This Standard of Practice acknowledges that disclosing the name of the firm may not be practical in electronic displays of limited information (e.g., “thumbnails”, text messages, “tweets”, etc.). PSI began an official re-opening of test centers on May 1st, with most sites open by May 18th. CORE system will go down daily at 5pm cst for up to 30 minutes, Fire Prevention / State Fire Marshal's Office, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Peace Officer Standards Training Commission, Fire Services & Codes Enforcement Academy, Real Estate Education and Recovery Account, ATTENTION Educator Providers: the new TREC CORE 2021-2022 outline is now available, For more information, please visit our Education tab here,, Change Firm Affiliation/Change Home Mailing Address, Real Estate Commission Customer Service Center. Chat Help; Translate. Information regarding the safety and sanitation procedures at our test site can be found Starting September 1, 2017, if a non-resident licensee does not submit satisfactory completion of sixteen (16) hours in real estate courses approved by the Commission, the licensee’s real estate license will not be renewed. ii. When it becomes apparent that information on a REALTOR®’s website is no longer current or accurate, REALTORS® shall promptly take corrective action.
1260-02-.01 Supervision of Affiliate Brokers 1260-02-.22 Repealed ... No licensee shall engage in any real estate activity in any office unless there is a principal

Standard of Practice 12-13:  The obligation to present a true picture in advertising, marketing, and representations allows REALTORS® to use and display only professional designations, certifications, and other credentials to which they are legitimately entitled.
We have created this page as a central location for news and information geared towards applicants, licensees and firms. 50 licensee’s expiring March 12, 2020 through September 30, 2020 have been granted an additional extension for continuing education per Governor Lee's Executive Order No. All advertising, regardless of its nature and the medium in which it appears, which promotes the sale or lease of real property, shall: When posting signs on any property, the licensee's firm name must appear on the sign. If you have any questions, please contact TREC staff at Some files are Adobe Reader® Files [pdf], 6.0 or higher. d) No licensee shall advertise property listed by another licensee without written authorization from the property owner. TREC remains fully operational and can be reached by email or phone during normal business hours. Include the firm name and telephone number. The Division of Regulatory Boards protects the health and safety of Tennessee citizens through boards, commissions, and programs by ensuring that persons … (9) “Good Standing” means a person has not been subject to any disciplinary action within any jurisdiction within the last three (3) years that affects the appraiser’s legal eligibility to engage in appraisal practice. 1260-01-.01 Applications for Examinations . (3) Advertising for Franchise or Cooperative Advertising Groups. Paying back three times the amount of an illegal commission received is. Providers will be required to proctor the course to ensure students are logged in for the entirety of the course and engaged during the course. Standard of Practice 12-3: The offering of premiums, prizes, merchandise discounts or other inducements to list, sell, purchase, or lease is not, in itself, unethical even if receipt of the benefit is contingent on listing, selling, purchasing, or leasing through the REALTOR® making the offer. O: 423.698.8001 F: 423.698.8004 You may need to DOWNLOAD a free copy of Adobe Reader® to view these files. Insurance; Regulatory Boards; Fire Permits & Licensing; Securities; TennCare Oversight; Resources & Services.

Standard of Practice 12-2:  REALTORS® may represent their services as “free” or without cost even if they expect to receive compensation from a source other than their client provided that the potential for the REALTOR® to obtain a benefit from a third party is clearly disclosed at the same time. b) Any offer, guaranty, warranty or the like, made to induce an individual to enter into an agency relationship or contract, must be made in writing and must disclose all pertinent details on the face of such offer or advertisement. c) Any licensee using a trade name on business cards, contracts, or other documents relating to real estate transaction shall clearly and unmistakably indicate thereon: i. his name and firm telephone number (as registered with the Commission); and. 948 0 obj <>stream none. 0 139 0 obj <>stream Below are the applicable rules, laws and Code of Ethics regarding advertising.

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