(c) Cartoon Network. His cape is long and flowing with red and white stripes like the flag. Awesome!

Just wanted to...[, My interpretation of Dexter's Lab Dee Dee:). Major Glory is secretly a fan of Dracon, and he even sleeps with an action figure of the Gundam. Major Glory is a tall light-skinned man whose true face is never seen due to it always being concealed by his iconic golden mask. In the toon, Krunk was dumb but adorable. https://grimmfall-fanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Major_Glory?oldid=3877, Major Glory is secretly a fan of Dracon, and he even sleeps with an action figure of the Gundam.
White/Red/Blue Enamel paint For inspiration, you can check out the thousands upon thousands of custom figures created by other users. Miniatures / Figurines. Dexter follows his parents to the mall on his birthday to make sure he gets a Major Glory action figure (he's invisible).

Due to this, Kazemon feels pressured to get stronger, with only Lowemon and Agunimon being able to understand how she feels. The spirit then merged with a chosen patriot, becoming the first true American Huntsmen who fought against the Grimm and in later conflicts. McFarlane Toys Fantasy Action Figures 1996. Dexter's Laboratory (commonly abbreviated as Dexter's Lab) is an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.It follows Dexter, an 11-year-old boy-genius and inventor with a hidden laboratory in his room, which he keeps secret from his parents. a superhero in the universes of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. Never thought I would see this guy here. Action Figures. Figure Realm does not make or sell customs. All of these powers and years of experience have allowed Major Glory to be strong enough to even fight against intergalactic tyrant Vilgax on even terms. As one of the most powerful Huntsmen in the world Major Glory possesses the standard abilities of super strength and flight, as well as super speed and stamina which he has had since he was a child. Paint rub kicked my butt and the skin color was just so...[, Remember him? ), Major Glory's ability to transfer his powers to a successor shares a similarity to.

The Custom Showcase is purely for entertainment purposes and only provides a means for the creators to show off their work and trade ideas. He appears to be a bit of a germaphobe who prefers that things be neat and clean, and he also has a deep fear of bees and dentists, and will degenerate into a paranoid coward willing to go to great lengths to avoid confronting his fears.

Justice Friends?

He's a combination of parts...[, The Viking God of rock!! Men Figurine Art Sculptures. Please state why this comment is being reported. Cape from bootleg superman toy...[, The InFraggable Krunk is the biggest and strongest of the Justice Friends from Dexter's Lab. It is possibly well known to the Justice Friends that Major Glory has a phobia of germs when they made bets on chores during the Wacky Races.
Major Glory (Dexter's Lab) by sanjuro04. His attempts fail, and his parents buy him toys aimed at kids below his age group, as well as sports related ones. RECIPE:- As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends. Awesome! acrylic paint red...[, Major Glory from the Justice Friends from Dexter Laboratory [, Well I'm a fan, maybe not the biggest, but I had to do this guy! The Grimm had made colonizing America nearly impossible, outnumbering the natives and destroying many settlements. Major Glory (Dexter's Lab) Custom Action Figure. (Not that anyone knows it, of course. Major Glory came out perfectly! I've wanted to get to these guys for ages, but have never been able to fit them in my schedule. Eventually, the Gundam overcomes his hatred of the hero, seeing that even Major Glory is human. Major Glory is also nigh-invulnerable to fatal damage and can even survive in space; however he can still feel pain even if it does no permanent damage to him, which makes his invulnerability somewhat ineffective in that regard as he can even pass out from too much pain. Major Glory also knows of the Digimon that have been sent to his world, namely the Legendary Warriors Lowemon and Kazemon as well as the Grimm Slayer, Omnimon himself. As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends. During the encounter with Jimmy, who was revealed to be the attacker, Akira wound up saving Valhallen's life, earning him even more respect from the symbol of peace, although his computer skills have made the major a bit suspicious of who 'Alex' really is. The siblings are then ordered to flush Fishy down the toilet, but after refusal, Fishy comes back as a ghost and haunts them. Most parts are made from scratch, the only part taken from other figure is the waist from revoltech Street fighter online and joints from obitsu Major Glory I'm pretty disappointed. Through an occult ritual the Founding Fathers created a new spirit bound to the Declaration of Independence, using large amounts of Dust to give this spirit life and power. The origins of one of the most famous heroes (he does not consider himself a Hunter) dates back to the founding of America. Dioramas / Playsets. Major Glory is very sentimental and occasionally over-dramatic when it comes to his friends and/or emotional moments, almost treating them like family at times rather than roommates/teammates, showing that he greatly cares about his closest friends. Agunimon - While both are the leaders of their respective teams, Agunimon is more of a leader who tends to think, except for when his heart overrules his mind.

He gets stronger the more he laughs, gotta love that. star-spangled. As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends. Major Glory is a tall light-skinned man whose true face is never seen due to it always being concealed by his iconic golden mask.

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