Group size: 8 - 12 people. I am forever grateful to Laura Jean and Camille for developing such a beautiful platform to truly experience the interconnectedness of all things, and turn loss into an opportunity to live life more fully each day.”. Sometimes it just takes the right method. 100% of the cost of the membership goes to support The Stardust-Startup Factory’s micro-grant program and is recorded as a tax-deductible donation. the fog of grief and are genuinely interested in changing to a more purpose-focused life. Seattle, WA 98146 Powered by Angus Moloney. Your perceptions filter your relationship to the world around you. Alchemy is centered around community, participation, creation and - of course - the burn itself. Key contact details for Spiritual Alchemy Inc Phone 404 234-5580 Email Email business Website Address 1950 Century Blvd., Atlanta GA, 30345 . These enabled me to completely transform all of my relationships, especially the one with myself. But it’s likely you’re seeking it. The secure online member’s area is organized by varied themes and subjects that each offer quick-to-consume content. Broaden and deepen your pathway to Spirit My developmental teenage years exposed me to several traumatic events that completely disintegrated and then redefined my mentality, perceptions, values, and goals. Author of The Yearning Tree: A Children’s Bereavement Resource, Founder of Dynamic Integrations Wellness, Licensed Massage Therapist, The membership is open and ready to accept those who have emerged from. You are on the path to soul awakening. Spiritual Alchemy can help you, if you’re ready, to connect with Spirit in a way that will transform your life and work. hope.”, “Spiritual Alchemy is an amazing platform for upliftment and connection. Last updated 06/10/2018 @ 06:26:15, Key contact details for Spiritual Alchemy Inc, Spiritual Alchemy Inc 1950 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA, 30345. For leaders, seekers, & anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled life, Broaden and deepen your pathway to Spirit. You are the seeker. Alchemy is one of the many regional burns to feed off the energy of Burning Man. You may have known it and rejected it because of a bad experience with religion. If you turn our attention to the natural environment, you’ll realize that the only thing constant in nature is change. Ultimately, you are in control. We’re focused on the journey after grief, so you can expect topics related to purpose and growth rather than healing and grief support. It has existed since the beginning of time as for people seeking spiritual freedom through science, through the world surrounding us, through consciousness they sought to come to God. Alchemy can be categorized into two types: external and internal: 1. Subscribe to recieve a sample of Spiritual Alchemy membership content in your inbox: curated lessons, stories, activities, readings, guides, original podcasts, and more! I am the Executive Director and Board President of The Stardust-Startup Factory. By helping others we can help ourselves. You have experienced numerous challenges and learnt many valuable soul lessons on Earth. It is a substance which university theses do not describe, and … Our membership will guide you through that journey. I’ve been impressed with the deep wisdom embedded in the content and the ability to ‘digest’ or create my own user experience at my own pace. I believe that. 2-day retreat for groups and individuals. Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master. We’ll quickly know if this is the right path for both of us. resources organized by theme and topic. This is your opportunity to make your life more about you! Seeing myself more as a considerate and empathetic mentor than an all-knowing “sage on stage,” I’m at my best when helping others discover solutions to problems that have no clear answers. (4) 3-day retreats over 12 months in an intimate group of fellow seekers. But you can survive it, and more than that, you can move forward. PO Box 46772 Spiritual Alchemy Inc 1950 Century Blvd., Atlanta, GA, 30345. Not only are we bringing you our unique voices and lessons learned, we’re integrating teachings from thought-leaders like the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, and Eckhart Tolle. Become a member for just $4.99/month As a high school teacher, an academic professor (with two PhDs), a senior level research scientist who deployed with the Marines, and a systems-scientist consulting on water-food-energy challenges, I have held numerous leadership roles. They represent the four weeks in every month. I see relationship building and effective communication as critical to the success of any endeavor. My experiences and surroundings never cease to inspire the empathy and open-mindedness that I bring into any work that I do. You may never have known it. through the user-friendly member’s area And grief can last what feels like a lifetime. This work is for anyone who’s seeking justice and liberation, whether in the nonprofit, public or private sectors, individuals or organizations. I know that my young voice is an asset to this community because it brings insight and creativity from a different perspective. Having been a student of mind/body spirituality for more than 30 years, I also enjoy networking and bringing people together to find common ground. I became a student on the subject, and then made it my personal ministry to reach out to others, because support and a compassionate ear are so important to the bereaved. The circle facilitates deep listening and trust. All of these activities are intended to help you bypass the intellect and get straight to the heart and gut, where wisdom resides. However, what they were actually addressing was a continuous search for transformational harm… For four days, burners gather on private land in Georgia to collaborate on the building of a temporary city, all to be taken home with them at the event's end. . Spiritual Alchemy Inc You may have known that connection at some point in your life, maybe a long time ago, but have lost it. Spiritual Alchemy on Earth: A Message from the Stars. To learn more, please read the bio on my website:, Counseling | Counseling Services | Stress Management | Self-esteem | holistic healing | Alchemy | Alternative Therapies | Spiritual Counselor | Self-discovery | Stress Management Services | Accupressure | Crystal Energies, Verified 06/10/2018 @ 06:26:15 on September 25, 2020. and get access to to countless curated I will work with you to develop the program that’s right for you, guided always by the principles of joy, integrity, and nonjudgement. For groups, the sacred circle is an essential element. group, or keep your path to yourself. If you’re ready to bring new vitality to your life’s purpose, let’s talk. This work is for anyone who’s seeking justice and liberation, whether in the nonprofit, public or private sectors, individuals or organizations. These concepts convey our approach in finding peace, happiness, and is the starting point of every dream and fulfills all of your desires, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Spiritual Alchemy provides that community —of people with shared experiences from all walks of life, encouraging one another and providing what we desperately seek for our futures... hope.” Gina FaragoAuthor of The Yearning Tree: A Children’s Bereavement Resource (4) 3-day retreats over 12 months in an intimate group of fellow seekers. You wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t! I am merely the guide. My greatest joy is hearing how successful my clients are at the end of this work (successes come all throughout the work, of course). The emotional charge of gratitude is inherently positive and can bring about change in your emotional response to situations, in your personality, and in your world outlook! The realization that I, not my circumstances, affected my achievements brought me to become a resilient adult. And I am determined to make a difference. A foundation of my work is a client forgiving everything that "happened to" them, and seeing all as a gift which brought them to who they are now. The external alchemy was practiced by the people that tried to harmonize the external forces to transform matter into what they believed to be its purest form: gold. Through my experience and my own Spirit guidance, I’ve developed different methods to help create a safe, sacred space. Within this circle, I act as guide for discussions, illumination, meditations, and ritual. I’ll encourage you, even challenge you, to go past where you feel comfortable, but I will always respect your process and journey. Phone: 206.923.3410. Why these specific techniques? You can feel fulfilled and find meaning after loss. It’s my belief that everyone has a spiritual connection. is about catching yourself in the midst of a thought and stopping to realize what’s going on. Spirit only presents when it’s safe. As you access your inner wisdom, I help you interpret it and see how you can apply it to your life and work to increase your wholeness and fulfillment in a profound and lasting way. Co-founding and managing this non-profit organization remains the deepest connection to my grief to purpose journey. Except for the legends we hear, we know that these people failed, and became a caricature for the modern. Use the content to learn and practice These are the essential elements of working with Spiritual Alchemy. Within every intention is the mechanism for its fulfillment. In the last six months, I have greatly enjoyed using many of the resources for my own growth and reflection, and have found myself referring to much of the curated content in my conversations with students, colleagues, friends and loved ones. Includes lodging and healthy meals prepared by our chef. Spirit is available to anyone. There was so-called alchemy for the initiated (it was called differently, but that's not the point, we know it as alchemy, so we won't fight over epithets). Spiritual Alchemy provides that community—of people with shared experiences from all walks of life, encouraging one another and providing what we desperately seek for our futures . You get easy access to these insights as well as “deep dive” opportunities to connect you personally to the content. Empowering organizations and individuals to rediscover, embrace, and activate their spirituality. Beloved Ones, Greetings from the Stars! Spiritual Alchemy can help you, if you’re ready, to connect with Spirit in a way that will transform your life and work. Because the path to Spirit is profoundly personal, each experience with Spiritual Alchemy is different. We’ve done the hard work for you and have assembled a curated collection of lessons, stories, activities, and guides. With Camille and my husband Jim as co-creators, we moved unbelievable shock and sadness to purpose. Losing someone close to you is hard. define the meaning of life and that grief, when handled well, can become a strong channel for that. Spiritual Alchemy Inc Category: Therapy & Counselling. Spiritual Alchemy –Translated Piers A. Vaughan © May 2005 9 This goal is a strange substance, which the Chemistry of men ignores, which they have never analyzed, and which they will perhaps ignore forever. We may use journaling, breathing exercises, art, poetry, movement, and storytelling. and begin your journey from grief to purpose. I am the Executive Assistant, Marketing and Communications Officer, and Advisory Board Chair of The Stardust-Startup Factory. I am an entrepreneur, graduate student, and traveller. . © Stardust's Spiritual Alchemy 2017. Incorporating one of the breathwork techniques and/or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) enables you to achieve permanent, profound changes in all areas of your life. These conditions allow for truth telling, unmasking, and risk taking that guide you to your own deep knowing. I am deeply committed to, and profoundly honored by, contributing to the empowerment of all with whom I work! “After a series of significant losses in my family, I began a journey of learning about grief. Category: Therapy & Counselling, As a spiritual counselor, Alexandra Rose works with prayer, meditation, and crystal energies to accelerate your growth. Either way, we’re here for you! Share your story in our secure Facebook I feel strengthened knowing that I am linked to a supportive, caring community that I can lean on as I experience the many waves and phases of the grief process.

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