Support Articles » Technical Articles » Installation Articles » BMW » How to MegaSquirt Your BMW E30 325i and Other M20/M30 Applications. Connect JS10 to IGBTIN (if there are any wires connected to JS10, remove them. MS3 adds the possibility of sequential fuel injection, but to make this feature work requires modifying the distributor for a one tooth cam sensor. While it is $50 and most e30 owners are broke tight arses (i am guilty of this), spending $50 to be able to quickly dial in your ecu is well worth it. Seite 2 von 2 - MegaSquirt V3.0?? Set the following under Tach Input / Ignition Settings. I have tried both and had NO luck with the transistor setup. Zum Inhalt. Mostly, you’ll use the wiring diagrams in the MS2/Extra MicroSquirt Hardware Manual. Note that you may need to add 360 degrees to the Tooth #1 Angle setting if adding a cam sensor. Jumper TachSelect to VRIN and TSEL to VROUT for a V3.0. The stock sensors on an E30 do not support sequential injection, but you could modify the distributor to add a 1 tooth cam trigger to add this feature when using MS3. Use our PWM idle control mod kit to control this valve.

You will need to change the trigger wheel setting to Dual Wheel with Missing Teeth. The ECU does get a 12 volt signal which can be used for idle up input. ). The obvious things to spot to tell this from M1.1 & M1.3 are the fact this has an ECU with a number ending 073 and that is has 2 pickup sensor attached to the bellhousing instead of a single one on the front of the block. Connect the coil negative terminal to pin 36. Welche Zündung hab Ihr eingebaut bei so einem Stg??? For everything else, the E30 stopped after 1991.)

MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller. As for leads i just grabbed a bunch of premade lengths from the bosch stand at my local cheap autostore. Since I've built a couple of these for M20s I have similar data laying around on how to do it but never bothered to organize it in a way that is useful to others. Grounding one causes the motor to open, grounding the other causes it to close. ****CLEAN EVERYTHING AFTERWARDS WITH 98% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL TO REMOVE FLUX RESIDUE****. Set the following under Ignition Options / Wheel Decoder. Missing Teeth = 2 1992 Volvo 740 Wagon - Beater Car...CAI, 16T, catback, MS3/MS3X, & HID's.

The tach is sometimes ECU driven – this seems to depend on production year. (Although he still needs to fix the bad ground in his wiring harness going to ECU Pin 2.). If you are only seeing one bank of cylinders (installed o2 without an x pipe like this), it is suggested to set 1/12th of a second resolution. I had a bad ground going from pin 2 to the ms board.moral of the story add as many grounds as you can. Hi guys, I've been researching how to do megasquirt wiring on my own, got a free v3 megasquirt but the wiring is a mess. See section 6.9.8 of the MS3 Hardware Manual for details. The tach is sometimes ECU driven – this seems to depend on production year. For the required settings please refer to the Setting section. See also, 1967 BMW 1600 with 2.2L engine, MS3+MS3X, LS coils, jetta hall sensor in distributor. I've bench tested this exact valve (E30 3-wire PWM) and got pretty much exactly the same values 75% open, 20%-something closed. My 3 wire bosch valve is being run purely by the ms3x using idle and vvt. 31 Beiträge 1; 2; 3; Nächste; Nachricht. Learn more about converting to Motronic 1.3. I wont go into too much detail here as it has been covered many times by many people. You will also need to trigger the main relay to turn on (the Motronic 1.3 ecu has a constant 12v feed for a battery backup and turns on the main relay when it recieves the ignition signal). while it is possible to just use the default sparkA output and the 2 spare outputs of the glensgarage idle board, I ended up using a seperate coil driver board. This did away with a distributor and coil, the use of individual coilpacks was introduced. I probably joined Motronic pins 3 and 23 at the adapter harness, why it isn't in my notes I don't know. It also connects to sub-looms to control engine operation such as the injectors and emission control systems. BMW 8793 E30 Gen2 Plug and Play Engine Management Systems for the 1987-1993 BMW 325i and several other BMW models, installs in under 1 hour. Fuel Only (Possible on Ljet cars without any modification as dizzy handles ignition, works with ANY MS ecu). This DB37 Pin has a jumper to JS10. This type of MegaSquirt uses a MicroSquirt module on the PNP board, which is jumpered to an Bosch 55-Pin adapter board. Set JP1 to the 1-2 position, and J1 to the 3-4 position. Using the board with the settings given to me by a friend my car started and held idle first turn of the key on a cold start. What you do is join harness pin 27 (start/run hot from ignition switch) to harness pin 36 (ground for the main relay hold in coil), snip the 86 wire (always hot) and ground the 86 terminal, then swap the places of the 85 and 86 terminals in the connector body. DIYAutoTune Engine Management Systems. "ECU Pin" is the same pin number as the "Bosch 55-Pin" pin number. MS II ecu (While MS1 can run ignition with megasquirt Extra this guide is for ms2 extra). MS2 Extra firmware. Nice work so far. You can use the IDLE output on the MS3X card for the opening coil output, and any unused mid current output on the MS3X (or main board pin 30 for the FIDLE output) for the closing coil. This guide will be a general guide, but I will also add specifics for series 1 E30 owners and L-Jetronic E30 owners. coil driver board (before purchasing another board please read the wasted spark section). For the trigger wheel the settings are 60 teeth 2 missing and use 84 degrees as your tooth #1 angle. Whether you are looking to gain in-debt knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is available in partial and complete kits. MS II ecu (While MS1 can run ignition with megasquirt Extra this guide is for ms2 extra). This page was last edited on 17 December 2011, at 20:23. In the schematics you see everything on the CPU pins referred to in JS nomenclature, then there is a note at the bottom that states some pin assignment details related to the IAC1A etc nomenclature. Spark A: Lead 1 – Top of R26, Lead 2 – IGN (DB37 Pin 36), Lead 3 – Combine all grounds and connect to Power Ground DB37 Pin 15, Spark B: Lead 1 – Top of R29, Lead 2 – IAC2B (DB37 Pin 31), Lead 3 – Combine all grounds and connect to Power Ground DB37 Pin 15, Spark C: Lead 1 – Top of R27, Lead 2 – IAC2A (DB37 Pin29), Lead 3 – Combine all grounds and connect to Power Ground DB37 Pin 15. Another aftermarket engine management system, the Unichip is manufactured by Dastek. Try it with your TPS unplugged. Mostly, you’ll use the wiring diagrams in section 4 of the manual for your specific ECU. This is the first version of Motronic engine management used on fuel injected E30s, this is what is fitted to pre-facelift cars. Step 50 – I built the Hall tach input, but won’t use it, Step 51 – I built the VR tack input and will use it, Step 52 – Selected VR Sensor, jumpered VRIN to TACHSELECT and TSEL to VROUT, Step 59 – Do not install D8 (See Step 62), Step 69 – Install the PWM flyback circuit, Step 70 – Install the standard flyback circuit, Step 71 – Install the current limit circuit, Step 74 – Do not install Q20 (See Step 62), Step 75 – Do not install R39 (See Step 62), Emitter - This is jumpered to a power ground in DB37 Pin 17, 1x ZTX450-ND, TRANSNPN 45V 1A E-LINE ($0.62), 1x 1N4001-T, DIODE GEN PURP 50V 1A DO41 ($0.19). It works well enough that even with a 308* cam, the engine starts and idles at 1300 rpms cold, hot or anywhere in between with no throttle assist. The main engine ... Megasquirt. All times are GMT-8. - geschrieben in Forum Elektrik: Da hab ich gleich noch eine Frage. Board website is here

Never have too many. The ground from Relay 2 Out is connected ECU Pin 36, supplying a ground to the Main Relay Control Circuit (triggering the relay). With Wasted spark you will be using non factory coils.

Bitte steinigt mich nicht gerade weil ich keine Infos zur Firmware und kein Datenfile hochgeladen habe. The wiring is dependant on the MS ecu you are using. that was my only one and it failed. Jimstim doesn't have any way of providing you with feedback on what the output is doing so it really isn't of much help other than to get the MS running. Remember to set the multiplier to gasoline in the lm-1 programmer and to perform a free air calibration. Driving the factory coil will require a BIP373 transistor, sold separately. If you are only using single maps leave this disabled, Secondary Fuel = additive : Again for two VE maps, Secondary Ign Load = Speed Density : This is again only if using 30x16 resolution over 2 maps, Number Of Coils = Wasted Spark (or single coil if single coil). Page 174/201 of the Hardware Manual depicts the DB37 Pins, it shows that SPR1 (Pin 3), SPR2 (Pin 4), SPR3 (Pin 5), SPR4 (Pin 6), IAC1A (Pin 25), IAC1B (Pin 27), IAC2A (Pin 29), IAC2B (Pin 31), and IGN (Pin 36) have no electrical connections.
As for the injector wiring, that's just how it's done on the megasquirt board to divide the injector current over two pins. So I have a MS2 built by SSSquid I put it in my car reconnected the battery hooked my laptop up to it and turned the ignition on and nothing happened as far as being able to connect to it. I am so confused on the outputs. I can supply, repair or upgrade Megasquirts in UK. Offering the same dynamic control as Megasquirt, the Unichip also saves up to 5 different maps which can be selected automatically, given you the ability to switch between Power and Economy modes as wanted, or any range between the two. I'm also using a 3 wire Bosch from a CIS-E VW Golf at ~100Hz using the MS3X Idle and NO2-1 outputs on a customer's race car. It is a system that controls the running of the engine. Located next to the ECU, it acts as a power supply as well as providing tachometer data to the instruments. Sheet 1360-1 shows that once the Main Relay is triggered, it provides power to ECU Pin 37. This is because the transistor's emitter is wired to a MegaSquirt ground. This makes it impossible to fit an earlier ECU to a later loom. Aftermarket systems are also available for those running highly tuned engines allowing the user manual control over multiple settings. I wrote the 3 wire mode so the 3-wire valve can be driven as the manufacturer intended. There are two ways to control the coil. Typical installation takes around an hour. As a result of this information, the ECU will look-up the correct injector pulse duration right across the engine rpm, load and temperature range. A similar note is at the top of the db37 page of the schematics.

Connect the PWM idle output on pin 30 to the opening coil and connect the closing coil to ground through a 30 ohm 50 watt resistor. Some settings can be copied over but for most of them it is best to enter and calculate them yourselves. Es geht um folgendens. Fuel + Single coil spark (Requires Full Motronic 1.3 conversion for Ljet/Motronic cars). These engines use a pulse width modulated (PWM) idle air control motor. It was only fitted to the M42 engined 318iS. Jetronic systems also employ a secondary connector, C104. The tach is sometimes ECU driven – this seems to depend on production year. Engine management in its simplest form controls the engine via fuelling and Ignition timing. I wanted to type up some more info on this in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Using the GM V6 Coilpack the internal electronics are to be gutted as we will just be using it for its coils and the coil holder. All Engine Management systems depend on a number of sensors to identify what's going on in the engine at any given moment. This is the most modern management system that an E30 left the factory with. I haven't touched any wiring except for the ground thats on the engine loom i moved it back thinking maybe it was in a bad spot and still nothing.

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