As noted above, in connection with the proposed transaction between General Electric Company (“GE”) and Wabtec, Wabtec has filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 and a definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A. Dividend then reclassified between dividend and non-dividend distribution, GB spinoff of NVTR, 1 for 3, 3/14/2016, 91.745% Remaining basis, GLW purchase of AFOP, 6/7/2016, $18.50 per share, HON Spinoff of ASIX, 10/2/2016, 1 for 25, 99.4706% remaining basis, HOT Merger with MAR, 9/23/2016, Cash plus Stock, $21 plus .8 shares MAR per HOT, $69.75 MAR share value, MDLZ Dividend Reclassifications, Apr.,Jul.,Oct., 100% ROC, HRI Spinoff of HTZ and reverse (1 for 15) split, 7/1/2016, 5 shares HTZ per pre-split number of HRI shares, JAH NWL merger, cash+stock, 4/15/2016, $21 + .862 NWL shares per JAH share, $44.205 FMV NWL shares, JCI Spinoff of ADNT Taxable as dividend, FMV $46.585 per ADNT share,1 ADNT per 10 JCI, 10/31/2016, ex-dividend 10/17/2016, JCI Merger with Tyco, 9/6/2016, Taxable, Share cost $45.69, received 0.8357425 shares and $5.7293 per share of old JCI, KHC 2016 Dividend Reclassification, 82.52% ROC, MDT Dividend Reclassification April 2015 - April 2016, MTW spinoff of MFS, 3/4/2016, 1 MFS per 1 MTW, 22.65% Remaining Basis, NTI Taxable merger with WNR, 6/24/2016,3 possible choices for merger consideration,stock, stock plus cash, cash, OXY spinoff of CRC, 3/28/2016, .093618 CRC per 1 OXY, 99.8345%, PG Exchange for COTY, 10/3/2016, 3.9033 COTY per PG exchanged non-taxable, RKUS merger with BRCD, 5/27/2016, taxable, $6.45 + .75 shares BRCD per RKUS, SAUC spinoff of BDVB (Old tickers DRH spinoff BDBT), 12/27/2016, 1 for 1, 74.4% Remaining Basis, SCTY merger with TSLA, .11 shares TSLA/SCTY, 11/22/2016, SNDK Taxable merger with WDC, 4/13/2016, $67.50 and .2387 WDC per SNDK, $35.42 FMV WDC, SSE Bankruptcy completion, 8/1/2016 $0 sale, STR buyout by Dominion, 9/17/2016, $25 per share, TECO Buyout by Emera, 7/1/2016, $27.55 per share, TUMI Acquisition by Samsonite, 8/2/2016, $26.75 per shares, UA Spinoff of UAC, 4/8/2016, 1 UAC per 1 UA, 50.65% Remaining Basis, UAC, Class C Litigation settlement stock dividend distribution, 1.007098 per 1, 6/29/2016, UA/UAC tickers changed to UAA/UA, 12/7/2016, WCN Redomicile, taxable, 6/1/2016 $65.65 FMV, 1 new share/old share. DD Reverse split, 1 for 3, 6/3/2019. FMV TAK shares per Schwab, $31.50, TSS merger with GPN, 9/18/2019, .8101 GPN/TSS, VFC spinoff of KTB, 5/23/2019, 1/7, Remaining basis 93.846%, AET merger with CVS, Taxable, 11/29/2018, $145 and .8378 shares CVS per share AET, FMV per TDA CVS $80.715, AIMC FTV Discretionary Merger, Those who opted in received 2.2117 Shares AIMC/FTV, 10/1/2018, BABA/AABA Tender Offer, 8/14/2018. FMV ABBV received $84.22 per share, 5/11/2020, AMTD merger with SCHW, 1.0837 SCHW/AMTD, 10/7/2020, ARNC spinoff of ARNC then original ticker changed to HWM, 1 share new ARNC for each 4 shares original ARNC, 4/1/2020, 88.6% remaining basis, ETFC acquisition by MS, 1.0432 MS/ETFC, 10/5/2020, FTV spinoff of VNT, 10/9/2020 2 VNT/5 FTV, 85.2831% Remaining basis, IAC spinoff of MTCH, 2.1584 MTCH per IAC, 31.87389% Remaining Basis 7/1/2020, MTCH exchanged for New MTCH 1.0337 New MTCH per old MTCH, non-taxable and/or possible cash plus stock exchange for MTCH shares, $105.67 FMV of New Match shares received 7/1/2020, OXY Distribution of Warrants (unlisted OXYWS). If you have a question about one that is not listed here, email us in support and we'll help you out. Taxable dividend equal to $30.85 per QCP share received. DHR/NVST Exchange, optional, 5.5784 NVST/DHR, 12/18/2019, Non-taxable, basis and holding period of DHR shares transferred to NVST shares An official website of the United States Government.

Old AA then changed ticker to ARNC, 73.14% basis allocated to ARNC, Broadcom/AVGO merger, 2/1/2016, SEC filing. OLN shares took exchanged shares cost basis, DHR - NTCT Exchange Offer, 7/14/2015, 2.4 shares NTCT per DHR share tendered, NTCT took cost basis of tendered shares, DRI Spinoff of FCPT, 1 for 3, 89.39% Remaining basis, 11/9/2015, DTV Purchase by T, 1.892 shares of T plus $28.50, 7/24/2015, FNFG merger with KEY, 8/1/2016, cash plus stock, .680 shares, $2.30 cash, HPE Spinoff from HPQ, 11/2/2015, 1 for 1, 47.15% Basis allocated to HPQ, JDSU spinoff of LITE and name change to VIAV, 8/4/2015, 1 LITE for 5 VIAV, 59.6% remaining basis, KRFT - KHC merger, 7/6/2015, 1/1 plus $16.50, FMV 72.645, MDT Redomicile and Acquisition of COV, 1/26/2015, Taxable, 1 for 1, $76.95 per share, MSGN spinoff of MSG, 10/1/2015, 1 for 3, 25.5% allocated to MSGN, OPK Acquisition of BRLI, 8/21/2015, 2.75 for 1, no fractional shares, PPL spinoff of TLN, .124906 for 1, 6/2/2015, RAI Taxable Acquisition of LO, 6/12/2015

Spinoff of PK, .2 share per share HLT, 75.2068% of remaining remaining basis, HLT reverse split, 1/4/2017 (after spinoff of PK and HGV), 1 for 3, INVN Buyout by TDK, $13 per share, 5/18/2017, JAB Purchase of PNRA, 7/19/2017, $315/share, JONE Stock Dividend, 4/3/2017, .0.087423 per share, MET Spinoff of BHF, 8/7/2017, 1 for 11, 89.6365% remaining basis, MFGP spinoff from HPE and taxable re-domicile, 9/1/2017. 1 BHA/10 BH 5/1/2018, CBI merger with MDR, 5/11/2018, non-taxable (potentially taxable at $20.70 per share), .82407 MDR/CBI (if shares were tendered).771059 MDR/CBI (if shares were not tendered), CCC Buyout/privatization, 3/9/2018 $21.50 per share, COL merger with UTX, taxable, 11/28/2018, $93.33 plus .37525 UTX shares per COL, FMV from TDA $130.0549 per share, DOV spinoff of APY, 5/9/2018, 1 APY per 2 DOV, 79.36% Remaining basis, DVMT conversion to DELL, EITHER 1.8066 DELL/DVMT, non-taxable OR .6479 DELL plus $76.97 per DVMT, Cash plus stock, FMV, $29.57, 12/31/2018, DXC spinoff of PRSP, 6/1/2018, 1 PRSP per 2 DXC, 87.06% Remaining Basis, ESRX merger with CI, 12/21/2018, Cash plus stock, .2434 shares CI plus $48.75 per share of ESRX, Schwab FMV value CI, $182.185, HON Spinoff of GTX, 1 GTX/10 HON, 98.9227% Remaining basis, 10/1/2018, HON Spinoff of REZI, 1 REZI/6 HON, 97.0816% Remaining basis, 10/29/2018, KKR conversion from partnership to corporation, non-taxable, 7/1/2018, KMI Dividend Reclassification, 5/15 - 58% ROC, 8/15 - 100% ROC, 11/15 -100% ROC, KMG merger with CCMP, 11/15/2018. If your club uses AccountSync to import your brokerage transactions, we research what is needed to adjust your records and then make the adjustments for you. 30 Isabella Street . The list is by no means comprehensive. When a company goes through a reorganization such as a split, a spinoff or a merger, your cost basis in your shares needs to be adjusted.

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