupt Kim anymore arranges for her to see him with another woman. This isn't a situation similar to when Gus needed Walter alive because he couldn't find another meth cook. In Breaking Bad’s S3E05 “Más” Saul reminisces about the name “Kim Nu Song,” the name of his Vietnamese chiropractor. IF she does die, saul won't know, there's no way he could know because it wouldn't make sense for him to still be Saul during BB. They're both still... in the game. If Kim doesn't divorce Saul, it's possible that Saul finds and uses Ed, AKA "The Dissapearer" to relocate her because she was in deep with dangerous information. This is unlikely given that Saul doesn't go to Ed with her in tow. every ep before and after we can only see hints of them in love or tension between them through their eye contact and body language. She respects Howard, but also sees that he is an arrogant asshole. The show is more nuanced than that. The workload has increased beyond her capabilities, interest, etc. TV shows have side talks and memories of the past all the time. Yes, she is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Regarding your second point, this is likely not true because when Saul told Walter White who the crystal kingpin of Albuquerque was, Saul didn't even know a name. Good lord no. But besides Kim i couldn’t think of who it could be. No one has gone so far as to suggest Kim is a murderer, though.

The indications we've received so far are a way of laying down the foundation for an eventual story. BCS twists don't usually work that way. This seems less likely due to Kim's dive to the darkside in Season 5. Gus, but Lalo might suspect Saul's involvement with Gus and murder Kim simply out of spite. Idk, who do you think he was referring to? Perhaps she gets fed up of his involvement in dangerous missions or his profession as a corrupt lawyer. It follows the narrative style they've used for many other characters whose pasts or complexities were first ambiguously indicated and then, later, more fully revealed. Nor is Kim not helping Saul dispose of the shredded documents in "Quite a Ride". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The cartel is fierce, and mentioning anything about them could lead to the death of someone else Saul knows about. She feels the way about these characters that we do. It doesn't need to be relevant to Walter White and his colleagues.

Kim Wexler isn't seen AT ALL in Breaking Bad, nor is she even mentioned. A subreddit for the Breaking Bad spinoff "better Call Saul" starring Bob Odenkirk. Kim's past would have been teased a bit more by now if it was going to be that much of a reveal. It’s not altogether impossible that Kim is still at home with Jimmy in BB.

It's possible that Kim was murdered by the cartel or another association because she either knew too much, or it was done to give Saul a warning, that the cartel is not to be messed with. The employer is Gus, but Lalo might suspect Saul's involvement with Gus and murder Kim simply out of spite. If Kim does die, it would explain why Saul never mentions her. So far all this theory has to go on is that Kim is...from Nebraska?

Hence orchestrating a divorce. The women on Game of Thrones?
So far all this theory has to go on is that Kim is...from Nebraska? Or Game of Thrones. But who's to say Lalo won't murder them/one if he suspects they are against the cartel? To which he replies "I don't need you, I want you." Secondly, even if she is around why would Saul bring her up to anybody?? god i hope she doesn't get killed off. Or Fargo. Any of us who relate to Jimmy are gonna see appeal in a girl who came from the same muck (the mail room) that you (Jimmy) came from, lacks refinement (smokes), finds your shenanigans endearing (in contrast to almighty Chuck), but is still sharp and ambitious. The show is more nuanced than that. She sees Jimmy for what he is, but is still rooting for him; she enjoys the conman in him, but hopes he doesn't get hurt or hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it. Again, there is no reason to mention her in natural conversations with Walter White and co? And I think I know why.

More posts from the betterCallSaul community. That is very clear. She's great. Jimmy has burned his bridges with all his fellow lawyers, especially Howard, who was my second choice. I really don't think she will, simply because of Saul's demeanour in BB. When he double-crosses Kim, he has double-crossed the audience and has officially crossed the bridge from flawed hero to full on antihero.

Then the twist would be her handing a letter to Jimmy saying that it was from Chuck and we would be all like "OOOOH DANG, THEY GOT US". Mike doesn't get that kind of thing wrong.

I was just rewatching Season 3, and besides for Mike, Kim is my favorite character on the show. There are plenty of female characters that are hands down the most interesting parts of their shows and Kim to me isn't really one of the main reasons I tune into BCS. Mostly, I just think Jimmy is going to ruin her life in a big way. I'll tune in every week just to hear her talk. She’s not mentioned in Breaking Bad and it would be too delicious as a lesson to Sauls devolution to ignore. Yes, they have met. Or maybe they just have a falling out because Kim feels guilty about ruining Chuck's reputation, which lead to HHM's insurance being raised, which lead to Chuck being fired, which lead to his suicide. Or Westworld. She feels the way about these characters that we do. I really hope she doesn’t die. Jimmy does the same six years later so he can search for his lost love. they NEVER show them be lovey-dovey or show them have long scenes at home that is not plot-related or business-related. Some Thoughts on Kim Wexler and Her Relation to Breaking Bad. Single, no children, it's the early 2000s, she's a successful lawyer, kind of an underdog. More so, Mike didn't tell Saul anything about Gus either, insisting that it had to be secret. Theory 2: "Kim Wexler has a shady past that she needed to check up on" - No.

Sure, they are of use. She requests to be sent back to her homestate of Nebraska. No way. only the first time they slept together episode was when we got a few hints of lovey-doveyness. So, I've just finished Season 5 of Better Call Saul. not because she's the freaking Zodiac killer or something. Elizabeth from The Americans, Nora from The Leftovers, basically every woman on GoT besides the Sand Snakes just to name a few. Kim changed her mind and had her paralegal write up the first draft because she intends to drop the Mesa Verde account, or at least take a backseat. So, I do think she was thinking about something regarding her past in that moment, and I do think it makes her nervous. Kim could be arrested by the DEA or tortured by criminals if she was left behind. Even if this isn't exactly what happens to her, I think it will be something in this vein. isn't jimmy in omaha when working for cinnabon? Lalo is still around but assumed not to be. My only reservation is that I expect a great many characters in this series (specifically, anyone not mentioned or appearing in Breaking Bad) to be killed off and I bet that Wexler's demise will be particularly wrenching. I think there's more to it than that. Awesome actress too. Any of us who relate to Jimmy are gonna see appeal in a girl who came from the same muck (the mail room) that you (Jimmy) came from, lacks refinement (smokes), finds your shenanigans endearing (in contrast to almighty Chuck), but is still sharp and ambitious. The idea of Kim having a shady or complicated past is welcome, too, since it's another way the character can function and compel interest that doesn't involve demonstrating concern for Jimmy (which is fine, but the character is obviously better when she's firing on different cylinders). the saddest thing is knowing that her either dying or breaking up with jimmy is gonna turn him into 'saul goodman'...if she's still alive i want him and her to have a good ending. Kim Wexler could just end up divorcing Saul in season 6 of Better Call Saul.

The problem with the second theory is one of the points mentioned before. Anyways, here goes: Jimmy is going to do something that lands Kim in jail and costs her her license. Remember that Saul did not know where he was going to go until Ed chose his destination. I loved their chemistry. We haven't seen anyone like Kim Wexler on TV recently. Mike outwardly mentions to Saul that Kim is now "In the game" because she knows about Lalo and his cartel connections. Saul Goodman Directing and Cinematography stat increased to 1000 (Maxed). Mike Ehrmantraut gained new identity: Dave Clarke as in The Dave Clarke 5. i never thought i'd be attracted to deep female voices. It's possible she's going to the courthouse for reasons not involving her past, but they dedicated an entire scene to her going into a weird reverie after the Mesa Verde guy introduced the models and noted her home state. I'm a sucker for deep voices though. They met in Season 3, though Saul did not know who he was.

Press J to jump to the feed. I think she ends up in a lot of trouble and has to bail or IS still around, no way in hell do I believe she will die. Wexler is not perfect but we still take her side; in some sense, she represents us in the audience, wanting to have Jimmy's chutzpah but not comfortable with the risks. In a case like that, why would both of them be killed? Kim's arc is being set up to mirror that.

The fourth theory seems fine, but Kim has shown to see through Saul's lies most of the times. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the betterCallSaul community. You'd think that Saul would reminisce about his good times with Kim, but she isn't mentioned at all in Breaking Bad. She blames Jimmy for this and this causes their separation. My prediction. 1: "Kim forged the letter from Chuck" - I really don't think something like that would happen without it being shown to us prior. He would be completely crushed if she dies, and she's not too deep into the game that she can't get out. Kim's great, but I think a lot of fans swoon over her because she's got a non-judgmental, "down-to-earth" character.

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