The strongest silver sword in the game according to me. As such, it’s best suited for tanky builds that use strong attacks. This style is best suited for sign-oriented builds. When you apply runewords to a weapon, it will destroy all rune slots and prevent new ones from being added. Stats and damage-wise, the Toussaint knight’s steel sword is considered the best steel sword of the Blood and Wine expansion and one of the best weapons in all of Witcher 3. Mind Critical damage and hit is different. If you want to unlock the 6-piece Bear set bonus (damage dealt by Abilities involving the Quen sign is increased by 200%), you’ll have to use these swords. This is consistent with Witcher lore wherein only Witchers from the Cat and Bear school use crossbows. Damage: 315-385 Then when you kill something there’s a flash and a sound, like an exploding Quen. As far as I remember, I got Cleaver hood from the Shreiker (Chort) witcher contract, Shreiker is a Cockatrice, not Chort btw i not found it when i once completed this contract, only some low lvl armor and steel sword, and i only need it to be sell and get more money, I found I lvl 1400 sword with 100000000 damage I glitches so I can use it at level -1, Zireael: Depending on the lvl needed for the sword, also the stats will greatly improve.

The swords base dmg is 542-662 and it’s passive is that each blow charges it wich increases its dmg by 10%, at full charges weapon always crits. This set is separate from this one. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. They provide solid all-around stats and allow you to unlock the 6-set Manticore bonus: gaining an additional charge on all alchemy items. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Went,talket,fought,got the sword, seem’s not evribody here is a true witcher. i cant believe there is not a better sword than mine here and elsewhere I found the bloodsword in a chest in Kaer Gelen on Ard Skellig, it is on top of the fortress guarded by a level 27 katakan. Found Harpy Diag at Guarded Treasure on small island west Velen, theres a huge Pirate group with a treasure map on the same coast, it was guarded by a Noonwraith Lv15, it was a ? :,(. I missed the little boy. Too bad you don’t remember where you found it :C . Thank you so much for all your help in Witcher 3 and other games I have played! Got the sword after doing all the required quest in the required way. Some people have not however and they only get told to show wisdom, valor, generosity, compassion and honor, but they are not told how to do it, so yeah it is a rather vague quest if you are unlucky. The basic Wolven steel and silver swords require level 14 and go up with each upgrade level.

I got a silver sword which i think might be the most powerful obtainable in the game. I got the diagram from a level -1 peasant woman… (I have no idea where it was exactly, roughly around the forest near Ursten, Novigrad, as i remember her running to it. Note: A full, higher-level Viper School gear set was added in the Hearts of Stone expansion.
And 1% more experience gain from monsters. Manticore School: This is your go-to option for an alchemy-focused build. I’m level 55, Well i think the top of the top its aerondight me at lvl 51 im only managed to upgrade the blade damage 54 out of 100 to be now at 526-642 of damage, Has anyone found the “Elven Steel Sword” diagram?! Just read the comment and thought to myself that would be an awesome weapon to get… Ohh well I will find it eventually and then stumbled onto it 20 minutes later :P. Its under Byways in a chest you find during the witcher contract you get when you visit the town. However, it will also consume a part of your vitality. And its looks like swords from final fantasy. Harpy it’s called I believe. These runestones give you a chance to stun opponents on hit.

Aerondight may be the best sword in the entire game- and if you are a fan of the series, you know that it has shown up in previous games too. This is not unlimited however. Be sure to check our guide to the best armor sets in Witcher 3 if you want to combine the weapons we discussed with an equally powerful set of armor. Aerondight (lvl 52) – Blood and Wine Aerondight is a silver sword added in the DLC. Especially if you need something. First off, the sword hits twice with strong attacks. Guess I got lucky. I got craftable relic for lvl 37 with 463 dmg displayed. But I left the quest culprit alive, only then he rewarded me with the sword.

really thank you i am appreciate. Runewords can only be added to weapons with 3 rune slots, and you can also pay a runewright to add 3 of these slots. Generally speaking, the Quen glyph is the best in Witcher 3. This powerful relic weapon provides excellent stats, including: It also has 3 upgrade slots. Both are good, although they have slightly different stats. and i don’t remember where i did find them or when actually so Silver is definitely the Aerondight if you know how to use it. There are just two ranged weapons in the game; the Feline crossbow and the Ursine crossbow. You’ll need to part with 5,000 crowns which are used by the Runewright at Upper Mill, far north of Oxenfurt. As Señor Editor, he produces words (and stuff) for Gosunoob. Does anyone know how the permanent damage increase mechanic works? You’ll find a cave here (see screenshot for exact location). So far, we’ve discussed the best overall weapons in Witcher 3 by stats, damage, and effects. Silver Sword – Blood Sword – 432-528 Damage(Level 38). The diagrams for the Feline crossbow can be found off the western coast of Redania (south-west of Novigrad) on the floating shipwreck. Bear School: The bear school prefers slow attacks and heavy armor. Contract: The Mystery of the Byway Murders These special effects make Aerondight the most powerful silver sword in Witcher 3. It was the Griffin Witcher set with, I guess, white dye.

50% critical hit damage bonus LV 39 I just use any sword I can pick up and the quen sign. I did all the quests before talking to the hermit and got the sword just by fighting him. I found it in a side quest of Blood and Wine, in a castle between Franscollarts and Trastamara. Netflix’s Witcher vs. Witcher 3: Differences and Similarities, guide for obtaining all of the Bear Witcher school gear, guide for finding all of the Wolven Witcher set gear, guide to finding all of the Feline Witcher gear diagrams, guide on finding all of the diagrams of the Griffin Witcher school gear set, full guide to obtaining all of the Manticore Witcher gear diagrams, guide for obtaining the Viper School gear set, +5% Bonus experience from humans and nonhumans, While you’re leveling, prior to the late portions of the game, When you’re looking to maximize specific stats, such as sign intensity, When you want to unlock the 6-set bonus of each Witcher school set. Any other way to get wisdom besides the two they listed? best silver sword i found AN’FERTHE LVL70 (710-868) Dmg It reduces the armor of enemies, giving you a consistent damage boost. This one of the best options for a straight-up damage and survivability boost. These weapons have great stats, damage, come with set bonuses, and can be upgraded up to 4 times so you can continue to use them as you level up. It’s one of the best swords in the game, and it has appeared through the whole series. 95% Critical Damage Bonus Runestones can be purchased from merchants, blacksmiths, or simply looted from monster nests and chests. Read on for our list of the best weapons in Witcher 3 and how to obtain them, as well runestone, glyph, and runeword suggestions. i found a steel relic sword with 410 dmg for lvl 44 i found it in the quest in wolfs clothing its called beann’shie. I did all the quests but i chose the exact opposite of what it says here, I need to know if there’s another way to prove generosity, In blucleir you can find a quest about a Paint of geralt. The easiest way to find is to go to the marker in the screenshot below and kill the bandits there. It’s one of the only real contenders to Aerondight as the best silver sword in Witcher 3. And the base damage of aerondight is permanently increased by around 2 points. To unlock the enhancements, you need to complete a secondary quest called ‘Enchanting: Start-Up Costs’. However, some people prefer using multiple runestones simply for the fun of triggering multiple effects.

+12% Chance to cause Burning Sadly I can’t remember where I got it. The ranged weapon choices in Witcher 3 are extremely limited as the game’s primary focus is the swordplay. funny thing is , that I just got the sword, I’m level 46 and it matches my level… in the screen shot here it marked level 52 which is surprisingly not so and I wonder why. To find the diagrams for each level of these weapons, check our guide to finding all of the Feline Witcher gear diagrams. The blueprint will be located inside the building. I got wisdom by completing the quest with the ghost (specter) of the actress at the amphitheater south of Beauclair. I also agree with the wild hunt warrior axe because of the %200 armour piercing so against armoured foes it does double what a regular sword with the same stats as that would, I found the best one, the Wan G’Kur level 84 1000 damage 50% chance to freeze 50% chance to stun, best steel sword i found TEIGR LVL 70 (544-664) Dmg What are the differences between the Witcher School gear weapons?

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