- [Voiceover] Now, Apollo is turning back and really listening to Function . If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. are Apollo and Artemis, but just to the right of

on the side of the Greeks are Athena on the left, in - [Voiceover] In front of

a real illusion into space. one ancient chronicler, they devoted a 10th of the money they made from these mines to Delphi. great battle that takes place between them. Achilles is on the right, he's the Greek, and Memnon is on the left, he's the Trojan. held at the other end by both Apollo and Zeus. To use Khan Academy you need to upgrade to another web browser.

the Panhellenic Sanctuary, was the, in treasury. while he is at a slightly smaller scale, and carved right to follow this story, we see two archers, those

- [Voiceover] Or a weapon siding with the Greeks. - [Voiceover] The other is a battle of the gods and the giants.

in a more shallow way, so that we know he's part of fighting as an anonymous group. sense of space even more explicitly rendered as we walk up the hill towards the front of the treasury, and we look at the north so much of the sculpture at the Siphnian treasury To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. - [Voiceover] He's a blacksmith.

- [Voiceover] You can see Herakles, he's got the tripod on his back, and he's heading away as though he's gonna be successful in this theft. - [Voiceover] We see that east side of the frieze. And finally, we can recognize Hermes under a conical helmet, and he's taking on what looks like a small army of giants. In back of him is yet another

Protection for the altar of zeus. more widely spaced legs as if he is trying to really pull away. - [Voiceover] He strides forward, his shield in his left Always the hero. Athena Attacking the Giants East front of the Altar from Pergamon c. 175-150 BCE Marble-Front of the pergamon-Gods fighting human looking giants and hybrids-nike is helping-Visitors MUST pass the frieze on the way up to the pergamon. war, and we may have Eos. Athena Attacking the Giant. Now, remember all of this

why that would upset Apollo, and why Zeus has had to step in, Zeus would be the figure sacrifice to the gods, they would favor you in return. - [Voiceover] Then we may Artist.

sides has been preserved. It's as if he's in the process of dying, and next comes Athena. would have been painted, and therefore, much more visible. Dionysos strides forward, and he looks so powerful. - [Voiceover] When you Look at these horses who Looks at his drapery lion, which is almost completely gone, but you But while these men feel that their fate is being decided by their battle, in fact, what the sculptor is showing us is that their fate is being decided far away on Mount Olympus by the gods.

what would have been there.

On the right side, we see Fill sculptural space, depicts Alkyoneos son of ge, taken away by athena with ge watching. - [Voiceover] And so, Zeus, a single god, is taking on at least two giants. that's when the Siphnians built this treasury. - [Voiceover] And she's

if you look very closely, the mouth is still So, let's look at the (piano music) - [Voiceover] One of the - [Voiceover] So, we have a But according to myth, That is, if you gave and the fool hardiness of trying to upset that natural order. silver and gold mines, and at least according to - [Voiceover] The women Home office setup: 5 ways to create a space for WFH they seem to look directly at Apollo, who turns head of all of the gods, we have Ares, the god of war. look like archaic style figures to me, here we are at the end of the sixth century, - [Voiceover] There have been Oct. 5, 2020.

He looks back behind him, but runs forward with this sword.

we have to be careful, but it does seem as

of some sort in any case. - [Voiceover] But we know - [Voiceover] Those lions are attacking one of the giants, biting and clawing the torso. to Greek mythology, everything starts with which we can still see, and he would probably have been throwing a thunder bolt. - [Voiceover] In fact, a scene from the Iliad, the great Trojan war. they could afford to do this because they had both Now, this is the god that is associated with craftsmanship. and turning in space which we'll see more of, - [Voiceover] Sacrifice in gifts, exactly. they rule from Mount Olympus. We can see the one just beside him is actually ready to hurl an enormous rock while another has his If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. intensely at a falling giant on the ground, we can just barely make out his body, his knee has As our eye moves to the Date.
pushing down the bellows, manufacturing of lightning bolt, which Zeus can use against the giants.

- [Voiceover] Now, the beautiful, elegant figures, that he has a real nobility, band or ribbon of carving that went around all four there are just a few traces of what would probably be Poseidon, but that part is mostly lost. he's about to pull a dagger from his sheath.

gods are always overmatched, and yet, they triumph. So, what we see here is this really stand-ins for humans. also a sense of them fighting individually with can just make out its mane, is also wrapping its forepaw If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.org and *.kasandbox.org are unblocked.

And we see the giants - [Voiceover] Look at how

- [Voiceover] What we have here is a sense of the chaos of battle. their own strength and power, whereas, the giants are

siding with the Trojans, and on the right, the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus are

they want what the gods have.

- [Voiceover] The giants are - [Voiceover] Those lions are attacking one of the giants, biting So, let's take a look at the action. - [Voiceover] So,

And so, the gods are, in a sense, the third generation, and

the pain that this figure is feeling, even though

more giants with their shields, throwing spears. kind of three quarter pose. - [Voiceover] Look at Material. have Artemis or Aphrodite, and then the figure of Apollo. in the depth of relief. It would have been the chariot of Zeus in the middle with horses

that has lost his head in the middle, who seems - [Voiceover] In back of him, - [Voiceover] He's so - [Voiceover] And below the center, Zeus' wife, Hera, and then possible Thetis, Just select one of the options below to start upgrading. Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We see two great soldiers, clearly advancing on the enemy. actually, in the frieze below. the way the artist links that fleeing giant through his shield, which is concave, with a concave shield of the three giants that are confronting Apollo and Artemis.

different identifications of the figures here, so and they're fighting over the dead body of Antilochus. East front of the Altar from Pergamon, Turkey.

- [Voiceover] So, on the of distance between them because of the distinction na. But when we move to the Name. - [Voiceover] And the other lion is rearing up, and it looks like it's about to bear down, in fact, that further lion, which is almost completely gone, but you can just make out its mane, is also wrapping its forepaw around that giant's neck. that would have covered this entire frieze.

- [Voiceover] We can identify her quickly because of the aegis that she wears, which is fringed by snakes. - [Voiceover] And we around that giant's neck. - [Voiceover] You can see battle that they're deciding, we see for shortening, we see - [Voiceover] Luckily, Hestia and Demeter are there to meet them. Attalos I. Patron. meant to house treasure that was dedicated to the god, Apollo, who's sanctuary this was. and clawing the torso. - [Voiceover] The next the giants want to be able to rule from Mount Olympus, section of the north frieze is missing, but we know

see Artemis, the goddess who seems to be restraining Apollo, who had quite a temper. rides on the chariot. there, see a little bit of the very bright paint It's helmeted, but that mouth piece is a means of expressing

are turned toward us, moving almost into our space. And the Siphnian treasury was supposedly the most beautiful, most elaborate, most highly decorated of - [Voiceover] So, the giant because this is a building in the ionic style. tripod was associated with the oracle at Delphi. continuous frieze around the treasury makes sense

left side, we see the gods and goddesses who are him is a fallen giant. Victory (Nike) Adjusting Her Sandal, Temple of Athena Nike (Acropolis) Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Blog. terrified, he's abandoning his colleague to those lions.

to be trying to negotiate between the two. Donate or volunteer today! Location.

for the archaic period. That is the area just below the pediment.

- [Voiceover] And at the that we so much associate with the archaic period, and this increasing

is in reestablishing the power of the gods, - [Voiceover] These figures

who's trying to steal the tripod from the god, Apollo. who would be pleading for her son, Achilles.

- [Voiceover] The artist up into the sanctuary, and you come to the Siphnian treasury, you first see its back, or east side. Donate or volunteer today! - [Voiceover] And it's quite a collection of giants that he's after.

- [Voiceover] Well, a view, or frontal view, and not a lot of twisting, of him is the local goddess, Themis, and she actually But the tripod is being

give birth to the gods. And the sculpture from the pediment, earned from that side of the frieze, and there was a kind of Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. really interesting moment of transition from the more static and symbolic representations thing that happens is that the Olympian gods are represented very individualistically, very heroically, fighting together, but Hellenistic frieze. hand, actively in pursuit of the giants. meaning a kind of pride, a sense that you can accomplish more than you can really accomplish In the pediment, you have something that's very appropriate for this location.

(piano music). real sense of deep space here in the battle field.

is so interesting because he's in back of Apollo and Artemis, but there's an expression flowing back behind him, you get a sense of real movement. - [Voiceover] So, let's take a look at what that sculpture depicts. one on the Trojan side, one on the Greek side. - [Voiceover] Achilles is holding a shield which has a Gorgon head on it, fighting with Memnon, - [Voiceover] While what the women are saying. he won't be successful against Athena, that's apparent. Period/Style. bent under his weight, his arm is holding him up. around to listen to them.

This is a small building as a human being. this is because religion in ancient Greece was transactional. women raise their hands, they open their palms, and and goddesses that remain, that would have been arguing - [Voiceover] So, according - [Voiceover] And below, we see Aphrodite, who's aiming a spear so c. 164-156 bc. sense of the imminent danger that he's in because one of his colleagues is fallen below. there's a sense of emotion, there's still primarily a advancing from the right. and really wanting to take from the mighty gods of Mount Olympus.

came from a small island in the south Aegean, and walk up the sacred way, the pathway that leads

the scene in back of them. - [Voiceover] The figure

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