The wiki says you need ash, but that appears to be out of date, I only need sand and water. A bit later you will use the Study Table to study items to gain lots more points. These all will get you a lot of these points and allow you to stock up on the very important skill. However, this is only worthwhile at the beginning of the game, because each such interaction nets you only one green point. But still got lots of stuff to do. So, when it comes to blue points (which will help you increase technology in the blue book within the skill tree), you’ll need to do spiritual things. In several places on the map you will find growing vines, which are located mainly behind the bridge on the marshes. Since normal glass doesn't give many blue points anymore people have been looking for some farming methods, here are some I have found.

and green comes from nature like farming or foraging or trees, blue comes from spiritual actions. That being said, they do benefit from quantity bonus of quality fertilizers. Join. Once you have one or more, go to the study desk.

You will get 5 points for each crafting process.

There are more green points accrued through playing the game than red and 100x blue combined. - with the effect Circumscent?

You’ll then receive the blue points for studying the item.

before studying, use the majority of your energy, and consume a Cake or Grape Pie. For green points, using a steel shovel on the clay holes will net you 1 point per 'shoving'.

What does this mean? Here’s how to do this. •  Third, use the garden certificate to claim the property. The compost heap turns eight units of crop waste into six units of peat and two units of maggots. Maggots are not related to farming otherwise, and can instead be utilized through fishing and alchemy. Each harvest gives you 5 points. There are red points, green points, and blue points within the game. Be careful studying on Xbox though, or you'll run into the "saving progress" bug.

Members. Going to try the wheat => money thing. Also dont forget the books and chapters.

Yeah farming blue by grinding stones or rope is not the best way to go about this anymore. I know it's not an amazing way to do it, but the Zombie Random Text Generator station can be set to create the skill point books, its random which type they create but I imagine you could probably fit 2-3 stations and just have a constant supply of skill books at the cost of 3 paper each and time. And this only counts if the chapter is silver. Making urns with ashes in. Graveyard Keeper is all about progressing through different skill trees to get better and better.

You must use the fertilizer before planting a seed. However, due to random nature of farming, this isn't guaranteed. A good tactic is to grow them on at least Peat fertilizer, that way you reduce seed loss and, in turn, reduce the need to buy new seeds. This will unlock the farming technologies. Before using it, you have to get rid of the dead trees blocking a lot of room there. Peat is the most basic fertilizer, while more specialized and effective fertilizers can be produced through alchemy. Online. #8. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). We have prepared a list of steps you can take to get green points, along with the number of points you can get for each task. Stone and iron mining. Home » Guides » Graveyard Keeper: How to Get Blue Points. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. This allows you to expand your environment and complete in-game missions. •  Fourth, talk to the merchant at about the garden and make a deal with him. If you really need just a bit more, making anything with glass nets you also blue points.

Additionally, we have included information on the number of points scored for a given activity. The greater the fertilizer's effect, the more time, material, and it will require to manufacture. There are books in Graveyard Keeper that you can buy from the Astrologer. © Valve Corporation.

You'll be able to work the garden without this, but you won't be able to advance his questline. You need faith for books, but you only need paper, pen, and stories to write notes and chapters. Trying to … If you don't want to work your farm on your own, get some zombies and have them do all the hard work for you in a zombie farm. But you don't have to worry about it if you have the possibility to burn your corpses. In order to be able to earn blue points you must complete a bowl-related mission for the Episcop.

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