Question: I know my next door neighbor is recording my music and conversations, I can hear it after I have everything shut off. If you find anything, go to the police. Answer: I suggest that you move to another home. Please any advice will be appreciated. He was convicted of assaulting me and lives right next door in a split level home that has a deck that overlooks our backyard, back door, and garage. The council seems to want me to go down there and crack a few heads…if it was twenty years ago then they wouldn’t have a stereo or fingers that worked to even turn the thing on. I downsized here nearly 3 years ago and the first 5 months were heaven, couldn’t hear my neighbour who is 70, lives alone and very nice. However, having somebody keeping an eye out at the most abnormal early or late times, just to get the latest scoop on what’s happening around them, is just wrong.

Answer: You have to contact a lawyer who is familiar with law in your state/country.

Hi Bev, since the people above me are using a type of listening device i opted to play low frequency noise to disrupt the invasion of my families privacy. It's not about being spied upon without your knowledge.

There have been robberies in our house (expensive stuff,our clothes,footwear etc).The whole family has that crooked weird look always.All this when they have been ignored by us since we moved. The grass is now always greener on the other side! The estate agents told me they went round to see them after they had complaints from the other neighbours, i told them they should have sat in my house for a few hours to hear it, they won’t be playing up when someone from the letting agency visits.
But do keep reporting it. Hi sharon i am experiencing the same problem i live in a two bed flat and my neighbour above me is a absolute nightmare all he does is bang around from 8pm – 7am also stomping on the floor and slamming his doors and cupboards it seems to me he doesn’t know how to sit down and also the fact he wakes my 8year old son up i have confronted him which the.police was called out i have contacted enviromental health which sends me diary sheets out and i have filled in atleast 60 in and sent back i have also been in touch with the neighbourhood warden who also gives me diary sheets and i have had a noise teat done and still they carry on i am at the end of my wit now and feel like dont know what to do now is.there any suggestions you could help me with i would be very greatful thankyou from dan. Question: The neighbors living above my flat are listening and watching me. This constant barking will affect your ability to attract interested buyers, as you’ll get the buyers there for the 1st viewing but never hear from them again! Answer: That's an odd thing. It’s too easy for some to say wear ear plugs or play music back. Hi, Try it yourself. I had a polite word but as like the last neighbour – I got ignored. Make sure it is completely untrue but very specific. But feel I’m intruding. Buy a voice recorder that can pick up background sound without interference. Good Luck!! For ‘implications’ it is important to document how you (and your neighbors) are feeling – and how you are being impacted by the disturbance.

All Rights Reserved. Mar 27, … Hang on – let’s slow it down for a second! Don’t get confrontational or verbal with tenants It’s so bad they drive me out! I don’t have a clue who this person is. Question: I recently inherited a duplex after my mother passed. Not... 7 Reasons Why Your Offer To Purchase A House Was Rejected.

If you happen to have an HOA in your neighborhood, it tends to be a love-hate relationship! They would be up seemingly at ALL hours. Required fields are marked *. What you need to do is tell your parents what he's doing. Well they do, obviously. My TV and other devices are being interfered with. This woman is a pensionär,she stays at home all day, and her character is as a stinky garbage-ton (she is a liar,she is deceiving,she is doing everything for money and for getting advantages, she is taking black-money and so on. They've have read every e-mail, text, note, etc. I’m a positive guy in a land of negativity, and it’s a struggle every day to prevail in a pitt of morons. I am in the UK, so I cannot advise you on legal matters even if I were qualified to do so. I have contacted the police. Have a witness with you each time you see a Housing Officer and make the complaint. Tried nicely approaching them but they think its not a problem and think Im being unreasonable. Counter intelligence. I have lived in this flat for 13 years and last april had a new tenant move in to the flat above me, at first she wasn’t too bad, about 2 months after moving in she moved her brother, his girlfriend and their 2 children in, bearing in mind this is a small property and a converted house. My upstairs neighbor(s) follow me from room to room throughout my apartment when I'm home. When I shower they shower, when I use the toilet they are in there too. Check Out These Home Seller... © 2015 - 2019 Xavier De Buck | All rights reserved. July came and went, the tenants lied about moving out by July and kept staying. I have exactly the same problems with my neighbours upstairs. The MC’s contract with the Association has been terminated. Because the problem is a low volume irritating type noise I don’t believe that any noise monitoring equipment will show the extent of the problem. I only stayed so my son could finish his schooling. I was scared, because he’s quite rough-looking and obviously violent. Management said, the could be having sex for all we know, that I can prove nothing! I’m trying to have a family in a place where the now 45-50 year olds all reside, all “old skool” and are thick as thieves as they are thick as planks. Question: Our neighbor has floodlights and video cameras pointed at our yard and pool, not his own yard. Answer: Nice tall privacy screens would fix that: And there are tons of ideas on Pinterest: The neighbour is a council tenant. She has video and pictures of me walking in and out. Your log of precise dates and times of the harassment is much better as proof. I doubt if your neighbors are broadcasting directly into your home There would have to be a hidden speaker somewhere. Just add water and boom,,,more morons to contend with. 1(a) Not to do or permit or suffer to be done in the Apartment and/or in the Building anything which may cause damage or inconvenience or be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or to the lessee or occupier of any other flat or part of the Building or to any person lawfully in the Building or in the neighbourhood generally (and the generality of this paragraph shall not be restricted by the remaining paragraphs of this Schedule)
More incidents in the meantime, and guess what!

I have no escape as I am house bound and have no friends or family around me. This usually starts at about 5-6am and goes on until 10pm. They’ve lived next door for many years, and believe me, they’ll know gossip about every single neighbor in the street! I assume this is a crime. Our emails and phones act crazy and it's for sure our house is bugged. Don’t act like it bothers you. The occupant has been interviewed by housing Assoc., and they have denied it and made ridiculous accusations back.

Who does that? Just don’t play music if they are quite. I understand its a massive issue. And I have avoided dealing with them at all costs - until recently!

See if you can remember what it was and then go and talk to them. I’M FROM THE COUNCIL” jumpers and name-tags on, with a clipboard and a pen…and the police around here are all masons, as is my neighbour so nothing gets done due to the Union Jack on his wall as a sign of “I’M ONE OF YOU MORONS!

Can a listening device be used from inside a neighbor's home which is approximately 200 feet away to listen inside my home? 3am i hear their radio.

Can anybody help me, please? What are my legal rights? Sigh… I can dream. They failed to speak to neighbours. he stayed in his home the majority of the time unless he was detailing vehicles a few times a week.

And other issues, let commonsense prevail here. I like to say hello even if I haven't anything sentient to write;). Like myself as a private owner if I had let my house or moved out and not declared the problems with the Nuisance Neighbour I could have been sued! Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 17, 2019: There are such devices, but the best way to find out is to test it by saying something untrue, like you've booked a cruise vacation or that a relative is coming to live with you. If your neighbors plays loud music, due exactly the same thing to them.

I wanted to defend you yesterday, because you were a victim of stalking.

I contacted Newham council in London many time by email and phone calls, they sent out their standard letters to the tenants twice, then nothing else happened. What would be the best recorder to catch impact noise?

He is not on the phone. However this family are something else, 2 adults, 3 small kids. I do enjoy my peaceful times with only thoughts and the PC cooling fan to contend with! It’s irritating to have people noticing and commenting on your every move. Question: The neighbours above me keep waking me up with low frequency base noise about 15 to 20 times a night. Question: My neighbour and I have linked garages, there is no dividing fence. To correctly deal with any of the above nightmare neighbors, the following 4 suggestions might already come in very handy: (1) Talk to your neighbor: As briefly mentioned on a number of occasions above, the most advisable way to deal with nightmare neighbors is to actually go and talk with them! So, still no further on, will have to wait for next incident which won’t be long in coming!! It really isn’t just about sound recording equipment, videos have great quality sound recording, and it can be viewed by the authorities, not that they can fully do anything against arrogant neighbours. so everything Ive done over the past 18 months has been a complete waste of time. He’s actually made me hate good music… Pink Floyd for one, because all I hear is “comfortably numb” (yeah, the one song he plays of them) and Floyd fans will know what I mean in the relation to how brick-walled their bass can be when played with a woofer. Also, think about moving. Have you also considered noise-cancelling wifi earphones for TV/web. Waste of time the council .. quite obvious how much noise would have been made by the works he had done ..BUT the answer remains .. its during the day .. not outside permitted hours .. so we wont take any action!! Is there a device that will interfere so he cant listen to our conversations. until 11.30 p.m. non-stop day in day out. She’s lived next door for a few years now, and we haven’t said anything too her, even after all the weekend parties which would go into the next day, so I get kept awake because of her being so disrespectful to everyone of her neighbours.

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