Definitions and examples of 136 literary terms and devices. A cup of fresh, baby walnuts. The love between Shirin and Ocean actually made us gasp and clutch our hearts at some points. I'd had multiple conversations with teachers who had no idea i was only half hearing whatever they were saying to me, and for some reason this made me happy. A Very Large Expanse of Sea (Book) : Mafi, Tahereh : It's 2002, a year after 9/11. Frequent strong language includes "f--k," "s--t," "d--k," "goddamn," "Jesus Christ!" her lab partner and unexpected love interest Ocean, narrator Shirin learns quite a bit about overcoming some of her own prejudices as well as surviving those of others. Her parents have survived terrible hardships and atrocities en route to America. But they develop a deep trust and unselfish concern for each other that gets them through a lot of obstacles. So she's built up protective walls and refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt her. The only reason I left a star off is because sometimes I don't vibe so well with the writing. This book is a magical resemblance of compassion and love, I hold this book close to my heart. Join now. Shows  what the U.S. was like in the wake of 9/11, emotions and day-to-day realities, especially about prejudice, hatred, and general cluelessness about other people. It feels complete. Join the book club discussion in the Year of Epic Reads Facebook Group, Everything You Need to Know About ‘Concrete Rose’ by Angie Thomas, 24 Young Adult Mystery Books That Will Keep You Guessing Until the Very End, This Is Team Epic Reads’ Plea to Have More Dogs on Book Covers, 27 Books by Multiple Authors That Prove the More, the Merrier. The story takes place in 2002, but feels so relevant to today. Plot Summaries. AKA, you need to move this to the top of your TBR pile ASAP. Imagine for a moment that all of those kids look at you as though you don't belong. All those hormones are pumping away and the cheerleaders are all gaggled up and the basketball players might be stars? It doesn't feel unrealistic (even if it doesn't feel like it'd last forever). We dare you not to fall in love with Shirin’s indomitable character. There's quite a bit about the harmful effects of prejudice and stereotyping -- and how to overcome your own bias and see things as someone else does, which forms a positive contrast to the barrage of hateful or clueless behavior from many teens and adults. Shirin is tormented wherever she goes and has kept walls up around her for as long as she can remember. Shirin is never surprised by how horrible people can be. She learns about herself as the year unfolds. Here is the A Very Large Expanse of Seaquote. I say it doesn't bother me, that i don't give a shit about the opinions of assholes but it's not true. If you loved Mav…, Calling all true crime fans—who wants to solve a murder? Here are even more standout reasons to love A Very Large Expanse of Sea: Why You Need to Be Reading ‘A Very Large Expanse of Sea’ The message: A Very Large Expanse of Sea is an emotionally stunning tour de force, and a huge artistic accomplishment for Mafi. I saw nothing but the potential for pain and the subsequent need to protect myself, constantly.”, “He kept trying to be nice to me and, in an unexpected turn of events, his kindness left me angry and confused. I will never read this book again. And it's so, so lovely for all of that. Characters from different worlds that have whole galaxies to teach each other—and themselves. It was a turbulent time in 2002, and it is a turbulent time now—we know this. Our words matter. Only when we open our ears and minds and hearts can we allow love to flow in, and all rise up together. It gave us all the feels we thought we forgot, and reminded us that love is one of the most profound learning experiences of all. Already a subscriber? This is the year she falls in love, becomes a breakdancer, faces discrimination, try’s to do the right thing, and so much more. No one, in all the small towns she’s ever lived, has ever made an effort to get to know the real Shirin—until Ocean James. It's an extremely turbulent time politically, but especially so for someone like Shirin, a sixteen-year-old Muslim girl who's tired of being stereotyped. Your privacy is important to us. A bowl of dates. I looked out at the world around me and no longer saw nuance. A Very Large Expanse of Sea By Tahereh Mafi. I doubted he even knew what it was. It’s so much more. It has a powerful message that helps us realize the racism and unfair treatment against Muslim-Americans. How do you think the challenges Shirin's family faces compare to those faced by immigrant families you know? Shirin and Ocean both have to deal with a lot of pressure, expectations, and stereotyping in their lives, and don't always behave in ways adults would consider wise -- e.g. Be sure to check out Book Depository using my link here:Loisreadsbooks. This is a wonderful story about two human beings meeting and falling in love, of breaking down the barriers we build against the world in order to protect ourselves. “The more I got to know people, the more I realized we were all just a bunch of frightened idiots walking around in the dark, bumping into each other and panicking for no reason at all. It'll kill you”. This is a well written, complicated, and authentic story of that sophomore year in Shirin life. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. But then she meets Ocean James. I didn't know why it suddenly didn't matter what I looked like, why my appearance garnered no reactions. Shirin's romantic self-sabotage was something I could relate to on a molecular level, and I had never read another book that featured that quality. Shirin and other Muslim kids suffer constant prejudice, bigotry, and threats of violence. What to Watch, Read, and Play While Your Kids Are Stuck Indoors, Common Sense Selections for family entertainment, Stoke kids' love of reading with great summer stories, Check out new Common Sense Selections for games, Teachers: Find the best edtech tools for your classroom with in-depth expert reviews, 8 videos excelentes que describen el Día de los Muertos, 5 consejos para hablar con tus hijos sobre las elecciones, Which Side of History?

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