“It was part of my job to get the word out. You can walk almost anywhere. The groups knew each other, he said. It sounds ridiculous to westerners, but so did accupuncture. It is sad to see what Allentown has become.Bernie- something is going right on getting logged in.

Finally, Liburtie For Freedumb at Bethlehem Area S... Morganelli Takes Responsibility For EMail Gaffe. I would not call what I do coaching. we are all brothers and sisters we can work together.

We’re looking at piecing the common ancestors back together that points to one family or one person.”. I felt a moral responsibility to help them as much as I could. people always have differnces of opions that is what makes the world go round and somewhere in the middle we have a meeting of the minds hopefully. Thanks for this research. It was a seminar through the DNA Doe Project that would led Lehigh County Coroner Eric Minnich to the Mirack case and the ongoing efforts to use DNA and genealogy to solve cold cases. So, what’s all this cost? Family tree after family tree is constructed and considered. The first call came in to the Northampton County 911 dispatch center at 4:22 p.m., a dispatch supervisor said. You can walk almost anywhere.

Do everything a government can do to help these people improve their lives. This will be most evident (in most categories) next year when 2007 stats are available. We've got a cute downtown area that has a movie theatre and a number of food options. 4) I will continue to point my finger at someone who makes the disgusting statement that we should not feed the poor. Panto said police are doing their best to keep crime out of Easton but they need neighbors' help. the lessons i learned from my father was you can be poor work hard treat peope like you want to be treated and never call names belittle or POINT FINGERS for that could be you one day. Bernie, lighten up on Damien. “We are really all affected.”, “We should be praying for our city every day.

“I …

“It’s also pretty common that it’s a set of brothers. Instead of giving $10k to parkland's ice hockey team, more money should be found to encourage all the youth sports programs in downtown Allentown, where the help is really needed. How has Damien helped those businesses he has snarked? Courtesy photo | For lehighvalleylive.com, Please support the local journalism you trust. Today's one-liner: "The shortest way to the distinguishing excellence of any writer is through his hostile critics." Even a kid in poverty can go to college for free as long as he has good grades. With this being said, it is great for young families with plenty to do for small children. So what changed from the days of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) that is the most commonly known DNA repository for crime cases -- but is limited to criminals -- and the development of Parabon’s work? Subscribe today ».

we all complain but what have you personally done to help? Eliminating bus stops does not solve Allentown's poverty problem either. Ah, but Bill wasn't comparing Allentown to the other (smaller) cities in the Valley, or even to Reading. “How did their children and grandchildren marry?”. The time has come for its citizens to simply stand up, be strong, be proud, and know that our city is not something less but it is something better. "Yes, but to our credit we've also got that great Berks blog, The Pennsylvania Progressive. my parents were and struggled ther way to the top working hard for everthing tey had. Macungie is a great small town located in the East Penn School District, one of the top public schools in Pennsylvania. Explore the safest places in the U.S. based on crime rates for murder, assault, rape, burglary, and other crime statistics. But, for my simple taste in hospitable people and quality foods and fellowship this is the spot!Read 17 Reviews, Current Resident: It is a small town where not much goes on.

A handful of young people stuck around on their bikes and listened to the brief prayer points. Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. took the mic before an earnest crowd of about 25 people Sunday on a pleasant, sunny afternoon in Centennial Park. I consider it evil, to be honest. Officers went to the apartment after someone reportedly ran in there, possibly with a weapon, following the gunfire, Gerould said.

You determine whose DNA is a probable match and then police get the real thing, either through the suspect’s willingness to cooperate or investigators' efforts to find “abandoned” DNA on a cup or a cigarette or in the trash, she said. Mindless because he knows those people simply can't find the resouces anywhere else. bernie, how i took the comment about not feeding the poor was completly different from yours i thought he maent instead of handing out food we should HELPING THEM find the resourses to provide for themselves. It seems to have become a bonanza for consultants and a cottage industry surviving on Grants for any person who can play the shell game. Some people may reject education because they don't see it as getting them anywhere. Ranking based on Niche's 2020 Best Places to Live Ranking and includes only places that earned strong Crime & Safety grades. GEDmatch, which caught the public’s attention during the Golden State Killer case, is the other major public database. Most of the people who have the disposable income and interest to pay to send their DNA to the retail firms tend to have ancestry from northwestern Europe, Moore said. As far as cleanliness, it is spotless. Heartless because he knows it is causing pain. “It is about $1,500 for the DNA processing and about $3,500 for the genetic genealogy research on most of our cases, so a total of approximately $5,000.”. "Nearby Reading, in Berks County, actually makes Allentown look like paradise. They're putting in a Wawa right across the street from Weis, and you can live in the Lehigh Valley … 9) Instead of embracing your community and all its diversity, you're trying to create a new little elite world of yuppies. And what are they being replaced with? CeCe Moore, chief genetic genealogist at Parabon NanoLabs Inc.Courtesy photo | For lehighvalleylive.com.

You showed your true colors a few days ago when you actually argued against feeding the poor. I live on City Avenue near St. Joseph's University and I never feel safe. Ancestry. Heroin, marijuana and a second gun were recovered in the apartment, he added.

24/7, 365 days a year we should be praying,” said Robert Obey of Greater Shiloh Church. I made many friends and feel safe in our community. Crime in bethlehem is increasing because the Allentown slimeballs are running out of room..Bethlehem needs to build a wall around it. Sweep them under a rug.

Community organizations2. It was necessary to feed them so they could learn. I would not reccomend if you are one of them big city type folk. Prostitutes making $800 bucks a night. “I guess it depends on perspective,” she replied in a followup email. All rights reserved (About Us). I am barely getting by and living on my good looks is not working out very well.

I have only been provoked into doing so by the elitist remarks coming from you and Addicted. It's relatively safe if you stay away from and across "the tracks." That's the most recent data available. I made many friends and feel safe in our community.

Instead of giving a big tax break to a campaign contributor, give lots of little tax breaks to people on low incomes.

Anon 6:59, It's easy to make generalizations, and it's a lot harder to sit down and do what is right. “We’re using the DNA as a guide,” she said. In fact, you've justified it, and are responsible for perhaps the most ignorant statement I've yet to read by a local blogger. Several groups go one way, but how do they relate to other groups of possible distant relatives?

You know, maybe the Gross Towers explosion wasn't what we thought. I will even take it a step further and suggest that the kids at east side be told why they are better and stronger than their competitors. Tony Rhodin can be reached at arhodin@lehighvalleylive.com. But that's another example. And then there’s what may be the tougher reality. This is how winners act.Far too much time has been spent talking about Allentown’s problems. by only feeding them and doing nothing more only holds them down. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. I am proud of that fact, but what did it get us? The amount of DNA shared helps us predict the relationship.”. Gentrification is not per se evil, but the manner in which you have dismissed the poor is alien to the altruistic nature of humanity. It is a shame, however ,Bethlehem is light years ahead. Parabon, based in Reston, Virginia, at that point was in the business of making facial sketches from crime-scene DNA, wired.com reported. If education is a concern, then it is worth mention that the school district is rated one of the best in Pennsylvania. You can walk almost anywhere. As a coaches, mentors, and fellow citizens of these kids we should be giving them every reason to know that they are strong and well equipped for the world they will inherit. And I will continue to point my finger at your elite hypocrisy whenever I see it. All rights reserved (About Us). A finger needs to be pointed at insensitive, mean-spirited comments like that.

Just a simple comment, I don't feel like engaging in this past debate.In the future, would you please have the numbers attached to your charted statistics? “I wish we weren’t here today,” the mayor said.

How much did you earn last year? Next he's getting banners for the crack and the hooker districts.

That's what's going on with granting a special license to JM while giving others a rough time. Change LANTA routes so they're not so visible. Work with Alan Jennings' outfit. So far as I know, he holds no position in Allentown city government. We've got a cute downtown area that has a movie theatre and a number of food options.

Give them every reason not to turn to drugs or gangs. He does not speak for the Ed Pawlowski that I know.Tell him to stay away from Bethlehem. The ensuing DNA test would be the evidence, she said. Is it because his or her parents got nowhere? Those gathered Sunday came from Greater Shiloh Church and other houses of the faithful in Easton to try to turn the tide of violence using the power of prayer. You send off your DNA to learn more about your roots. I am not alone in this feeling. Dean Browning Proposes Affordable Housing Solution... FEC Thows Penalty Flag at Bennett's Former Employer, MSM is MIA at Lehigh County Comissioners' Meeting, Catherine Baker Knoll to Crash Bennett Fundraiser. The mayor credited the city police department with clamping down on crime the past several years but admitted this year has seen an uptick. What a bunch of elitist bullshit! One of the speakers said emphatically, "There is a difference between gentrification and revitalization." Then again, “for underfunded departments ... it can be expensive. I can also understand how some people might agree with Damien's point of view. And Local El... Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Community involvement is kept at a minimum, with the end result being that people don't even know what has happened until it is too late. It is not increasing educational opportunites. Plus, its known as the "Slate Capital of Pennsylvania." I've known some spooked suburbanites who would find that an apt comparison. The whole point of the LANTA move was to sweep the poor under the rug.

Nabarda King of Greater Shiloh Church asked for mentors to step forward to guide the city’s young people. You have to go out and get the DNA.”. Event organizers provided free snacks for kids.

It would help if the poor people had a nice city to be proud of, nice schools with modern facilities, etc. Thanks to a nasty shoulder injury, I am very much out of shape and the road to recovery is a long one. bernie, you said feed the poor, get them jobs and get them an education. Thanks. If there’s anything about this story that needs attention, please email him. It's relatively safe if you stay away from and across "the tracks."

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