Put to one side for later use. H1416 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1409 … Call Us Make sure to share it with your friends! Another point to look at is the smokebox door with the bracket mounted number, a first for Ready-to-Run OO gauge.

The loco, although small, shows a wealth of detail that really sets it apart from the previous models of this class as well as other small locomotives available at the moment. The 517s went through many changes in their lives and you need to settle on one to model.

The 517 body is shorter then the more modern 14xx, the difference seems to be between the back of the wheel splashers and the front of the side tank so about 3 1/2 millimetres was cut from there and the two ends glued back together.

12/12/16. We also offer a framing service so you can receive your picture ready to hang, choose either Gold, Silver, Pine or Dark Wood frame styles. 1 The Locomotives of the Great Western railway Part Six Four coupled Tank Engines, N J Allcock, F K Davies, H M Le Fleming, P J T Reed & F J Tabor, The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.

'GWR CLASS 14XX - Horton Road, Gloucester - 1962', Click here for international postage details, © 2020 Artist James Green | Website By dimension6000. "name": "Hatton's GWR 14xx, 48xx & 58xx 0-4-2T - Project Page",

Any body colour will do as it will be repainted. "mainEntityOfPage": "https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=147", This conversion is based the Iain Rice drawings in the January 1980 Model Railway News and a Hornby model 14xx as the donor.

"datePublished": "2017-02-27", 17 Montague Road The GWR 14xx/48xx/58xx class 0-4-2 was the workaday loco of many GWR branch lines and local services. Now the body. As promised, the second batch of locomotives have now arrived. "name": "Hatton's GWR 14xx (1st EP) - Running Session",

Once they are loaded on to the ship we will update here with more specific delivery dates.

I did not keep notes as I went so there might be one or two small things still to remove. Now with a good sharp modelling knife remove in small pieces the large lump on the boiler between the chimney and the dome. Each locomotive will incorporate correct detail differences including top feed, whistle guard, auto gear and ATC boxes (see table below).

The cab looks like you could get in and drive it! They are due to leave the factory very soon. There are some parts that have not been fitted to some of the locos (whistles and pipes for example) but these are meant for us to check the livery application and colours, there is still a final sample with all of these included to be delivered once these are signed off. Hattons Model Railways newest OO gauge announcement follows on from the GWR King with another product of Swindon works, the Collett 0-4-2T. "@type": "ImageObject",

Hopefully we should have the revised CADs back soon and metal cutting on the tools can begin shortly after.

"name": "Hattons Model Railways", Drawings of GWR Locomotives 0-6-0 Pannier Tanks. The 1400 Class was designed to work with the GWR design of autocoach, a specialist coach designed for push-pull working and which could also be used with engines of other classes such as the 517's, the GWR 5400 Class, the GWR 6400 Class and the older GWR 2021 Class.

This is a high quality Giclee reproduction (lifespan of a Giclee print is 100 years without any noticeable fading). This means that we only have the weathered versions outstanding. This includes H1402, H1406, H1413 and H1414.

(so not just rolled up in a tube!). This is slightly different to previous estimates but it is to get the models to us as soon as possible. }.

We have received the weathered samples from the factory for all of the versions that will carry weathering. { You can see more photos of David's 517 on his Maeport East layout. Embossed in the bottom left hand corner with a …

Today, we can confirm the delivery  schedule for the Class 14xx's. The following Class 14xx’s will be built to the specifications below: H1401 Class 48xx 0-4-2 4825 in GWR Unlined green with Great Western lettering £99, H1402 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5814 in GWR Unlined green with Great Western lettering - Lightly weathered £99, H1403 Class 48xx 0-4-2 4871 in GWR Unlined green with Shirtbutton logo - Lightly weathered £99, H1404 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5808 in GWR Unlined green with Shirtbutton logo £99, H1405 Class 48xx 0-4-2 4807 in GWR Wartime black with G W R lettering - Lightly weathered £99, H1406 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1420 in GWR Unlined green with G W R lettering £99, H1407 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5802 in GWR Unlined green with G W R lettering - Lightly weathered £99, H1408 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5816 in BR Lined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS (Gill Sans) £99, H1409 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1470 in BR Lined black with early emblem £99, H1410 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5819 in BR Unlined black with early emblem £99, H1411 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5801 in BR Unlined green with G W R lettering - Lightly weathered £99, H1412 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1474 in BR Unlined black with early emblem - Heavily weathered £99, H1413 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1444 in BR Lined green with early emblem £99, H1414 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1450 in BR Lined green with late crest £99, H1415 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1432 in BR Lined green with late crest - Heavily weathered £99, H1416 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1409 in BR Unlined green with late crest £99, Provision for DCC sound speaker in coal bunker, Separately fitted and blackened handrails, 5 pole motor, capable of similar running qualities to DJ Models Austerity or better, Vacuum brake pipes fitted to bufferbeams - additional bufferbeam detailing pipes included with model for customer to fit, Separately fitted etched brass cabside numberplates (as per King class), Separately fitted BR smokebox door numberplate & shedplate (where applicable), Provision of Auto-working gear (or lack of) where applicable to specific model, Correct details for individual model - Top Feed, Bunker Steps, Whistle Guard, Separately supplied and fitted headlamps (as per King class), Prototypical gap between frames with cosmetic inside motion, Separately fitted smokebox door handle/dart, Variation of top-feed and non-top feed fitted boilers, Seperately fitted (and removable) cabside doors, Correct fitment of ATC equipment and whistle guard per model.

To construct, I started with one cab side, packed out the back of the tanks, made sure it did not foul the wheels and glued it in position. Developed from the Class 517 locomotives built between 1868 and 1885, these locomotives were built to replace the older locomotives on small branchline services. View this project and more on our Project Updates page. "thumbnailUrl": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2xL6K2xcoDo/hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEZCPYBEIoBSFXyq4qpAwsIARUAAIhCGAFwAQ==&rs=AOn4CLD6l7n3sUT_UWTTOKn_5ii6ZNQrcQ",

"dateModified": "2017-02-27" Remove the cab roof. 13/02/17.

View and order yours at: www.hattons.co.uk/14xx, Next delivery of models confirmed H1408 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5816 in BR Lined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS (Gill Sans) H1410 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5819 in BR Unlined black with early emblem.

Last tip: I used Alan Gibson brass bearings to give a perfect beading to the cab front windows. "contentUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xL6K2xcoDo", 14/03/17, Another batch of models have now arrived with us and are in stock. Registered Office: 17 Montague Road, Widnes, WA8 8FZ, Free delivery when you spend over £175 for UK Mainland.

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