When someone’s Venus is conjunct to someone’s Neptune that is a true romantic connection. This planet rules Virgo and Gemini. Trust grows with time and acceptance as well. Common question is –  who feels this connection more? I still don’t think we fully discovered one another sexually, even after all that time. Neptune is a cold planet; second coldest following Uranus. The Eros person stimulates the Neptune person’s sexual fantasies, and Eros is drawn to Neptune’s compassionate nature. This may feel karmic and painful but both parties appreciate the experience over time. Neptune person could also have psychic traits and use them to heal and help others. You want to merge into this individual and build an intimate bond with them.

Mars is the planet of passion, desire and sexual drive and Eros is the physical act of sex.

and if the conjunction exists, wouldn't that be a draw for both parties?

Synastry analyses the individual natal charts and compares them to determine how compatible two people are. Eros contacts in synastry have been touted as creating attraction that cannot be denied. In its interior it is made of ice and rocks, and is composed mostly of helium and hydrogen. The Eros person’s sexuality and passion are highly attractive to the Descendant person. Eros-Psyche: Eros and Psyche are natural mates. This is tumultuous and exciting but when it all ends it crumbles hard. Eros represents what turns us on. People under its influence sense it strongly. The problem is Neptune’s unreliability. Astrology’s origin is believed to be in ancient Babylon. This is a bond that may seem magical and unbreakable. Venus has a tendency to idealize her Neptune partner, and sometimes projects the traits she desires him to possess even though in reality he doesn’t have them. Venus’ sensuality turns on the Eros person’s sexual desires and erotic nature. Eros is very drawn to the Venus person’s grace, charm, and beauty, and deeply desires intimacy with them.

What about Eros conjunct partners ASC? The Moon person is deeply turned on by the Eros person’s intensity and sexual charisma. Venus is the planet of beauty and romantic love, just like the ancient Roman goddess it borrowed its name from.

Lessons here will be learned and carried on by both parties. Their home also must be beautifully decorated carrying their personal touch. It is generally thought that when your Eros makes an aspect to another person’s planet or point, you have a big crush on that person, and may even feel obsessed with them.

So the neptune person will be dreamy which will rub off on eros person but eros person will bring the erotic crave.

The Eros person finds the Psyche beautiful, not only on the outside, but on the inside, as well; Eros loves Psyche for her soul.

This relationship is often described as pure love, or something that exists only in books or movies.

neptune is so slippery and hard to define though, don't you think? If the aspects between the partners’ planets are predominately harmonious, the story is different. Fortunately, when we have smooth aspects in synastry, there is potential to experience kind love. Neptune trine Moon in your synastry, it will be Moon person who will be emotionally hooked by Neptune person. The sex between the two of you is highly erotic, but at the same time comfortable and familiar. He might realize that her expectations are a burden to him and retreat, leaving her confused and in some cases, broken hearted. And as it is Neptune – planet of illusions, delusions, planet of things which are covered with smoke, we can bet that one day you wake up. He might even try to point out that himself, but she might be so overwhelmed by her imaginary stories about him, that she will refuse to notice that or hear what he is saying. This relationship has a mystical energy and you may instantly feel attracted to each other though it may take time to discern exactly what the purpose of the relationship is. This planet moves very fast, and it takes only 88 days to circle around the Sun. he does THINGS to me i've never felt and i've replayed our meetings and i think there was something strong there that i just didn't let myself pick up on, till now.. you posted the synastry with a guy in another thread, I assume this is the same guy? any thoughts? aspects in a synastry, astrology tutorials, astrology tutorials free, deceptions in astrology, horoscopes, horoscopesandreadigns, illusions, modern astrology, neptune conjunct venus in synastry, neptune in synastry, neptune moon aspects in synastry, neptune sun aspects in synastry, neputne conjunct moon in synastry, relationship astrology, synastry houses overlay, Neptune contacts in synastry should be searched with utmost delicacy. ( Log Out /  The many hardships the couple will endure will only draw them closer together. In some cases, with this aspect, there might be present a strong element of deception and mental manipulation.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'dreamastromeanings_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',141,'0','0'])); Usually Neptune will be the one to manipulate Mercury, although Mercury might possess the same traits and use them on Neptune. If they are conjunct in synastry, a soul mate connection is indicated. As we mentioned earlier, astrology can be used to analyze relationship potential. Eros and Psyche were mythical lovers, and were brought together by fate. seems pretty accurate to me! Nevertheless, the Eros person’s erotic feelings are stimulated, and the desire is strong. They are usually very intuitive. :-). Eros is a spicy little asteroid who generates excitement in relationship astrology. These traits make their communication problematic.

My understanding is that the planet/asteroid that the person is bringing to aspect, then that person will exhibit the planet/asteroid characteristics in the aspect/relationship.

but it's interesting cuz as the neptune person i'm both feeling dreamy about HIM and feeling erotic towards HIM. This is a highly magnetic bond which borders on the irresistible! With this contact, it often happens that the Neptune person simply disappears, leaving the Venus partner without an explanation of his disappearance.

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