"[2], Todd Everett felt similarly in his review for Variety: "Though based on a real-life event, this air crash drama shows little suspense. Will the plane stay in the air until it reaches Winnipeg? The technician found a defective Fuel Quantity Indication System, so he disabled the defective channel and made an entry in the logbook. In the event of both channels failing, there would be no fuel display in the cockpit, and the aircraft would be considered non-serviceable and not authorized to fly. Pearson is confident that Passenger Rick Dion, the airline’s chief mechanic, will be able to help the crew with the fuel gauge, so he makes the decision to proceed with the flight. The FQIS was now completely unserviceable and the fuel gauges were blank. But, essentially, this seems to be a very accurate portrayal of what became known as "The Gimli Glider.". Based upon an actual event, it demonstrates the ability of people to contend against seemingly impossible odds. [4], At Montreal, Captain Bob Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal took over the airplane for Flight 143 to Ottawa and Edmonton. [4]:41 The density in metric units was 0.803 kg/L, so the correct calculation would have been: At the time of the incident, Canada's aviation sector was in the process of converting from Imperial units to the metric system. Published in Vancouver Sun and/or The Province on Feb. 3, 2009.
Rick Dion. Instead, the hydraulic systems are used to multiply the forces applied by the pilots. Passengers get slightly worried. After the airliner had touched down, the nose began to scrape along the guardrail in the centre of the race track, creating additional frictional drag that contributed to the plane's deceleration; Pearson applied extra right brake, which caused the main landing gear to straddle the guardrail. In it, a Canadian airliner runs out of fuel mid-journey and has to find somewhere to land before it crashes. I was amazed in the event of an unfolding mid-air crisis how calm everyone seemed, surely someone would have panicked, and what a smooth flight, no passenger discomfort apparent - come on! The movie is “fairly” based on the real event.

This is a surprisingly gripping made-for-TV movie for two reasons: (1) It's based on a true story so you're not guaranteed a happy "Hollywood" ending; you're compelled to sit on the edge of your seat to find out what eventually happens, and (2) Unlike the "Airport" movies that spend most of their time on the soap opera aspects of the passenger's lives, for the bulk of "Falling from the Sky," you're in the cockpit - sweating it out with the pilot (the excellent William Devane) and his crew attempting to keep aloft this jet airliner with no fuel.
Book flights from Canada with Air Canada from CAD 107* Select journey type. Pearson contacts the Winnipeg Air Traffic Control Centre and advises Senior Flight Attendant Larry Roberts (Kevin McNulty) to prepare the passengers for an emergency landing in Winnipeg. Their Flight Management Computer will constantly indicate the quantity on board. [4], The Board of Inquiry found fault with Air Canada procedures, training, and manuals. Some cheese perhaps? It turns out the plane is carrying not 20,345 kg, but 20,345 lb. Flying with all engines out was something that was never expected to occur, so it had never been covered in training.[8].

| FAQ It looks like you have had many yourself from all the kind words from your dear friends and family. This movie is a true story of a real airliner accident where a miscalculation causes the plane to run out of fuel during a flight. My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead. Rick deduces that there is a problem with the left fuel pump, and that “either pump, left or right, can feed both engines”. A few seconds later, the fuel pressure alarm also sounded for the right engine. The ground staff at Montreal Dorval Airport (now Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport) contemplates a brand-new Boeing 767, the pride of Canada World Airways. I have been unable to get any help on this. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If so, you'd think that the screenplay would have been written by someone who was older than 10. 1995. Find an obituary, get service details, leave condolence messages or send flowers or gifts in memory of a …

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