The first Destiny page you’ll see is the Welcome page for your school. A page should have already opened with instructions on how to bookmark and start using Destiny Discover in the browser. The following sections take you through setting up your site. •    Extracted data from legacy library system, if applicable.

Destiny administrators and site administrators can set Destiny access levels and Collections roles. The following table matches the Destiny default access level to the Collections role. Remain on the Import Site page until the message, Please wait...., no longer appears.

Tap the "Add to Home Screen" option. Note: Collections roles are assigned to a Destiny access level. Subscriptions may include one or more of the following:  Reading Program Service for Accelerate Reader or Reading Counts! You can bookmark the new app by pressing these two keys: Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ (Mac) + D. If bookmarking isn't an option, just click the Destiny As such, there is an extra hierarchal level in the system above the site level. In addition, roles determine what actions users can perform in Collections, such as the visibility options they can choose for displaying their collection. Select the online services for which the site has a subscription. •    Destiny hosted URL – – or your Destiny server IP address At this level, the Sites tab contains the functions you’ll need to configure, add, import, group, edit, and delete your site. The first Destiny page you’ll see is the Welcome page for your school. And if the district includes other schools of the same site type, all roles will see those as well on the same ribbon. On the Add Site page that appears, enter the Site Name and Short Name (10 characters maximum). The About Destiny page appears in a new browser window. for accessing all of your favorite Follett content. If you don't already have the browser open to the new Destiny Discover mobile page you can navigate manually to the following URL in your browser: Tap "Add" on the right side of the Header Bar. While the system refers to this as the “district” level, single site installations should consider this a system administrative level. On the Edit District page that appears, enter or verify the following: Tap the "Share Button" on the Menu Bar. Choose the appropriate products and Site Type. Cancel Submit. •    If your institution is willing to share abstract data with Follett Software, select the Share general circulation data… check box.

3. •    Set the beginning month for your institution’s statistical year. Destiny administrators create and assign the site type in Destiny.

To edit the administrative information, click the Edit icon adjacent to your site name. Password: Forgot Password? See your Destiny Agreement if you are unsure which services were included with your purchase. When the import finishes, the Job Summary is available on the Site's Job Manager tab. The Destiny Discover app for mobile devices has been replaced with a new web-based experience that can run on desktop and mobile device browsers. •    Verify your institution name, MARC Organization Code (if you are unsure of your MOC, you can use your site’s initials), and customer number. © 2020 Follett School Solutions; Inc. All Rights Reserved. Click the Login button in the upper right corner. Log in using username DestinyAdmin and the password that was emailed to you. In Destiny Back Office, select Admin > Access Levels. Log in to Destiny Discover, and then click.

Administrators can take ownership of any collection created at their site with the same rights and privileges as the owner. 1. Note: Guest roles cannot view public collections owned by a Learner or Student in Destiny Discover or Collections. •    Set the beginning month for your institution’s fiscal year. Tap "Add" on the right side of the Header Bar. Click the Login button in the upper right corner. If you are at the server, simply click the shortcut on the desktop. To change this permission, select or deselect the checkbox for the desired role(s). •    Copy of contract including customer number and subscriptions purchased. As the Job Manager handles the importing, you can proceed with other task in Destiny. Assigning appropriate access levels ensures that users have access to the features they need in Destiny. Accept the default import options. Click any Help Icon, How do I ...  or  , for assistance. 2. Browse to and select the .ALL file for your school and click Import.


New Accounts Take a few moments to create your personal account to: Access premium content and advanced functions. If you are currently using one of our legacy library automation products and you would like to convert your data for use in Destiny please visit the following link:   for information on obtaining the appropriate conversion utility program to extract your data and properly format it for importing into Destiny. When you have a .ALL extraction file for your site, click the Import Site icon. All roles, except for Guest, Learner, Observer, Student and Other, can access Featured Collections. To begin using Destiny, use your web browser to navigate to your URL.

Destiny is designed to accommodate multiple sites in one installation. Click Save.

All roles can create private collections. Open your Existing Sites tab and select the Site Name from the list. Discover icon to launch our new app. To change the visibility options for a specific role: Log in to Destiny Discover, and then click . See Attach Standards to a Collection for more information. Login to MyDestiny. Select Admin > Collections Policies. This document guides you through performing the initial site/school setup tasks. All roles, except for Alumni, Guest, Learner, Observer, Student and Other, can make collections visible to their site, district and public. Destiny Discover has a new and improved experience •    If you would like to add an image to your district's Welcome page (below the list of sites), browse to, and select the image file.

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