A member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department looks over the guard rail along Malibu Canyon Road, seeing possible clothing, during a search of the area for Richardson on September 26, 2009. They waited two days before they went to Bill Smith’s house, where they found tracks in the yard from sneakers that were not familiar to Smith, but they did not examine them further. Mildred offered to pay over the phone, but the restaurant required a faxed signature; Mildred did not have a fax machine. It was the same frat house that Meyer describes, only more venal and nefarious. Smith described her as a “slim black woman with afro hair”. They made flyers, spending days passing them out and carrying out their own searches. Because it's dark, she doesn't have a car, and I don't want her wandering. Le 30 décembre 2016, le bureau du procureur général de Californie a conclu qu'il n'y avait pas suffisamment de preuves pour étayer les poursuites pénales contre toute personne impliquée dans le traitement de l'affaire. We finally turned back, unable to reach the place where Richardson died or, given its rugged remoteness, more likely was taken after she'd been killed. Mitrice Richardson était la fille de Latice Sutton et Michael Richardson. About those other deaths, she could do nothing. Deputies had arrested her for failing to pay an $89 tab at Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu, and then released her about 12:40 a.m. even though she showed signs of potential mental illness. Tamayo, 46, came to the LASD from the Stockton Police Department in 2000. Latice, Mitrice’s mother, found out about what had happened and called the station, asking whether they planned to keep Mitrice in custody for the night or release her. The sheriff at the time was Sherman Block, who died in 1998 and was replaced by Leroy "Lee" Baca, who had spent three decades rising steadily through the LASD ranks. The proper protocol would have been to wait for the coroner, so that the remains could be photographed, the site inspected for clues and a crime scene established. The residents of Malibu are far more comfortable giving orders than taking them. C'est une adulte.". While detectives were airlifted to the location of the remains, the coroner’s team were not. The sheriff’s department continued to be involved despite the transfer, and as we’ll find out, were extremely irresponsible throughout the investigation.). A lot of things have changed for Michael as well, it is part of the legacy Mitrice left him. He then referred to the sobriety test she had taken at the restaurant. In seeming defiance of the negative press surrounding the LASD, Baca was honored with the 2013 Sheriff of the Year award by the National Sheriffs' Association. The coroner found this an inexplicable decision, the Los Angeles Times reported, insisting that "he was 'very clear' with sheriff's officials and could not think of another case in which a police agency had moved entire skeletal remains without coroner's approval.". They ended up arresting Mitrice on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” and possession of marijuana (they found less than an ounce in her car). California State Attorney Kamala Harris agreed to look back into Richardson's case, spurred in part by a letter from Richardson's father. If they did not plan to release her, she would come and get her in the morning. Hayes survived and won a $1.3 million judgment from the LASD. Prop. “We have too many loopholes and too many unanswered questions.”. Local police became involved; efforts by a Tanaka henchman to suppress reports of the incident failed and, as Fremon wrote, images "of tattooed deputy gang members running the jails and issuing group thumpings to anyone who crossed them" quickly found their way into local news reports. “In 10 years we have learned a lot, we learned a lot that we have to care and we have to care where previously we didn’t’ think about it. He thinks his ex-wife, Sutton, should have driven to Malibu and collected their daughter. In 2005, deputies from Compton station fired 120 shots at a fleeing suspect, Winston Hayes. Hampton also filed a dozen complaints about various LASD deputies involved in the Richardson's case. "She's not from that area and"—here Sutton's voice rose—"I would hate to wake up to a morning report: 'Girl lost somewhere and her head chopped off.'". Because he took a plea deal, the sentence, to be doled out in May, won't be longer than six months. "The arrogance of so many LASD members," Collins wrote in a letter to the department, "who seemed to have become convinced they are a law unto themselves, gave some of them license to break the law and even to protect violent criminals.". His challenger would have been Tanaka, who had been pushed out of the department but was now running for sheriff, blaming many of the LASD's failures on his former boss. This got Stern’s attention; he offered to cancel the meeting he had planned and come meet him right away. Mitrice’s case also raises many questions about the conduct of the sheriff’s department  - how can they receive so much money and yet fail a victim and their family so miserably? Elle a disparu pendant 11 mois avant d'être retrouvée décédée en août 2010 par les gardes du parc. Unable to rely on the authorities, the family took matters into their own hands. With Hampton's encouragement, she was applying to graduate school for psychology. Deputies arrived around 3pm, and needed to wait for a helicopter to take them down into the ravine. To continue reading login or create an account. The other 95% of calls are made to report relatively benign incidents, for example, noise complaints, trespassing, illegal selling of goods (e.g. Richardson was last seen the following morning in a residential area of the Santa Monica Mountains called Monte Nido, near the house of retired television news reporter Bill Smith, not far from the vast estate of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (no relation).

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