Not every type of food people eat is necessarily good food for a turtle. Most turtles will readily consume canned dog or cat food, but such foods are unthinkably messy, and guaranteed to turn the water cloudy.

Overall, corn tortillas are the safer bet.

What can turtles eat from human food? There is another reason why you should not overfeed your turtle with meat. Try to reduce this occurrence by providing only a small amount of food at a time. They may carry unknown pathogens that can be harmful to your turtle. Bread is not a healthy food for your turtle. In general turtles can eat almost anything that is made out of plant matter or meat, but as I said some of them can do more harm than good, if they are eaten in large quantities. Too much fat can cause a turtle serious health problems. Everybody knows that box turtles can live a very long time, and that they are long time commitment pets. The first side effect of too much protein is a condition called pyramiding. I know that most people don’t usually eat insects but in some parts of the world, especially asia, the are can be quite popular, especially as street food.

However, don’t overdo it.

They share the same habitat, they swim with fish, and they eat the fish. We are a passionate group of writers and researchers who write about pet turtles and turtles in general. SInce the body of a turtle is almost entirely covered with bones, calcium is very important for them, and you don’t want to disrupt its absorption at all. In the snacks category I include everything like potato chips, biscuits, popcorn, etc. But how do people manage to find out... Are Box Turtles Nocturnal?

Include fruits in your turtle diet and remember to always wash the fruits before you give it to the turtle.

Let’s just focus on the turtles.

(With Pictures and Video). It’s just a safety measure, so if you don’t want to risk giving your turtle bacterias I would suggest you to give your turtle cooked meat instead of raw meat.

You can give them food from your household on some occasions, or when you are out of turtle food.

In other words, they’ll eat most of the foods you have in your home. So if possible try not to feed your turtle bacon or a stake.

Another thing that should be avoided when it comes to fish, is to give your turtle wild caught fish. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Fishes with a lot of bones should also be avoided. Turtles lack certain enzymes to break down those nutrients and feeding with those may cause severe indigestion. In general meat is good for turtles, but too much of it can cause problems. Although a duck can physically eat a tortilla, it would not be recommended to feed tortillas to a duck. Can turtles eat cat food? Can Dogs eat Corn Tortillas? Let’s see what’s bad for turtles and why you should avoid feeding them.

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