First off was the inevitable question about Singapore’s weather, which he said was considerably hotter than what he is used to.

As for the rumors about him starring in the movie adaptation of the webtoon, he said that he would be willing to take up the same role again even though nothing has been confirmed as yet. It was really strange when filming ended for the drama and suddenly people were no longer referring to me as ‘Sul Woo. Read on. That’s how fun working on this project was.

Park Hae Jin also mentioned that he enjoyed food such as coconut juice and Bakkwa, a traditional Chinese barbequed pork snack. Out of all the actresses he has worked with, Park Hae Jin mentioned that he had the best chemistry with ‘Cheese In The Trap”s female lead Kim Go Eun. The star’s appearance was met with thunderous applause and screams from the enthusiastic crowd. Check out a trailer for “Man to Man” here. During an 'Entertainment Relay' interview for his 'Famous Princesses' drama, he randomly told MC Kang Soo Jung, "You need to lose some weight" when she asked him to introduce himself. Started a show that you just couldn’t watch to the bitter end, but didn’t want to drop? Although he did not manage to speak in Chinese when asked, he expressed a wish to work with prominent Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo in the future. He then showed his appreciation and gratitude for the love Singaporean fans have shown him, noting that many showed up at Changi Airport to welcome him.
As for where he would bring a fan to for a date, he would choose Seoul’s popular shopping district Myeongdong. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of April 2020. With 2016 marking his 10 th year anniversary since debut on the small screen, seasoned actor Park Hae Jin has recently managed to tuck yet another successful piece of work under his belt: tvN’s slice-of-life drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’.
However, more and more celebrities are picking up the language and striving to be fluent not only due to broaden their career opportunities, but also to communicate with their foreign fans, thanks to the Hallyu wave.

Copyright © 2020 The Seoul Story, Connecting K-pop fans worldwide since 2011. Another question about his ideal type revealed that he prefers a feminine lady with whom he can enjoy days in with. With 2016 marking his 10th year anniversary since debut on the small screen, seasoned actor Park Hae Jin has recently managed to tuck yet another successful piece of work under his belt: tvN’s slice-of-life drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’. Park Hae Jin truly lived up to his gentlemanly and well-mannered image by going around the barricades slowly even though it might have threatened his safety. Abzzski presents the upcoming Korean Dramas to be released late Spring and Summer :). Park Hae-jin has revealed that he used to fantasize about marriage a lot, especially arriving at the age that is nearing the late thirties, but as time went by he just started enjoying the process of working more and is satisfied with just watching his cousins and relatives get married. Instiz: Park Hae Jin's past statements currently on the chopping block on female community sites 1. Having recently won the “Best Male Actor” award at the LeTV Awards in Beijing for the Chinese drama “Far Away Love”, Park Hae Jin has definitely become a prominent figure in China’s entertainment scene.

When asked if he thought his career has been a tough journey, he humbly responded that it would be a lie to say that it has been easy. '”, As an actor who has been in the industry for 11 years, Park Hae Jin said, “I’ve gotten a lot more relaxed. I need your help. JTBC’s upcoming drama “Man to Man” will begin airing this Friday, April 21 at 11 p.m. KST. His face in the graduation photo looks very different from his face when he started appearing on the small screens, and even more different if we compare it with his current image. The highlight of the event was when the management spontaneously allowed the star to walk around the barricades and interact with his fans lining the basement of West Coast Plaza. ‘LIKE’ US: Actor Park Hae Jin, who is the lead in the upcoming JTBC drama “Man to Man,” recently completed a photo shoot with Esquire. When Park Hae-jin debuted and starred in a drama for the first time, he was 23 (24 according to the Korean age system) years old. We would like to thank Faith & D Entertainment for media accreditation to this event , PATRONISE US:

The actor then answered some questions pertaining to his filming activities. Meanwhile, the cast and crew of “Man to Man” talked about the burdens that come with following up JTBC’s popular drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which recently ended with impressive viewer ratings. Regarding his role as the undercover agent Kim Sul Woo in his upcoming drama, Park Hae Jin said, “This is the first character I’ve taken on in 10 years through which I was able to act however I wanted to. Clad an outfit true to his “guy-next-door” image, Park Hae Jin waved politely to the crowd with a brilliant smile before settling down for some questions from the media. When prompted by the host to say a few words in Singlish like “Shiok” and “Chiobu”, Park Hae Jin readily obliged, much to the delight of fans. He even extended a helping hand to a fan who had fallen in the midst of the surging crowd. Park Hae Jin is a South Korean actor, singer, and model. To him, the most memorable drama he has acted in is ‘Bad Guys’, and he also said that he would be appearing in a drama about bodyguards soon so do keep an eye out for it! Actor Park Hae Jin, who is the lead in the upcoming JTBC drama “Man to Man,” recently completed a photo shoot with Esquire. [NEWS] The ONE you have been waiting for – faster access to fresh TV content from South Korea! WATCH US: The time that I spend with my family is far more precious than any time I spend alone.”.

However, he stressed that he would like to maintain active in the entertainment scenes in both Korea and China and would like to give back to society in return for what it has given him. After a quirky question to which he chose his mother as the person who he imagine would nag at him in a hypothetical dream, he was met with a plethora of enquiries about his personal life.


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