If your powder is added too quickly or is stirred too vigorously air bubbles can develop, so work slowly and attentively. Thanks for the contact. The heated water in the lower double boiler pot, removed from the stove, will be sufficiently warm to melt the glue. Use a sanding block. Stay up to date with the latest content, educational resources, promotions and special news from our partners.

MATERIALS NEEDED I also, sometimes use a clear vanish or medium, on to top of my paintings to seal. Do not use old, stinky or moldy glue. Heat the mix until just warmed, so you can comfortably put your finger into it. It’s also very expensive so I decided to make my own. Gesso can be applied thickly to create a textured surface, or thinned down and applied in multiple coats. Panel: This gesso recipe yields enough gesso to cover both the front and back of a 2×2-foot square panel with six to eight layers of gesso. Only one (or two) of these days is a full day. I got the stuff today so will try it very soon , thank you , I’ll gather up the ingredients and follow your advice When the glue is liquefied, pour it through a fine mesh strainer. Gesso takes on the consistency of very hard Jell-O when cool but redissolves readily when warmed. Will that work? I switched to using acrylic gel as a glue, and the problem was solved. Study your panel in raking light to clearly see the surface.

This will take four to eight hours, depending on the fineness of the glue granules. This loosens and redistributes the gesso, smoothing it further. There’s a lot of good recipes out there for this one. As the gesso hardens, it doesn’t have time to level out the holes left by the blown up air bubbles. Cheers Jenny, Thank you for this. Come have fun with us! Pinging is currently not allowed. Day Two: Fill the lower pot of a double boiler with water and place it on a burner until the water is hot. Can I please share this in my post ?

Probably… . I also seal my papers with it when making books, sewing paper for collage, painting with paint, inks etc. My preference is marble dust, a type of chalk. Warm the second mix of 1 ounce glue and 16 ounces water in the double boiler. The dust is an irritant to lungs, and some forms of chalk contain silica, which is harmful. This step is not necessary on hardboard panels because they do not have grain. I love Gesso paint and use heaps of it in my work. Update 2018! You panel will look more like a notice-board upon which people leave notes stuck with pins, which renders it useless for oil painting. Gesso is a pretty simple material—it was originally made from a mixture of chalk or plaster and glue. I don’t think these comments are getting through, I’ll email you as well, Thanks Rachel! The gesso is translucent with the gritty bits I like. Let the panel sit for 10 to 20 minutes to fully dry. Use rabbit skin glue to attach the cloth.

Also for the amount I need I think it would be cheaper to make my own gesso.
This article is a condensed excerpt from the book Egg Tempera Painting: A Comprehensive Guide by Koo Schadler. With each new layer, the panel is turned so that the strokes are at right angles to the previous coat. One ounce is for making gesso. Finally, before you begin a painting, it’s a good idea to wipe a panel with a cloth dipped in denatured alcohol. Remove the pot from the burner and then place within it the upper pot with the mix of ½-ounce rabbit skin glue and water. I used emulsion paint, pva glue and a little polyfilla! Titanium White Powdered Pigment – 2 ounces; This is an optional ingredient.
I’ll have to experiment with it too .

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