Viewing stats with a PUBG tracker app. Not only can you get the current season's statistics but we compile all of your seasons together to give you metrics on your lifetime stats in PUBG. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is an excellent multiplayer online game that’s addicting. Xbox PUBG × Home Leaderboard Follow Us.

So, how will you get your statistics from PUBG? Copyright 2000-2020. Many sites claim that they can track PUBG player stats across Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. :) Leaderboard (70,230 Gamers) Pos …

Read more about BOTS in PUBG here. Welcome to Xbox PUBG.

Detailed statistics for the current season and your lifetime of PUBG. All you have to do is type yours or your friend’s PUBG nickname or Steam ID, then click “submit.” All of your stats will show accordingly to the mode that you were playing. …

Do you play with the same players often?

Then, type in the player name that you are looking for: This needs to be their Battlegrounds username specifically; no other name will work.

Even if your friends are not around, you might still challenge yourself to take on strangers and try to mow down every opponent in your path to victory. First released at the start of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games … A: The damage values are mostly the same across all platforms, but values based on recoil, etc are lower. There’s a trend graph to depict the rise and fall of your performances in PUBG. Final player ranks and the regional Top 500 leaderboards will be finalized once live server maintenance is complete, to ensure all matches are accounted for. PUBG Lookup is a responsive web app. All rights reserved. View your Season 8 stats and the Top 500 leaderboards of each region under Career > Stats; Ranked Game Mode Updates. All rights reserved. As the number of games that you played in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS piles up, there will come the point to know your performance in those games. Numbers here are totals of everything that gets done in the game. Today’s the day to register. Knowing these statistics isn’t bad either. Get detailed data about your wins, kills, combat skills, survival skills and recent matches. Do you follow streamers on Twitch and want to know what they have been up to? This will open a menu with a variety of data, but the most interesting data will be kept in Statistics, so select that section first. This can all be useful information, and there’s a lot of specific data to dig through. Stats like game mode spread, what weather you get most often, average damage dealt, win placement graph, average distance travelled, and more. The graph is shown “per day” if you are playing daily. Start by downloading the app and bringing it up. Are you getting a lot of leg damage? Top. We also recommend you view your Career Results. You can follow other players to look at their season, match stats and recent matches. Want to follow your favorite PC streamer but still track your XBOX or PS4 stats? Sometimes you don't have access to a desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also search for other players’ stats! Registering is fast and easy. Welcome to the PlayerAuctions’ PUBG Stats tool! Down at the bottom of the screen (past the somewhat annoying ad box), you will have options to check out their modes, mastery, matches, and friends. If you’re a PUBG Mobile fan (a common choice these days), then you don’t really need a third-party app to check out your own important stats. You can look up statistics for all players available through PUBG's API. Some are the most amazing thing you’ve done in a game like farthest kill. Note: It can take a couple of seconds to get your information from XBL. Shooting other people is more badass if you’re wearing awesome gear. Go to the Solo tab for them (the same goes for Duos and Squad). There is also a section for your Lifetime Stats. Play the game and find out for yourself! Everything is in your browser and available on any device. Now you can see detailed views of your match damage. 64 players; No Red Zones; More loot; Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok only; TPP only; Ranked Leaderboard Changes. For sure, you will not get enough of PUBG. With PlayerAuctions’ PUBG tool, you can browse different costumes available in the game. To get your nickname posted so that you can compare your rank with other players at PlayerAuctions, just create an account on our site. Do a thorough analysis of your previous performances by evaluating your numbers for improvement’s sake. Damage hit region charts, damage caused and received details, and overall details help you pinpoint areas of your game to work on.

Stadia has recently been released and full support is coming soon. Do you want to organize a tournament to see who the best PUBG player in your community is? PUBG Lookup is a responsive web app which means no matter what screen size you're using it will look great. You are in luck because PlayerAuctions has a tool! View and choose from the different looks of goggles, hats, pants, shoes, gloves, jackets, shirts and masks to wear. Speaking of playing with your friends... you can set up a custom scoreboard that let's you compare up to 4 players in the last 1 - 5 matches. If you got the last kill, you'll be on top... eating chicken. You will first see the Overview of your stats. So, we’re making things a lot easier for PUBG fans with our guide on how to view all the data you want to see, for both the traditional and the mobile versions of the game. First, make sure you are on the right platform for how you are playing PUBG (you can pick other platforms as well if you know what a specific player is gaming on). We pull statistics straight from the PUBG servers so you know you're looking at current information. For example, let’s say you played with someone called “SANHOK” once, and you wanted to check on them. Here's a quick list of some of PUBG Lookup's features.

PUBG stats, PUBG player search, PUBG lifetime stats, match reports, and more for PC, XBOX, & PS4. We take all of the match data to produce a visual "kill tree" to show you how many kills you got and how it is intertwined with the rest of the match. Choose a weapon or item type to know more about them. Q: What are statistics on par with the Xbox and Mobile versions? Ever wondered exactly how much damage an exchange did to a player? By knowing every item’s damage reduction, durability, weight, and so on, you can plan for the stuff that will help you in the game. Looking good during a battle is a must. Get your aim up and you'll start winning gunfights. These numbers don’t technically tell how good a player is. Get a visualization of where your bullets registered in each match. Get information like damage per region, hits per region, kills per weapon, and more with graphs and a clean layout. The problem is that these stats aren’t always easy to find in-game, especially if you really want to dig down into match history, map activity, detailed K/D ratios, and more. With the information available in PlayerAuctions’ PUBG Stats tool, pick the weapons of your choice and which ones aren’t ideal (the same goes for items). Moreover, players can reply to PUBG Mobile’s official tweet with the screenshots of their statistics page to win an Anniversary parachute that will be permanently stored in the player’s inventory. Are you getting a lot of leg damage? If you’re more of an Android person, then the Chicken Tracker for PUBG is a very similar tool available on the Google store. Does it sound exciting? PUBG Lookup is packed with statistics and player details so you get the most out of your gameplay. Solo matches have been introduced to Ranked Mode. Not very useful! Donate | Supporters ❤ | Contact | PUBG News. There is a ranking section also, but this is for PlayerAuctions users only. For your general performance in the game, our PUBG tool can generate them. Search for your Steam name and start tracking your PUBG stats now. This is like a history search of your past games with how you ranked, your score, any awards you received, and more information that can help you analyze game progress or check out a specific game. You can go even deeper with in-app purchases that unlock more information, but that’s not exactly necessary unless you are a professional player analyzing their own patterns. Here, you can view your rating and stats for Solo, Duo, or Squad. PUBG has introduced BOTS into matchmaking queues.

If you're like me, you have a laptop next to you while you play. A simple PUBG leaderboard generated by the gamers xbox live stats! PUBG Mobile is cracking down on cheating with new update, Best smartwatch deals for November 2020: Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple Watch sales, How to stop apps from tracking your location in Android and iOS, How to track your kid’s digital footprint with Google Family Link, How to measure blood oxygen using an Apple Watch Series 6, The best cheap Razer deals for November 2020: Laptops, monitors, and more, How to get Fortnite on your Android device, Nintendo Direct Mini: Control, Hitman 3 headed to Switch, Hyrule Warriors gets demo, PlayStation 5 launch game Bugsnax will be free for PS Plus subscribers, AMD Radeon RX 6000 series: Everything you need to know, How to download the Hyrule Warriors demo on the Switch, The best Final Fantasy games, ranked from best to worst. You will immediately notice the weapons and items below the search box.

Do you want to know how well you did in solo mode? You play game after game for long hours with your friends in a day. The game is fun that there might be a time when you realize that the sun is up already after playing all night! Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Get a visualization of where your bullets registered in each match. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Add or search for a gamertag using the box below! No problem. Ranked Game Mode Updates. The problem is that not all of it works, or the websites haven’t been updated in a couple of years and only track very old data. Survive and Combat both have some handy information on your ratios, map navigation, and similar points of interest. PUBG, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and all related logos are trademarks of PUBG Corporation or its affiliates. Check out the features page for more. Take all of the hard work out of running a torunament with comprehensive tournament management. Check out all of the features to see what you've been missing. These matches will have the same competitive qualities as Ranked Squad matches. Share your match with your friends to prove you won. If you want to switch to a view of a different player, select the Gear icon in the top left, and then choose Change Default Player to go back to the search screen. For example, regarding weapons, there’s the weapon’s damage, range, speed, reload speed and accuracy. Match Damage Details. Just type their name in and press Enter or select Search.

Note that this will always start at the latest season (currently season 8), but you can go back in time to look up past seasons if you want. Ranked Solo . After all, numbers don’t lie. If you’re interested in player stats, then PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a ton of them for you to explore. There’s a trend graph to depict the rise and fall of your performances in PUBG. Compare your lifetime stats to your current season to see how you're improving. A PUBG player versus player/battle royale game can reach almost 100 players participating, and the last person standing wins. The …

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