Will I still have health and dental insurance coverage throughout the summer if I am not enrolled in summer school or working as an RA/TA? Most PhD students at USC will receive at least one year of fellowship funding from the Graduate School. Please refer to your fellowship offer letter for specific details. Provost’s Fellowship Top Off for a PhD student who will make a substantive, documentable and unique contribution to their PhD program.

The clock is resumed when the student returns from the leave-of-absence. Absences longer than 24 months also require USC Graduate School approval. The Viterbi Graduate Mentorship Program is designed to help new Viterbi graduate students adjust smoothly to life at USC and Los Angeles.

The DIA initiative ensures that diversity, inclusion, and access are part of the very fabric of USC.The objectives of DIA are to help USC schools and programs increase diversity, build new pathways to attract highly qualified underrepresented students to USC graduate programs and to support graduate students as they progress toward their professional goals.DIA support is provided through PhD student funding, recruitment and professional development. Most PhD students at USC will receive at least one year of fellowship funding from the Graduate School. See how your offer stacks up to other pay packages and negotiate confidently. All applicants who are admitted into a qualifying USC PhD program are automatically considered for these fellowships. Can I spread my tuition units out beyond the fellowship year? Each course in the department has a faculty member who is designated as the course “owner.” The owner of CSCI 670 is in charge of creating and grading the waiver examination. https://procurement.usc.edu/payments/reimbursements/direct-deposit/, http://workdayhelp.usc.edu/files/2013/11/quick-guide-to-setting-up-direct-deposit.pdf. Eligible students will have completed at least 24 units of coursework and/or passed departmental screening. A student must earn a “satisfactory” or “excellent” evaluation on the most recent annual review before he/she will be allowed to take his/her Qualifying Examination or Dissertation Defense. All Ph.D. students are supported for four years through a combination of fellowships and graduate assistantships that provides year-round full tuition, a competitive stipend, and health and dental insurance. share. A student must work with his/her Qualifying Examination committee to determine the topic and scope of the paper. A student is required to complete a total of at least 60 units, at least 40 of which must be at the 500 level or above (beyond the bachelor’s degree and including the required courses as listed in the requirements below). As the recipient of a Graduate School fellowship, you will be invited to a number of events and programs, including a reception in the fall, professional development events and workshops. Prior to applying for screening, it is expected that a student should have found an advisor and have worked long enough with him/her for the faculty member to be able to evaluate the student’s aptitude for research. The faculty in your program have decided that you are one of the scholars who will open up an academic discipline to the vast possibilities of the future. The student must retake the Written portion of the Qualifying Examination within at least six (6) and at most 12 months of the initial attempt. If you are an international student and plan to work off campus, we suggest that you contact the Office of International Services (OIS) http://sait.usc.edu/ois/. Must include at least 30 scholarly references. For health insurance information, or to view the USC Student Health Insurance Plan Description, please visit: http://engemannshc.usc.edu/, University Park Campus: A portion of the question-and-answer session may be closed at the discretion of the student’s guidance committee. Please consult with your department’s Staff Graduate Advisor who will work with the graduate school to determine the best course of action. At most two courses may be substituted for the allowed two 500-level courses in the course requirement.

Together with the Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC), Graduate Deans Group and Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS), provide advice on a broad spectrum of issues related to graduate education at USC. CSCI 698 requires a PhD student to serve as a TA for a Computer Science class. To receive your stipend, you must be registered for classes. Together with the Graduate School Advisory Council (GSAC), Graduate Deans Group and Friends of the Graduate School (FOGS), provide advice on a broad spectrum of issues related to graduate education at USC. How are the tuition units allocated while I am on fellowship? Anyone else experience a similar issue? Instructions for signing up for direct deposit can be found here http://workdayhelp.usc.edu/files/2013/11/quick-guide-to-setting-up-direct-deposit.pdf. After seven years in the PhD program, the student may not be eligible for any Teaching Assistantship funding from the Computer Science department. The University of Southern California is a diverse community of scholars, located in the heart of Los Angeles —a dynamic center for technology, health services, media and the arts. At least one committee member must be tenured in the Computer Science Department. Annenberg Graduate Fellows will be invited to participate in a Micro Seminar Series held at the beginning of the school year and an end of year Research Symposium. Should I accept tuition insurance at the time of registration? Does the Fellowship have any bearing on intellectual property, or ideas that I come up with while on the fellowship? Your fellowship includes health and dental insurance and fees associated with the student health center. It is closed to the public. Looking beyond University of Southern California? The direct deposit from can be found here https://procurement.usc.edu/payments/reimbursements/direct-deposit/. The committee must also include one tenured (or tenure-track) USC faculty member from another department whose primary appointment is not in Computer Science. The stipend amount and the duration of the fellowship will vary by department or by school. Students are strongly advised to take at least one of their elective courses in an area of Computer Science that is different from their proposed area of research. In addition, http://fbs.usc.edu/depts/sfs/page/2115/1098-t/ provides information regarding the IRS 1098-t form.

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