Sure they can go to the gym and get fit without the help of a personal trainer, but having someone who knows what they are doing and can guide you is not always a bad option. It’s called CCCS- Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

I am going to answer this question later on in this review, but before I do I want to cover everything that this company has to offer, both good and bad. Financial Education Services (FES) was founded in 2004 by Mike Toloff and Parimail Naik and is operating out of Farmington Hills, Michigan. I fell for this.

Estimated amount consumers saved since 1997: $15,590,010,907, Corporate Advocacy Program - Verified Status, REBUTTAL BOX™

With the acquisition of either customers or affiliate members that join, you earn the same commissions both in residuals and cab bonuses. One of the pros that FES has to offer is a member online portal that you can access 7 days a week at any time of day even if it is at 3 in the morning. She really was convinced that I was out cheating on her with strippers…and decided to text me in the middle of the night and break up with me. Additionally referring to the cost, there will be an additional cost to use the extra services that FES has within its product listing. What Is Financial Education Services (FES)? I will look into updating this review after visiting the website again. I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews online for FES, which is great. I don’t see anything shady about this business. Problem is that the managers oftentimes violate company procedure by taking the cases for themselves at a higher up front payment..or give cases to other members who are struggling…to get them above water to release a management bonus. Everything is not perfect with FES but it has its good points.

The pay structure is designed in a unilevel MLM compensation structure.

Not to mention it was a pain to cancel my subscription, they almost never answer their phone lines. Here is a list of the products that Financial Education Services (FES) offers: Here is an included image that highlights all of the services that the FES Protection Plan offers. I worked at a casino…I had, literally, thousands of potential people to add to my downline! State of Georgia government websites and email systems use “” or “” at the end of the address. How Does The FES Credit Repair Service Work? 1) Do they truly help people improve their credit? strict standards for business conduct. Experienced marketers (like mentioned above) notice these “opportunities” and while it may be an easy sell for them, your average person will lose out on a lot of money. I share this to point out why I believe you may actually hurt your income by joining the career opportunity at Financial Education Services, and not benefiting from it as advertised. Reading this gives me so many questions for Jason…. Where there is attention or popularity, there will always be those who try to exploit others. Seeing testimonies and earnings from other people is a great way of convincing people otherwise, but I am not so easily fooled: The first image is a “testimony” from Samuel Fredrick Jr, apparently he’s an associate of Mack’s. Yes, Financial Education Services (FES) is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. I am definitely subscribing and bookmarking your page. He was flirting with the receptionists working for H & R Block at the event…and he really started to bother them…..One young lady walked by and he…physically grabbed her…pushed her down on his lap and began to grind on her !!!

Financial Education Services (FES) does have a money-back guarantee which is a pro but is a bit different than most other MLM companies on the market.

Should FES violate the terms of the settlement at any time over the next three years, it must pay an additional $750,000 penalty. The cost to join as a customer for the FES Protection Plan service is a 1-time cost of $99 plus $89 for the first month. Track your income and spending by creating a personalized budget. Credit repair is nothing new and it has been around for a very long time with most services being mediocre and barely doing anything to your credit report. You have all the information about how the FES opportunity works within my review. Mack Zidan sounds like such a moron and I would never allow myself to be a part of his “scam” team! I should have known after they transferred from one to another to another to another and then when they told me the fee wa $949 I said I was not interested, all the while they kept telling me this was on being recorded so there would be no problems. then, that’s where the problem begins!

Not one item, an account or inquiry, was moved from my file. I don’t get paid to say that, I say it because it’s the common thread between my success and every success story I’ve ever heard of within the company. I also had a very bad experience with them, I paid for 2 months and they were able to boost my credit score with only 3 points. All I paid was $499 when I would have paid an Individual $1500. Glad to help. Before I go deeper, here is a video overview of how the Financial Education Services (FES) compensation plan works. Would that be the job of SEC or related to look deep into their violation? Should FES violate the terms of the settlement at any time over the next three years, it must pay an additional $750,000 penalty. FES operates out of Farmington Hills, MI and has been around since it’s inception in 2004.

Copyright © 1997-2020, Ripoff Report. Credit Repair Firm Agrees to Pay $1M Penalty. I hadn’t been seeing her as much for a good reason… I was really working hard extra hours to make some $$$$ to surprise her with a trip to New England we were going to take together a month later. Come to find out, I wasn’t even in his downline!!!! Not once did I say that FES’ business opportunity is a scam. Notice the second image from his Facebook page? Our office alleges that FES tried to mislead consumers and circumvent state and federal credit repair laws by affiliating with a non-profit organization that the Defendants themselves managed and directed. No problem, right?? They make their way to the top by selling false dreams to people who really can’t afford such programs, selling them the idea that they too will become rich. Firearms License Reciprocity and Information, Facebook page for Office of Attorney General of Georgia Chris Carr, Twitter page for Office of Attorney General of Georgia Chris Carr, Carr: Illegal Credit Repair Operation to Pay $1M Penalty. The YFL has given away over $100,000 in college scholarships this year directly from those donations to teenagers who go through their financial literacy courses. As with any business, hard work and effort provide the best results. Friends and family mourn the loss of two loved ones who drowned on Mother’s Day on SSI, Douglas Citizen Ejected From Heated Town Hall Meeting, Fmr Gov Contractor Sentenced to Federal Prison for Willful Retention of National Defense Information, US Dept of Labor Set to Provide $85 Million for Re-Entry After Prison Initiatives. As far as the business opportunity, unless you can recruit I’d pass. The negative items removed will impact your score in a positive action that will increase your overall score giving you a better credit score. I did not sign up as a agent with the intent of earning thousands of dollars. “Downline loading” – Agents sign up an individual for the FES Agent’s downline without that individual’s knowledge and with no intention of the individual even becoming an active FES agent. I was excited to share another method with readers in which they can potentially learn how to earn using this system.

You heard that right. I’ll explain… I signed up with FES because I wanted to get help for my best friend…Her credit was a hot mess and I convinced her we could make money while we fixed her credit. But through my research, I haven’t found these types of promotions that directly lead back to FES at this time. Sorry to hear that you had an unfavorable experience using Financial Education Services and thank you for taking the time to share! Let me tell you this….Save my name….because if I ever figure out how to do Affiliate Marketing I’m going to offer you a free membership to my website…then, when you make your first 100,000 dollars you can pay me my fee!!! Swore to see to it that we would get the sign-ups we worked hard to find and sell on joining this thing! To learn more, see how I make money online below: A Legitimate Way To Start An Online Business See How I Make Money Online!

Thank you for your compassionate info, a coworker/friend, single mom, working 2 jobs shouldn’t have to learn the hard way about MLM like I did 40 yrs ago – sent her your article. Not to mention you can get started for free with your own websites, training, live help, and support.

I am a business owner and I have kids, time is limited. I do see the pros and cons of being a customer and agent.

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