From Michigan, she tends to watch reruns of Futurama and Steven Universe. Do the bloody harvest event side missions count? As a child, Fiona and her sister Sasha try to get by with every bit of money they could find, usually through stealing and conning people. Eventually, the Ghost character was given the name Dinkle-Bot as his voice actor was replaced. Cause that would mean that the “Kill xy” Sidequests doenst count for the Trophy. Head Case *Kill Captain Thunk and Sloth Dynasty Dash: Devil’s Razor (*repeatable version of above quest), Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin (*repeatable version of above quest), Watch Dogs Legion Oppression Defiance Challenges Guide (Red Icons), Watch Dogs Legion Finding Bagley Walkthrough (Photograph Locations), Watch Dogs Legion All Tech Point Locations, DLC #1: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Trophy Guide, DLC #2: Guns, Love, and Tentacles Trophy Guide, DLC #4: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck Trophy Guide.

Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. 1) I also played the repeatable versions once because they had different names and I didn’t realize they were the exact same thing until I did them. Although players could spend eons working and grinding to defeat bosses and finding sweet weapon loot, players could also take an easier route and work to find Loot-o-Grams. I don’t think it counts across multiple chars.

Related: Borderlands 3: How to Defeat Evil Brick & Mordecai (Psycho Krieg DLC). Boom Boom Boomtown Just Desserts The event missions are not needed for trophies / achievements.

How do I know what mission I didn’t complete? Doesn’t impact the trophy.

I know you said that these SHOULD respawn, but do they respawn at the same location or could it be anywhere in that area? And leave it to Gearbox to poke a little bit of fun at their expense. Maliwannabees I hadn’t yet read the advice that side-missions can disappear, so I triggered them and intended just coming back to them as and when without knowing they’d disappear. I went and checked to see if I’ve done them all but i couldn’t see the mission”Dump on Dumptruck” in the mission list, but there’s no mark for it in tbe map and im sure I’ve done it Holy Spirits Nothing to worry about though. I’ve only just received them ability to read Eridian tablets, so maybe that is what it is? If it’s bugged hard (like stats are stuck) there’s not much you can do about it except redo the entire game. Any ideas PP? Thank you! If one is on the list and not on your completed, you need to do it. Follow her on Twitter at @_lyricalballads. The bot was voiced by Peter Dinklage, and the reception of the voice actor was not positive. It shows that I have all the missions from the list “picture” but no trophy. As every single one i have done so far has. have been trying to keep up with this list as I go. I hope this does not prevent me getting the trophy.

This will give players a chance to start at the New-U station after quitting out rather than having to run all the way back from the other side of the map. It completes in devils razor, rolands rest. In case you want an alphabetical view to match to your Missions tab: Below are screenshots of everything in the quest log at the point that “Getting A Little On The Side” unlocked. Slaughterstar 3000

The Kevin Konundrum mark disappearing off the map, it’s happened to me twice now and both times they haven’t come back, As a example when I entered lectra city there was 4 ! If this is the case, simply quit out of the game and load back in. Once players have harvested as many Loot-o-Grams as their hearts desired, head back to Sanctuary and head on over to Crazy Earl's. Bad Reception

Skag Dog Days Thanks from the community for your hard work on Borderlands 3. I intend doing Circles of Slaughter and Proving Grounds after completion, all other side missions alongside to a) level up b) not have a huge post-game slog.

I have one issue there is a room in the Ascension Buff which is sealed by 2 of the alien doors which I think is the last named location on Pandora for me. Wildlife Conservation Get Quick, Slick Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 becomes Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin). Just had to fully explore proving grounds. It also shows 36/30 eridian slabs when you found them all. Many side missions don’t show up on the in-game quest log. Below are screenshots of everything in the quest log at the point that “Getting A Little …

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