Print the student pages, staple or place. New math content presented?

Case of The Divided Dragon's Division Review, Case of the Invisible Illusionist - Integers Math Mystery Activity, Case of the Jumpy Jack-O-Lanterns Halloween Math Mystery, - EASY PREP! - Use as part of your math centers, add to your sub tubs, make it part of your early finisher tasks, give for homework, or make it part of your classroom practice/review sessions. Click HERE to find and view VIDEO HOOKS that can be used as an optional introduction to the math mysteries. in a folder, and your students are set to go. Try a FREE Math Mystery Today to see how it works.

can have an important impact on daily understanding. Estimating Whole Number Differences | Subtraction Estimation | Math with Mr. J lesson on an IWB, iPad or computer monitor screen. GRADE 7 Math mysteries. If you involve your kids in cooking, measuring using fractions, looking at the volume of the items in your fridge, etc.

I will occasionally post videos below of the areas currently or recently worked on in class. I like to say, "we must learn something new before attempting the next clue.". GRADE 8 Math Mysteries. Interactive online math activities are essential to develop a consistent understanding of the Grade 5 math concepts.

CLICK HERE to download from my TPT store. Make a lesson out of it by modeling the math before diving into the clue. This site if FULL of instructional videos related to the fifth grade areas of math covered this year, and more! GRADE 6 Math Mysteries. Math used in daily lives is essential for understanding. Once the whole class has completed a clue, then move on to the next clue either within the same lesson or the next math session.

- Have the video hook ready for viewing at the start of the. GRADE 3 MAth Mysteries.

GRADE 5 Math Mysteries. - Suitable for independent, pairs, or group work. I recommend pacing this activity by giving students one clue at a time.

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